Family of Mary Cx. Cape Town.

(This family tree was created from information sent by George Cairncross, sent in an email in May 2001.) 

Kenneth Eric (b.1.02.192l.). (d. 31.12.1979). m. Mary Magdalene.

a. Rosalind Theresa, b. 28.9.1947. South Africa. Chem. Eng/P.Eng. (Ontario).

1. Jason. b. 26.5.77. South Africa. Environmental Conservationist. Board member for City Council (Toronto). Advisory Council for Gender/Womens issues. Contributing Editor to the Canadian.

b. Eugene Kenneth. b. 14.10.1948, South Africa. Chem. Engr. Ph.D. U. C. T. Cape Town. 1994/95 lectured at Peninsula, Technicon Cape Town, also private company. Married Sophy Kisting (Med. Dr.)

1. Lenore, b. 28.1.1974. Chem. Engr U.C.T.

2. Lydia, b. 4.5.1978. Medical School.

3. Emile, b. 15.7.1985. Zimbabwe. Student.

c. Larissa Melanie (Now domiciled Australia). b. 23.5.1954, South Africa. Human Resources conservationist COMIPED and edited Manual for Prov. Ontario. M.D. of ATEC (Toronto) African Technical & Educational Council.

d. Marcius Joseph, b. 13.6.1954, South Africa. Mech Engr. University of Waterloo Ontario. Works for S.A. Nylon Spinners, part of project management team.

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