Family of William David Cairncross.

(See also the family tree "Family of David Cairncross of Dundee", which may replace this tree. There are persons listed in this tree, not appearing in the other tree.)

William David, b. Dunkeld.circa.1836 died 7.2.1916. Left home at the age of 9, ran away to sea as a cabin boy on a clipper on a trip to Australia. Jumped ship date unknown. The ship was later wrecked and his papers and belongings were found and it was taken that he was lost at sea. He had 3 wives. Ran his own stone quarry at Tempe Nr. Sydney and later a lime, cement and hardware store in Reck Dalke, NSW.

By 1st wife.

a. Henry, deceased.

b. David, b. 1873. d. 26.12.1946. Quarryman.

c. Frederick George. Henrietta Maude Williams.

1. Hilda, deceased.

2. May, deceased.

3. William David, born Mar 1895. William enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force, 19th Battn., on May 1, 1916, at the age of 20 years and 3 months. It states he was born at Rockdale, NSW, and his occupation was: wood machinist. (See the enlistment paper.)

a. Nancy, deceased, no children.

b. Leonard, deceased, 2 daughters and 1 son.

1. Robert, married Linda Maree Kerslake.

a. Joanne Maree, born 1976.

b. Stephanie Lee, born 1978.

c. Michael John, born 1980.

2. Margaret, married (unknown).

a. Anthony, born 1972.

1. Georgia.

b. Angela, born 1978.

1. Jamie.

3. Louise, born 15.10.1954. Married Stephen John Clarke in June 1977.

a. Sara Joy Born December 1981.

b. Justin William born November 1983.

c. Jared Charles born August 1989.

c. Constance, no children.

d. Phyllis, 3 daughters.

e. Dorothy, 4 daughters, died circa 1981.

f. Norma, no children.

g. Heather, 2 daughters.

h. David, 1 son and 1 daughter.

4. Frederick George, deceased.

a. Jack.

b. Antony.

c. Vincent.

5. Maude, deceased.

6. Dorothy.

7. Rupert James. Holds BEM. m. 27.3.1919. Served in R.A.Artillery 1938, seconded to RAAF April 1940. Served until Oct 1945. Discharged rank of WO. Joined the NSW Police Force. Feb. 1946. Resigned May 1965. BEM for gallantry. Joined the Post Master Generals Dept. (Telecom). Retired medically unfit August 1974. Was Drum Major of the Pipes & Drum Band of the NSW Police.

a. Christopher George, b.20.12.1940. Sydney. Had a book published entitled "The Unforgiven".

1. Mark, b.1956.

b. Donald George.

8. Arthur Leonard.

d. Joseph, deceased.

By third wife.

a. Joe.

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