John Cairncross born circa 1683 in Scotland.

The following family tree was sent to me by a nice lady from Australia. What is remarkable is that this very long family tree, incorporates 3 of the family trees already within this site. However, there are subtle differences which leave me uncomfortable about deleting the existing ones. The trees in question are: 1. Family of William Cx. of East Lothian, 2. William Cx. born 1759, in Prestonpans, and 3. Thomas Cx., 1800-1866, of Swellenham. Thanks go to Lesley Williams for providing information in emails dated Apr 2004, allowing me to make corrections to this tree.
The other fascinating thing about this tree is the family line now goes way back to 1683, making it the earliest actual tree on the site. I am therefore adding this tree and leaving the others intact.
Note: This tree is the largest on the site, and has been created as a fusion of three other trees; see notes above. It has become increasingly obvious that this tree and F-T-35, “William Cairncross born 1759, in Prestonpans”, have exactly the same information that is shared between the two trees. It has always been my intention to amalgamate the two trees into one. This is my attempt at that task.
Thanks also go to Sally Donaldson of Queensland, Australia, who added much detail to this family tree in February 2006. Information has been added about the following families: Mayne, Thynne, Dalby, Johnstun, Donaldson, Fuller and Campion, amongst others. I’m using the Ancestry tree of Nora Glaus as the reference for the rationalising of this tree with F-T-7. Where there are differences I’ll put Norah’s details in square brackets [thus].

John was born about 1683 in Scotland. He married ISOBEL BURNET June 8[9], 1708 in Ormiston, Scotland.

a. Margaret Cairncross, b. 27.2.1709.

b. James Cairncross, b. 29.4.1711 Scotland. Died young.

c. Robert Cairncross, b. 29.3.1713 Scotland.

d. James Cairncross, b. 22.2.1721, Scotland. He married Margaret Conkar born 1745 in Ormiston, Scotland.

1. John Cairncross, born September 1748. Died young.

2. Thomas Cairncross, born 12.11.1750, in Scotland, d. 1826, Scotland. He married Margaret Dalrymple, 1775 in Inveresk with Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

a. Margaret Cairncross, born about 1776, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland.

b. Elizabeth Cairncross, born about October 19, 1777, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland..

c. Thomas Cairncross, born 1779. Died young.

d. Thomas Cairncross, born 1781.

e. James Cairncross, born 1783.

f. Janet Cairncross, born about 1785, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland.

g. George Cairncross, born 1788.

h. John Cairncross, born 1789.

i. William Cairncross, born 1792, d. about 1835. He married Eliza Black 14.6.1823, in North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. She was born about 1792, and died December 1868.

1. unknown, born 1817, died before 1836.

2. unknown, born 1819, died before 1836.

3. unknown, born 1821, died before 1836.

4. unknown, born 1823, died before 1836.

5. Martha Cairncross, born about 24.4.1825. Christening: 24.4.1825, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland.

6. Thomas Cairncross, born 14.11.1826, Piershill, Scotland. Christened: December 15, 1826, North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. He married Jean Gillies January 14, 1856 in 57 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, Scotland, daughter of John Gillies and Helen Chirnside. She was born January 24, 1834 in Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland, and died April 25, 1896 in Flemington, Victoria, Australia, and buried April 27, 1896, Melbourne General Cemetery. Emigration: 1856, Came to Australia on the "Champion of the Seas" with wife and sister, Margaret. Occupation: Mariner, Miner, 1882 Visiting Officer of Industrial and Reformatory Schools, 1901 - Gentleman. He died July 21, 1901 in Flemington, Victoria, Australia. Burial: July 23, 1901, Melbourne General Cemetery. (see photo of headstone.)

a. Helen Chirnside Cairncross, born January 1857, Australia, d. 29.12.1921, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

b. William Black Cairncross, born 28.7.1859, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, d. 2.11.1927, Kensington, Victoria, Australia. He married Elizabeth Anne Beaumont 5.2.1881 in Ballarat Victoria, Australia. She was born 26.9.1857 in Ballaral, Victoria, Australia, and died 22.2.1949 in Kensington, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: Blacksmith.

1. William Cairncross, born 7.2.1881, d. 9.8.1953. He married Sophie Elizabeth Clotz in 1903. She was born 1883, and died 1956.

a. Evelyn May Coltz Cairncross, b. 1904, Ballarat Victoria, Australia. She Married Ian MacLaren Palmer.

1. Darryl William Palmer. He married Lynette Lingard.

a. Anthony Vaughan Palmer.

b. Amanda Juliet Palmer.

c. Timothy Christopher Palmer.

b. William Henry Cairncross, born 1906, d. 7.7.1987. He married Ada Beatrice Price. Ada died in May 2008, aged 98.

1. Beverley June Cairncross, born 1935. She married Neville Francis Johns.

a. Suzanne Francis Johns, born 1963.

b. Karen Elizabeth Johns, born 1966.

2. William Earl Cairncross, born 1942. He married Janet Ann Simmons.

a. Adam Christopher Cairncross, born 1970.

3. Bruce Edwin Cairncross, born 1947. He married Sandra Bryant.

a. Troy Cairncross, born 1977. Married Laetitia Dassin in 2006. Living in Geelong, Australia.

b. Jarrod Cairncross, born 1979. Married Rebecca Cox in 2000. Living in Geelong, Australia.

1. Paige Cairncross, born 2008.

c. Charles Alexander Cairncross, born 1909. He married Lorna May Forster.

1. Murray Cairncross. He married Janice Hill.

a. Peter Cairncross.

b. Heather Cairncross.

d. Alfred Stanley Cairncross, born 1913, died 27.7.1972. He married May Gilham.

1. Geoffrey Cairncross.

2. Jenifer Joy Cairncross, married Allan Munro.

e. Geoffrey Cairncross, born 1918. He married Jean Hunter.

1. Robin Alison Cairncross. She married Peter Alexander Hillas.

a. Brett Hillas.

b. Rodney Hillas

2. Gayle Cairncross. She married Bruce Wiltshire.

a. Leanda Maree Wiltshire.

b. Gabriel Wiltshire.

3. Meryl Cairncross. She married John Soustal.

a. Gareth Soustal.

b. Natalie Soustal.

2. Jean Beaumont Cairncross, born 25.4.1882, died June 1884.

3. Alexander James Cairncross, born 2.7.1883, died 21.5.1919.

4. Edward Thomas Cairncross, born 2.10.1884, died 28.7.1958. He married Bertha Walker 4.10.1905 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

a. Robert Hugh Stanley Cairncross. He married (1) Gladys Olwen. He married (2) Ruby Madge Walker.

Children of Robert and Gladys Olwen are:

1. Glenda Cairncross, married Ian Edward Wadeson.

2. Rhonda Cairncross.

Child of Robert and Ruby Walker is:

3. Joy Cairncross, married Garry.

5. Elizabeth Cairncross, born 14.4.1886, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, died 1.7.1887.

6. John Beaumont Cairncross, born 11.2.1888; died 28.11.1956, Melbourne, married Catherine McDonald.

7. Alfred Beaumont Cairncross, born 29.7.1889, died 23.7.1966. He married Violet Pritchard. She died 19.5.1976.

a. Clifford Cairncross. He married Dorothy Saunders.

1. Barry Cairncross. He married Glenda Strahan.

a. Sharon Cairncross.

b. Lesa Cairncross.

2. Leigh Cairncross. He married Loretta Peck.

a. Suzanna Marina Cairncross, born 4.8.1970.

b. Michelle Dorothy Cairncross, born 1972.

c. Kim Judith Cairncross, born 5.2.1974

d. Anthony Leigh Cairncross, born 2.7.1975

b. Cyril Beaumont Cairncross, died 1.9.1977. He married (1) Phyllis Adele Moonie. She died 4.4.1968. He married (2) Gwendolyn Miniken 1969.

Children of Cyril and Phyllis Moonie are:

1. Adelle Cairncross, born 1837, West Melbourne, Australia, died 1937, West Melbourne, Australia.

2. Joan Cairncross, born1837, West Melboume, Australia, died1937, West Melbourne, Australia.

c. Gwen Cairncross, married Kenneth Sturgess.

d. Noel Cairncross. He married Valda June Hughes. Occupation: Controller of Fancy Goods.

1. Pamela Cairncross, married Ian Shaw.

2. Peter Cairncross, married Jill Kilgan.

3. Debra Cairncross, married Mark Astre.

8. Gertude Elizabeth Cairncross, born 7.7.1891, died 1.12.1909, East Melbourne.

9. Herbert Cairncross, born 13.11.1892, died 15.6.1970. He married Jessie Margaret Levy. She died 12.3.1968.

a. Gordon Cairncross. He married Gladys Cooper.

1. Barry Cairncross. He married Sandra Foley.

a. Sharon Cairncross.

2. Ian Cairncross.

b. Elva Cairncross, m. Alistar Graham McAllister. Divorced.

10. Gordon Cairncross, born Dec 25, 1894, died Jan 30, 1937, Married Elva Medlin. Gordon enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force, 6th Rgt. 5th Battn., on Apr 19, 1915, at the age of 20 years and 3 months. It states he was born at Ballarat, Victoria, and his occupation was: Tailor. (See the enlistment paper.)

11. Stanley George Cairncross, born 27.12.1896, died 26.9.1966, Melbourne.

12. Lillian Cairncross, born 26.2.1899, died 14.8.1990, North Altona, Victoria.

13. Norman Chirnside Cairncross, born 3.9.1900, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, died 1981, Melbourne General Cemetery. He married Lily Douglas 7.8.1922 in Congregational Church, Richmond, Victoria. She was born 13.8.1902. Occupation: Carriage Builder with the Victoria Railway.

a. Dorothy Norma Cairncross, born 23.3.1924, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia. She married George Henry Campbell 13.2.1953. He was born 1.9.1926 in Coburg, Victoria, Australia..

1. Neil William Campbell, born 5.7.1956.

2. Elaine Joyce Campbell, born 16.8.1961, married Kevin Cartwright, 7.1.1983, Northcote, Victoria, Australia.

3. Bruce Stuart Campbell, born 14.8.1965.

b. Rebe Jean Cairncross, born 9.11.1926, died 14.5.2004. She married Vivian Archibald Brown 27.7.1950. He was born 24.8.1911, and died 4.12.1974.

1. Edwin Cairncross Brown, born 14.1.1951. He married Susan Margaret Donohue 11.8.1973, born 26.2.1953.

a. Louise Elizabeth Brown, born 18.5.1975, married Patrick Sutton.

b. Christine Margaret Brown, born 28.6.1976, married Michael Mitchell.

1. Lainie Renee Mitchell, 6.5.2004.

c. Vicki Maree Brown, born 1.10.1977.

d. Russell Andrew Brown, born 20.8.1982, d. 8.1.1998.

e. Alison Joy Brown, born 7.6.1988.

2. Vivian Archibald Brown, born 15.6.1953. He married (1) Geraldine Anne Fitzpatrick 25.8.1973. Divorced. She was born 8.4.1957 in Albany, New York. (2) Sandra Fay Lee 4.9.1982. She was born 8.7.1960. Divorced. (3) Jill Welsh (nee Burns), she was born 7.12.55.

Children of Vivian and Geraldine:

a. Edwin George Brown, born 23.1.1974. Married Sandra, no children.

b. Jody Lee Brown, 26.1.1978. Married Michael Crofts.

1. Hayden Shane Crofts, born 6.3.96.

2. Kyle James Crofts, born 26.1.98.

3. Blake John Crofts, born 17.9.01.

Children of Vivian and Sandra:

a. Jillian Rae Brown, born 21.9.1983

b. Kimberley Justine Brown, 31.7.1987.

3. Norman Chirnside Brown, born 15.6.1953. He married Lynda Maree Halcoop, 16.4.1977. She was born 7.8.1957.

a. Shannon Joseph Brown, born 5.2.1978. Married Alethea Karma Solomon, b. 19.12.79.

1. Mandi-Lee Brown, born 21.12.96

2. Tyla Jane Brown, born 26.7.98.

3. Jackson Joseph Brown, born 30.3.01

4. Connor Shannon Brown, born 29.6.2002.

b. Clayton Scot Brown, born 23.6.1980. Married Nicole Maree Fenton, born 13.6.82.

1. Chloe Nicole Brown, born 15.12.99

2. Liam Scot Brown, born 1.7.04.

d. Cameron James Brown, born 24.3.1983.

e. Alanah Maree Brown, born 4.6.1990

4. Robyn Lynette Brown, born 24.11.1954. She married Anthony Philip Barnes 4.1.1975. He was born 26.11.1953.

a. Kristy Nicole Barnes, born 4.6.1975.

b. Craig Matthew Barnes, born 30.5.1978, defacto, Anne Ma'ata Hillier, born 30.12.1979.

1. Savea Rebe Elizabeth Hillier-Barnes, born 1.5.2001.

2. Sosaiah Raymond Anthony Hillier-Barnes, born 23.12.2002.

c. Lisa Annette Barnes, born 13.5.1981.

c. Frank Graham Cairncross, born 20.12.1928. He married Gwendoline Alice Harris, 2.8.1952. She was born 15.10.1928. Occupation: Advertising Executive.

1. Marion Alice Cairncross, born 22.10.1959. She married John Peter Kaye 6.11.1982. He was born 6.10.1954.

a. Alicen Elizabeth Kaye, born 6.5.1988.

2. Susan Gwendoline Cairncross, born 20.10.1961. She married Clive Robert Marshall Allan 4.8.1984. He was born 31.10.1956.

a. Sarah Alicea Allan, born 17.4.1988.

b. Timothy Robert Allan, born 13.10.1990.

d. Norman Douglas Cairncross, born 29.9.1930. He married June Allyson Pascoe 14.3.1953. She was born 24.3.1930. Occupation: Printing Executive with Tudor Printing.

1. Gregory Douglas Cairncross, born 16.12.1953. He married Anne Lesley Francis 26.4.1975. She was born 16.12.1955.

a. Rebecca Anne Cairncross, born 2.3.1979.

b. Erin Lee Cairncross, born 1.10.1981.

c. Kimberley Cairncross, born 1983.

e. Roma Lillian Cairncross, born 21.2.1932. She married Keith Ronald Langman Pretty 3.4.1953. He was born 8.6.1924, and died 4.4.1978.

1. Sandra Joy Pretty, born 8.2.1955.

2. Denise Ann Pretty, born 20.10.1956. She met Steven Foster.

a. Leah Ann Foster, born 1.6.1987.

b. Amy Louise Foster, born 30.1.1989.

3. Heather Lillian Pretty, born 12.7.1958. She married James George Emery 17.10.1980.

a. Jade Ellen Emery, born 18.3.1986.

b. Matt James Emery, born 15.6.1988.

4. Geoffrey Keith Pretty, born 15.9.1960. He married Deborah Preston 1.10.1982.

a. Jared Keith Pretty, born 8.6.1987.

b. Luke James Pretty, born 16.7.1988.

5. Gary John Pretty, born 19.3.1965.

f. Margaret Joan Cairncross, born 27.7.1935. She married Raymond Francis Donoghue 17.11.1956. He was born 28.8.1933.

1. Stephen Craig Donoghue, born 24.6.1959, married Sally Ann Free, 7.4.1983.

2. Ian Raymond Donoghue, born 2.1.1962, married Leanne Oliver, 4.5.1985.

3. Glen Anthony Donoghue, born 13.3.1965, m. Amanda Brown, 1.10.1988.

14. Elsie Cairncross, born 20.2.1902, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, died 25.10.1987, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married Charles Cooper Horsburgh, 25.5.1926, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He was born 27.11.1902, Kensington, Victoria, Australia and died 8.8.1977.

a. Rupert Charles Horsburgh, born 15.8.1927, Kensington, Victoria, Australia. He married Carmel Doreen Edwards, 21.8.1954, North Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

b. Valerie Horsburgh, born 1.11.1928, Kensington, Victoria, Australia, d. 21.5.2002, Frankston, Victoria, Australia. She married Sidney James Groves, (known as Jim), 20.09.1958, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

c. Norma Horsburgh, born 26.5.1930, Kensington, Victoria, Australia. She married Kalton Clifford Williams, 28.5.1953. He was born 11.12. 1920, and died 16.3.1985.

1. Gordon Kalton Williams, born Melbourne. Married Katherine Deborah Stewart, in Sydney. Kate was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

2. Vivien Louise Williams, born Melbourne. Married David Bernard Bennett (nee Bernard David Shorthouse - Bennett is his mothers maiden name, and he changed his name by deed poll), in Melbourne in December 1983. David was born in West Bromwich, England.

a. Kalton David Mark Bennett, born Melbourne.

b. Laurence Edward Etienne Bennett, born Melbourne.

3. Lesley Frances Williams, born Melbourne.

d. Ian Beaumont Horsburgh, born 21.5.1933, Victoria, Australia. He married Beverley Doreen Wilkinson, 24.5.1958 Preston, Victoria, Australia. She died 24.4.2003.

c. Thomas Alexander Cairncross, born 20.12.1861, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, d. 1919, Flemington, Victoria, Australia. He married Jane West 1887. She was born 1861, and died 1922 in East Melbourne.

1. Eva Weir Cairncross, born 1887, died 6.3.1970. Burial: Ashes Pine Ridge Fawkner.

d. Eliza Cairncross, born 1864, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, married Andrew Mcgregor, 1900.

e. Ebenezer Cairncross, born 29.6.1867, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, died 31.5.1940, Melbourne, Victoria. He married Annie Fairbairn 20.12.1897 in Flemington, Victoria, Australia. She was born 15.4.1866 in Pentland Hills, Victoria, Australia, and died March 1953 in Melbourne, Victoria.

1. Thomas Henry Cairncross, born 1897, died 27.8.1982, Maidstone, Victoria, Australia. He married Constance Findlay Euphemia Woods in 1921. She was born 1898 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia and died 7.8.1991 in Moreland, Victoria, Australia.

a. Ngaera Jean Cairncross, born 20.7.1921, Christchurch, New Zealand. She married Harold Pritchard on 6.3.1942 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. He was born 18.4.1920 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1. Carol Ann Pritchard, born 5.12.1942 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, m. John Steendam, 14.3.1964 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.

2. Janet Elizabeth Pritchard, 8.11.1946.

b. Joyce E. Cairncross, born 26.5.1923, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She married Alexander Keenan on 9.12.1943 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. He was born 4.9.1923 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1. Shirley Keenan, 29.7.1946 in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia. She married John McCarthy 16.1.1965 in Moe, Victoria. He was born 19.10.1942 in Yallourne, Victoria.

a. Shane McCarthy, born 12.8.1965 in Yallourne, m. Jackie Kerr 15.5.1993 in Moe, Victoria

b. Clinton McCarthy, born 31.10.1968.

c. Kellie McCarthy, born 18.11.1974.

c. Shirley Alva Cairncross, born 20.9.1925, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She married Alan Bernard Nash on 7.10.1950 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. He was born 1.11.1926 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.

1. Gordon Alan Nash, born 1.7.1951 in Brunswick, Victoria, married Pauline Ginnivan on 5.2.1972 in Ascot Vale, Victoria.

2. Barry Alexander Nash, born 23.9.1955.

3. Ian Thomas Nash, born 24.6.1960.

d. Mavis Wilma Cairncross, born 13.3.1933, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She married Thomas John Jones 13.12.1952 in Ascot Vale, Victoria. He was born 9.11.1926 in Koo Wee Rup, Victoria.

1. Lynn Constance Jones, born 9.11.1954 in Melbourne, Victoria, married Philip Evans 21.9.1979 in Sunbury, Victoria.

2. Tracey Margaret Jones, born 7.5.1957 in Melbourne, Victoria, m. Ken Thomas 9.3.1980 in Essendon, Victoria.

2. Jean Gillies Cairncross, born 1.11.1899, d. about 1992, Essendon, Victoria, Australia.

3. John Grant Cairncross, born 3.5.1904, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, died 2.5.1974, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married Rita May Frazer 22.9.1928 in Flrmington, Victoria, Australia. She was born 29.3.1904 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and died 15.1.1992 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

a. Dorothy May Cairncross, born 16.7.1929 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married Thomas Stevenson 29.3.1952 in Essendon, Victoria. He was born 18.4.1927 in Brunswick, Victoria.

1. Ian Thomas Stevenson, born 18.11.1954 in Moreland, Victoria, m. Judy Jill Love 5.11.1979 in Blackburn, Victoria.

2. Neil Ashley Stevenson, born 19.7.1958 in Moreland, Victoria, m. Ruth Elizabeth Waddell 15.11.1980 in Blackburn, Victoria.

3. Jill Amanda Stevenson, born 26.12.1961 in Moreland, Victoria.

b. Jean Margaret Cairncross, twin to Dorothy, died 16.12.1986 in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia. She married Arthur William Varco 29.3.1952 in Essendon, Victoria. He was born 24.4.1929 in Melbourne, Victoria.

1. Graeme Arthur Varco, born 24.6.1955 in Melbourne, married Denise Greenway 20.11.1976 in Reservoir, Victoria.

2. Geoffrey William Varco, born 28.2.1958 in Melbourne, married Karen Miller, 13.2.1982 in Frankston, Victoria.

3. Denise May Varco, twin to Geoffrey, married Geoffrey Emmitt 14.11.1981 at Mt. Dandenong, Victoria.

4. Margaret Isobel Cairncross, born 29.4.1906, Gisbome, Victoria, Australia, died 2.8.1986, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. She married John Chapman 14.6.1930 in Flemington, Victoria, Australia. He was born October 18, 1905 in St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia, and died 7.4.1971 in Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

a. June Margaret Chapman, born 8.5.1931, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She married Stanley Frederick Nash, 22.11.1952 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. He was born 2.5.1931.

1. Diane Margaret Nash, born 9.2.1953, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. She married (1) Peter Morcombe 14.12.1974 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. She married (2) John Boys 22.11.1984 in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.. He was born 2.6.1954 in Brisbane, Queensland.

a. Bradley Trent Boys, born 23.9.1976.

b. Brodie Diane Boys, born 15.2.1979.

c. Brett Joshua Boys, born 28.7.1988.

2. Faye Lorraine Nash, born 2.9.1955. She married David Dettman. He was born 18.5.1954.

a. Carl Stanley Dettman, born 30.5.1985.

b. Timothy John Alexander Dettman, born 6.11.1986.

c. Matthew David George Dettman, born 13.6.1990.

3. Sheryl Leigh Nash, born 16.10.1957, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. She married Peter Jamieson 8.5.1981 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. He was born 1.11.1943.

a. Dean Jamieson, born 6.5.1985.

b. Amy Jamieson, born 2.7.1987.

4. Brett Stanley Nash, born 9.9.1959, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. died 16.1.1960, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

5. Murray Stanley Nash, born 14.11.1961, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

b. John Palmer Chapman, born 24.10.1932, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. He married Elna Mary Barns 9.3.1955 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She was born 18.11.1932 in Deniliquin, N.S.W. Australia.

1. Jill Denise Chapman, born 12.8.1956, Melboume, Victoria, Australia. She married Christopher John Butchers 7.3.1987 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He was born 30.8.1955 in Wellington, New Zealand.

a. Alyssa Suzanne Butchers, born 29.4.1990.

b. Luke Christopher Butchers, b.25.12.1992.

2. Andrew Palmer Chapman, born 31.12.1957, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married (1) Michelle Annette Shields 3.5.1980 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was born 19.6.1957 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married (2) Tania Van Tholen 2.10.1993 in Perth, West Australia. She was born 30.4.l963 in Yalloum, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Andrew and Tania Van Tholen:

a. Jackson Palmer Chapman, born 31.10.1993.

b. Phoebe Rose Chapman, born 20.6.1995.

3. Sandra Margaret Chapman, born 9.8.1961, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married David Marcellin O’Meara 26.3.1994 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. He was born 2.12.1960 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

a. Mitchell John O’Meara, born 17.12.1993.

b. Lauren Elizabeth O’Meara, born 1.2.1996.

5. George Fairbairn Cairncross, born 4.10.1908, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia, d. 8.6.1989, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married Elva Eva Godso 14.7.1945 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She was born 21.12.1910 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.

a. Annette Elizabeth Cairncross, born 7.7.1946 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. She married Richard Edward Benson 14.3.1969. He was born 3.10.1941.

1. Adam Brook Benson, born 1.7.1971. He married Pauline McGee 4.4.1998 at Mt. Macedon, Victoria. She was born 10.8.1972 in South Australia.

a. Ashleigh Elizabeth Benson, b. 19.10.1996 in Melton, Victoria.

b. Maddison Mary Benson, born 18.10.1998 in Sunbury, Victoria.

2. Sarah Jane Benson, born 26.5.1973.

3. Greer Elise Benson, born 12.1.1978.

b. Peter Alfred Cairncross, born 30.5.1950 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married (1) Jayne Wilson. He married (2) Lois Isobel Anderson 20.1.1985. She was born 2.8.1957.

1. James Elliott Cairncross, born 26.9.1989.

2. Edward Alexander Cairncross, born 17.8.1993.

f. John Cairncross, born 1870, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, died 1912, Essendon, Victoria, Australia, married Margaret McLean Mcfadgen.

g. George Cairncross, born 8.12.1872, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, died 14.3.1950. He married Florence Mary Whelan in 1901.

1. Dorothy May Cairncross, born 1906.

2. Kenneth Lithgow Cairncross, born 1910.

h. Mary Gillies Cairncross, born 1876, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She married Archibald T'ulloch in 1902.

1. Kenneth Tulloch.

2. Ian Tulloch.

7. Alexander Cairncross, born about 18.9.1829. Christening: 18.9.1829, North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Occupation: on Pacific mailboats about 1865.

8. George Cairncross, born about 16.9.1831. Twin of Margaret. Christening: 16.9.1831, South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Living in New Zealand about 1893.

9. Margaret Cairncross, born about 16.9.1831. Twin of George. Christening: 16.9.1831, South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Emigration: Came to Australia on the "Champion of the Seas" with brother Thomas and his wife Jean Gillies.

10. William Cairncross, born about 9.7.1833. Christening: 9.7.1833, South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland.

3. John Cairncross, born 7.11.1753, Scotland.

4. Margaret Cairncross, born 12.2.1756, Scotland.

5. William Cairncross, born 27.5.1759, in Prestonpans, Scotland, died about 1830, Scotland. He married Janet Taylor born Feb 22, 1765, died 27 Mar 1831. Here is a link to this family in the book “CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”. Scroll down to Appendix 5 (d) (4).

a. George Cairncross, born 7.6.1786, Scotland.

b. William Cairncross, The Elder, born 28.3.1788, Cockenzie, Scotland, died 19.3.1868, 27 Somerset Road, Cape Town, Sth Africa. He married (1) Mary Elizabeth Fison. She was born about 1806, and died September 04, 1873 in Cape Town, South Africa. He married (2) Elizabeth Wilson October 29, 1811 in Scotland. She died May 29, 1816 in Scotland. William Emigrated in 1817, to South Africa. (See a picture of William. and one of Mary Elizabeth Fison.) Here is a link to this family from the book CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family. Scroll down to Appendix 5 (d) (1). Also here is a link to this family – Chapter 19.

Children of William and Mary Fison are:

1. John Cairncross, born 1824 South Africa, died Mar 21, 1883. Married Hester Susannah Dodd, who died Jul 17, 1884, aged 60 years. (See a photo of John, and this photo of their gravestone; they are buried together. The name Dodd does not appear on the gravestone, but does appear in another tree which John and Hester appear in.) John visited England and Scotland in 1850 returning to Cape Town 9 Jan l851 on the "Hannah".

a. Hester Suzanne Cairncross, b. 1848, South Africa, d. 1887, South Africa.

b. Mary Elizabeth Cairncross, b. 1850, South Africa, d. 1934, South Africa. Received the Order of the Royal Red Cross in 1902 for nursing service in the Boer War. (See a photo of Mary. The source states the photo shows Millicent (1875-1936) with Mary. This Millicent cannot be identified at this stage. See a photo of Mary’s grave.) Here’s a better photo of Mary taken in 1900.

c. Matilda Cairncross, b. 1855, South Africa, d. 1925, South Africa m. unknown Wood.

d. William Edward Cairncross, b, 1858, South Africa, d. Jan 1915, Cape Town, South Africa. Served in the Boer army during the Boer War. He married (1) Johanna Catherina Lombard. She was born 1871, and died 1894. He married (2) Martha Christina Botha - 5 children. She was born 1871, and died 1918.

Children of William and Johanna C. Lombard are:

1. Alexander Lombard Cairncross, born 22 May 1891, South Africa, died Dec 11, 1946, South Africa. He married Alida Emelia Ueckermann. (Here are two photos of Alexander; one in a smart straw hat, the other dressed in mililary uniform. There is also a photo of a plaque to Alexander, in a memorial wall. His is third from bottom on the right. Here is a copy of Alexander’s death record.)

a. Alexander Cairncross, born 1919. Spouse: Eileen Brown.

b. Binti Cairncross, born 16 Oct 1920[1921]. Married 15 Jun 1943 to Thomas Herbert Growdon, born 1915 in Pretoria, died 27 Jul 1963. (See a photo of Binti.) Binti is listed as Binti Russell living in Plumstead, Western Cape, SA, indicating she re-married. Here is the marriage certificate for Binti and Thomas.

1. Michael William Growdon, born 19 Feb 1946, died 19 Jun 1965 in Durban.

2. Brenda Phyllis Growdon, born 10 Aug 1948 in Durban. 1 child. 

c. Gwendoline Cairncross, born Dec 20, 1925 South Africa, married (1) unknown Hudson, married (2) 12 Dec 1953 to Norman John Thompson born 1920. (See a photo of Gwendoline.)

d. Michael Cairncross, born 20 Nov 1930, died 18 May 1955. Married Alida Botha. Pilot in the South African Air Force. In Korea with the UN and awarded the American Air Medal. Killed 18.5.1955 in an air crash on Mt. Kilimanjaro. He was first Officer on a Dakota. (Here are three photos of Michael: one of him relaxing, one in the cockpit of his aircraft, one of him all smart in his uniform. Finally here is a newspaper article about Michael, and another, dated Jul 7, 1955, about the crash.) 

2. Johanna Cairncross, married unknown van Niekerk.

3. Martha Cairncross, married unknown Niehaus.

Children of William and Martha:

1. John D. Cairncross, born 1905.

a. William Cairncross, born 1937.

b. Nana M known as Maureen Cairncross.

2. Josephus D. L. Cairncross, b. 1908, d. 1937.

3. Matilda Cairncross, married unknown Taylor.

4. Hester Cairncross, married unknown Munnik,

5. Lily Cairncross, died 1961.

e. John Charles Cairncross, born 1860, died 1928. Married Annie Elizabeth Lombard died 1928.(See a photo of John.)

f. Edward George Cairncross, born 1862, died Jan 6[5], 1948. He married Magdeline M. Marais who died Dec 30, 1947. (See a photo of Edward and a photo of their grave. Edward clearly saw active military service as he won the Queens South Africa Medal, see this photo of the medal, plus an enlargement of the card describing the medal.)

1. Elaine Cairncross, born Feb 9, 1898, died Nov 6, 1975. Married Charl Marais, born Oct 18, 1902, died Mar 12, 1982. (See a photo of their grave; they were buried together.)

2. Irene Cairncross, born Mar 28, 1901, died Aug 12, 1973.

3. Francis Cairncross, born May 27, 1906, died Aug 16, 1997. (See a photo of the grave of Irene and Francis, they are buried together.)

g. Malvina Cairncross, m. unknown Townsend.

h. Hendrietta Cairncross, m. unknown Elson.

2. Mary Cairncross, born 11 Jan 1826, Cape Town, South Africa, christened 9 Apr 1826, South Africa, d. 1840.

3. Elizabeth Cairncross, b. 1831, Cape Town, South Africa, d. 1902; m. unknown Dodd. She married brother to her sister-in-law.

4. Charles Cairncross, born 1836, Cape Town, South Africa. died 1889. He married Agnes Graham died 1922. (See a photo of Charles.)

a. Ronald Graham Thompson Cairncross, born 1873, died 16 Jan 1882 Stellenbosch, South Africa.

b. Amy Cairncross, born 1874, died 16 Feb 1948 Cape Town, South Africa.

c. Charles Anderson Fischer Cairncross, born 1881, died 1948, married Johanna Elizabeth Potgieter.

1. Amy Cairncross.

2. Charles Cairncross, born 1930.

d. Elizabeth Cairncross.

5. George Cairncross, born 1844, Cape Town, South Africa, died 1903. He married Mary Elizabeth Lawton. She was born 1860, and died 1893. (Here's another photo of George.)

a. Douglas Benjamin Cairncross, born 1889 Cape Town, died 1971. Married 6 Dec 1926 to Edith May Clark (1900- ).

1. George Cairncross, born 1932 South Africa.

b. Helen Cairncross, b. 1891, died 1900.

Children of William and Elizabeth Wilson are:

6. Helen Cairncross, born 1813, died 1886, Sea Point, South Africa, married (1) Henry Amm 2 Mar 1877, (2) Robert Palmer, April 13, 1836. Emigration: To South Africa, 6th October 1832. (See this photo of Helen.)

7. William Cairncross, born Aug 18, 1814, Leith, Scotland. died May 15, 1884. He married Catherine Mary Elizabeth McDougal, Jun 24, 1840, in St Andrew's Church, Cape Town, Sth. Africa. Catherine was the daughter of Peter McDougal, and was born Jun 19, 1816 and died Apr 11, 1887, (see a photo of Catherine, and here is another.). William emigrated to South Africa Oct 6, 1832. (See this photo of William, and the grave of William and Catherine. At some point, William ran a bakery business, here is a photo of it.)

a. William Cairncross, born Dec 6, 1841, Cape Town, Sth Africa, died Jan 27, 1915. He married Mary Jane Herbert 29 Feb 1864 in St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town Sth. Africa. She was born 1842, and died 1902. (See this group family photo of William and Mary and their four children. See this photo of William and this one of Mary, and this is their Marriage Certifcate.)

1. Herbert William Cairncross, born 24 Apr 1866, died 12 May 1941. He married Louisa Christina Schafer. (See this early photo of Herbert, here's another photo of Herbert, and another of Herbert with wife, Louisa. Here is a group photo of Louisa with her children, and here is another of her taken much later. A photo of Herbert with grand-daughter Margaret. A photo of Herbert with Louisa and a child. Here’s a group photo of Louisa with 6 of her children. Here’s a document of Herbert’s discharge papers from the Railway Pioneer Regiment at the age of 34 years.)

a.  Herbert James Cairncross(known as Jimmy), born 1894 and died 21 Sep 1969. He married Jan 1923 to Bertha Elizabeth Mary Smith, born 1891. (See a photo of Herbert, plus one of Bertha.)

1.  Arthur John Cairncross, born 27.08.1923 Johannesburg, S.A. Died 25.10.2001 Johannesburg, S.A. Batchelor until a couple of years before he died, then married about 1990 to Margret Stegman. (See a photo of Arthur.)

2.  Winifred Margaret Cairncross (known as Meg), born 15.08.1927. Married Robert Boyd on 23 Feb 1957. (Here is a photo of Meg with husband Robert.) Robert died on 13 Sep 2017.

a.  Graham Peter Boyd, born 19 Jan 1958. Married Violetta Grigorenko (born 27 May 1963), on 12 May 2005.

1.  Yevgeni Rosco Boyd, born 21 Sep 2005.

b.  Leonie Carol Boyd, born 30 Jul 1959. Husbands name unknown.

1.  Christopher Charles, born 26 Oct 1987.

2.  Jonathan Robert, born 11 Jan 1992.

c.  Mary-Ann Boyd, born 23 Sep 1962, married Stephen Downie on 20 Jan 1990.

1.  Stuart Downie, born 15 Feb 1992.

3.  Barbara Ruth Cairncross, born 20.12.1934 Johannesburg, S. A. Married Alexander Drysdale on 30.9.1960. Barbara played in the South African Springbok women's cricket team that toured England in the 1950's.

a.  Grant Drysdale, married Lee-Ann.

1.  Alexander Drysdale.

2.  Shelly-Ann Drysdale.

3.  Georgia-Lee Drysdale.

b.  Stuart Drysdale, married (1) Marianne, and (2) Nancy Gonhoa. Nancy has 3 children from a previous marriage, Jessica, Joshua and Caleb.

c.  Janet Drysdale. Not married.

b.  Alice Cairncross, born 10.11.1895. Died 6 Jul 1971 Boksberg, S. A. Spinster. Shop assistant. (See a photo of Alice, plus one of Alice and her 3 sisters, shown, left to right, Alice, Lilian, Winifred and Ruth.)

c.  Winifred Louise Cairncross, born Apr 3, 1901. Died 28 Jul 1985 Boksberg, S. A. Spinster. School teacher. (See a photo of Winifred as a younger woman, and here she is a little older, and here is one of Winifred as bridesmaid at her sister, Lilian's, wedding. Here’s a photo of Winifred with Raymond Lilburne Cairncross, and here is a description of the photo.)

d.  Douglas Cairncross (known as Dux), born 2.11.1903. Died 16.11.1987. Batchelor. Brick layer. (See these 2 photos of Douglas, here’s one, and here’s the other. Douglas clearly saw military service; see this photo of 5 medals he won, and here is an enlargement of the description of the medals.)

e.  Ruth Cairncross, born Nov 18 1905. Died Aug 6, 1995. Married Norman Charmers Johnstone on Dec 15, 1937. (See a photo of Ruth, and this one of Ruth and Norman. Here is a photo of a gravestone featuring Ruth, Iris Margaret, and Errol and Norah Glaus. The last two are very much alive.)

1.  Margaret Iris Ruth Johnstone, born 23.8.1938. Died 3.10.1942. (On the above mentioned gravestone, the name inscribed is Iris Margaret Ruth Johnstone.)

2.  Norah Dorothy Johnstone, born 3.6.1942. Married Errol Glaus, born Oct 9, 1941.

a.  Noleen Glaus, born 7 Jan 1966. Occupation: Nursing Sister. Had a child (Quinton) with Marius Phelan (now deceased). They never married. Noleen married (1) Rego Burger, and (2) Paul Dippenaar, who has 2 children from his first marriage.

Child of Noleen and Marius:

1.  Quinton, born 10 Nov 1985. Surname now Schemel through adoption. Married Melody nee Muller.

a.  Ethan Schemel, born Jun 2010.

Child of Noleen and Rego:

2.  Glen Burger, born 13 Aug 1990.

b.  Karen Glaus, born 20 Oct 1968(?). Married Anthony Beukes. Ocupation: Nursing Sister. Anthony died on 30 Aug 2009. Here’s a photo of Karen and Anthony, and an earlier photo of Anthony.

c.  Susan Glaus, born 15 Nov 1972. Married Bradley Johnson. Occupation: Engineer.

1.  Cassandra Johnson, born 8 Sep 2000.

2.  Ryan Johnson, 15 Dec 2005.

3.  Jasmine Johnson, twin to Ryan.

f.  Lilian Dorothy Cairncross (known as Lily), born Oct 22, 1909. Died May 9, 1981. Married Albert William King Early. (See these photos of Lilian, one in her earlier years, one taken later, and one taken at her wedding with older sister Winifred as her bridesmaid.)

1.  Jennifer Ann Early, born 17.5.1948. Married Nicholas Brits.

a.  Lionel Q. Brits, born 20 Feb 1971 Boksberg, S. A.

b.  Weits Brits, born 23 May 1974 Boksberg, S. A., died 26 Jun 1992 in a motorcycle accident.

c.  Nicolette Brits, born 10 Jan 1984, Boksberg, S. A.

g.  Reuben Cairncross, born 30.09.1913. Died 2.1.1988. Batchelor. Worked for Electricity Supply Commission. (See these photos of Reuben, one a closeup, the other full length.)

h.  Melville Andrew Cairncross (known as Mac), born 28.2.1916. Died 17.08.1989. Batchelor. Electrician for Electricity Supply Commission. (See a photo of Melville. Here's one showing Melville and two of his brothers, left to right, Melville, Rueben and Douglas.)

2. James Lilburn Cairncross, born Jun 25, 1868, died Jan 6, 1940. He married 17 Oct 1898 to Eliza Sarah Bobdins. She was born 1863, and died 1940. (See a photo of a young James, here's another of James, here's another, and another, and here is one of Eliza, plus one of the grave of James and Eliza.)

a. Bertram Lilburn Cairncross, born Jul 28, 1899, of George, Cape Prov. Sth Africa, died Apr 7, 1992. He married Grace Winnie Simpson, born Oct 4, 1899, died Jun 13, 1990. Bertram wrote the book on the Cx Family. (Note: It is Bertram’s medal collection that is displayed in the photo gallery, and soon to be on permanent display at the Castle Museum in Cape Town. See a photo of Bertram taken looking at his medal collection, here is a photo of the medal collection, here is a photo of the recipients of medals, and here is a list of all 64 medals in the group. See a photo of Bertram, and one of Grace and Bertram. Here is another of him watching Susan Glaus on a tortoise. He is buried with his wife, Grace, here is a photo of Grace and one of their grave. Here are Bertram’s discharge papers, page 1 and page 2. And here is his Right of Passage Home).

1. Raymond Lilburne Cairncross, born 27.11.1925, died Aug 27, 2015. Married Glennice Naomi Child Nelson (born 7 May 1937, died Feb 15, 2015). Here’s a photo of Glennice and Raymond. Here’s Glennice’s funeral service sheet. Here’s Raymond’s funeral sheets, one and two.

a. Robert Lilburne Cairncross, born 23 Apr 1962 George, Cape Province, S. A. Married Bronwin Cook.

1. Israel Cairncross, born 16 Nov 2000.

2. Tehillah Cairncross, born 9 Mar 2004.

b. Quintin Lilburne Cairncross, born 13 Aug 1963. Married Vanessa Hobday. A photo of Quintin and Vanessa. A photo of Ashley, Vanessa and Gareth.

1. Gareth Cairncross, born 19 Jun 2002.

2. Ashley Cairncross, born c. 2005.

3. Frederick Andrew Cairncross, born 21 Nov 1879 Cape Town, S. A., died 24 Nov 1944. He married Elizabeth Snowball, who died 1941. Military service:- Served with Kitchiners Light Horse in the Boer War. (See a photo of Frederick, plus another with a comrade Willie Dunklie. Here’s another in later life walking with a lady.)

a. Ida Cairncross, married R Masters.

b. Constance Cairncross.

4. Ida Mary Cairncross, married 23 Mar 1903 to Edgar Pearson Brind born 1877.

b. Thomas Wilson Cairncross, born 1845, died 1918. He married Mercy Emma Logie (1855-1930) in 1874 in Sth.Africa. Military service: Lt. Col. in the Cape Town Highlanders. (See these three photos of Thomas, one in uniform, one being presented with a medal, and one in ordinary street clothes. See a photo of Thomas and Emma’s grave; they are buried together.)

1. Mercy Elizabeth Cairncross, b. about 1868 Cape Town, m. (1) unknown Miller, m. (2) Henry Fison Atwell, about 1888, Cape Town, Sth. Africa.

2. Gertrude Maud Logie Cairncross, married 1899 to Arthur Wallace Steer (1875-1944).

3. Florence Constance Cairncross, married George Elliott Ralling (1885-1924).

4. Sylvia Cairncross, born Cape Town, married 14 Jul 1926 to unknown Stay. Served in the SA Military Nursing Service in East Africa.

5. Douglas Gordon Cairncross, born 1897, died 1970. Married Edna Myra May Aldridge born 1902. (See a photo of Douglas and Edna.)

c. Robert Palmer Cairncross, born 1847, died 1875. He married Jan 5, 1869 to Flora Mccallum Buchannan.

1. Mary Cairncross, born Oct 16, 1869.

2. Robert Alexander Cairncross, born 15 Mar 1872, died 2 Oct 1954. He married Alice Gibson, born 22 Aug 1874, died 2 Jun 1947. Here is a photo of their headstone.

3. Flora Cairncross, married unknown Edwards.

4. Ellen Louden Cairncross, born Oct 7, 1893, died Oct 11, 1981. Married Wallace Dowie, died Mar 25, 1950. Here is Ellen’s death notice. Children listed in death notice: Robert Cairncross Dowie (here is a document showing his marriage certificate), Donald Stewart Dowie, Wallace Alexander Dowie, Margaret Simpson Dowie, Maitland Hogg Dowie. Child-in-law: Robin Dowie. Grandchild: Daphne Glass Dowie.

d. Helen Elizabeth Cairncross, born 1852, died 1885. Married unknown Cooney.

e. Jean Melville Cairncross, born 1854, 14 Feb died 1922. Married William Merrington. Here is Jean’s death notice.

8. Thomas Cairncross, born 1816, died 1872. Married Caroline Fison, who died Jun, 10, 1877, Mowbray, Sth Africa. Emigration: To South Africa 6th October 1832. Thomas married Catherine who was a half sister to his father’s second wife. (See a photo of Caroline.) 

c. David Cairncross, (of Haddington), born 26.3.1790, Cockenzie, Scotland, d. 1857 South Africa. He married (1) Mary Saughton (spelling may be Loughton) on Jun 15, 1817 at St. Giles in the Fields, Holborn, Middlesex. She died December 1822 in South Africa. He married (2) 5 Dec 1826 to Mary Larkins. Mary was born in 1804 in Hastings, Sussex, England, and died in 1861. David and first wife emigrated in 1819 To South Africa. (Here is a copy of the marriage certificate of David and Mary Saughton.) Here is a link to this family in the book “CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”. Scroll down to Appendix 5 (d) (2). Also, here is a link to this family – Chapter 20. Additional information from George Cairncross of Filey: David and second wife Mary arrived in St. Helena Island from the Cape, South Africa 18 Feb 1826. David’s profession: Baker

Children of David and Mary Saughton are:

1. David Cairncross, born 1811, bapt. Mar 7, 1819 St. Giles in the Fields, Holborn, Middlesex, died 1890. Went to sea, never heard of again.

2. William Cairncross, born 1812, bapt. Oct 14, 1821 St. Giles in the Fields, Holborn, Middlesex, died Jun 27, 1896, at “Colmslie”, Bulimba, Brisbane, Queensland., Australia. He married 10 Dec 1842 Sydney, NSW to Elizabeth Edmondson (born Apr 29, 1819 Parga, Greece, to Scottish parents). She died in 1879. William had a house built in Brisbane and called it ‘Colmslie’. Though a baker, he and his family rode to church in a carriage with footmen, probably something his contemporaries did not do! Family living at 5 Warren Street, St. Pancras, in 1819, 1821. Arrived in Australia Sep 22, 1839 on the Barque Nocton, of which he was part owner. Left the ship Dec 24, 1839. William was working at Tenterfield Station when first daughter Helen was born in 1845. Cairncross grave is in South Brisbane Cemetery. (Here is a copy of William’s baptism certificate.Here is a copy of William’s obituary from the Brisbane Courierfrom Wed, 24 Jun, 1896, and here is a copy of William’s death certificate.) Thanks must go Dottie Kemp who supplied the photos of William, Elizabeth, and their 7 daughters, in an email dated Mar 7, 2014.

a. Helen Alexa Cairncross, born Dec 9, 1845, Tenterfield, N. S. W. Australia. Died Jun 3, 1904. Married Jun 14, 1869 to Robert West Mayne.

1.  Robert West Mayne, born 1870.

2.  Robert West Mayne, born 1872. Married Charlotte Mary Richards in 1900, she died in 1931.

a.  Axela Stevens Mayne, born 1901, Married Maxwell Keith Gibson in 1924.

b.  Robert West Mayne, born 1902. Married Elizabeth (Ethel) Florence Cook in 1929.

c.  Jack Richards Mayne, born 1904. Married Elizabeth Spence in 1927.

3.  Helen Anna Mayne, born 1874, died 1875.

4.  Charles Sedborough Mayne, born 1975. Married in 1920 to Nellie Gladys Burford.

5.  Helen Anna Mayne, born 1877.

6.  Albert William Mayne, born 1882, died 1930. Married Jean Elizabeth Chisholm.

7.  Joshua Lynley Mayne, born 1884.

8.  Vera Nita Lizbeth Mayne, born 1885.

9.  Mabel Millicent Matilda Mayne, born 1889. Married Harold Alexander Sheridan in 1915.

b.  Mary Williamina Cairncross, born Apr 30, 1848, Brisbane, QLD., Australia, died Died Apr 13, 1918. She married Andrew Joseph Thynne Jun 3, 1869. It was this Mary whose name is associated with the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. In 1941, one hundred acres were transferred to the Landsborough Shire Council by Mary’s daughters Elizabeth, Mabel and Mary Thynne. This transfer of land was made to preserve the original nature of the Scrub, in honour of their mother Mary Thynne (nee Cairncross). Subsequently, on 11 December 1966, the sole remaining daughter of Mary Cairncross, Miss Elizabeth Thynne, donated a further five acres to the Council.

1.  Gerald Thynne, born 1869, died 1870.

2.  Alexander William Thynne, born 1871. Married Ethel Rose Bird in 1900.

a.  Theodore Cairncross Thynne, born 1907.

b.  Millicent Edith Thynne, born 1909.

c.  Ivo Alexander Thynne, born 1912.

3.  Mabel Mary Josephine Thynne, born 1874, died 1943.

4.  Katherine Bride Georgina Thynne, born 1875.

5.  Edward Thomas Francis Thynne, born 1877. Married Elizabeth Ann Glasgow in 1907.

a.  Robert Thynne, born 1908.

b.  Edward Andrew Thynne, born 1913, died 1945.

c.  Douglas Cairncross Thynne, born 1918.

6.  Mary Patricia Thynne, born 1878.

7.  Andrew James Thynne, born 1881. Married Millicent Alice Lait .

a.  Marjory Mary thynne, born 1916.

8.  Elizabeth Geraldine Thynne, born 1883.

9.  Dorothy Alexa Thynne, born 1890. Married Robert Livingstone Boyd in 1912.

a.  Robert Max Boyd, born 1915.

b.  John Livingstone Boyd, born 1919.

c.  Jane Georgiana Cairncross, born Dec 18, 1850, Brisbane, QLD., Australia. Died Feb 1, 1908.

d.  Rachel Elizabeth Cairncross, born May 17, 1853, Brisbane, QLD., Australia, died Dec 5, 1931. Married William Dalby (solicitor, born 1850) on Dec 2, 1871, Tingalpa, Qld. Australia.

1.  Montague Cairncross Dalby, born 1873. Married Mildred Scott Iliff in 1912.

a.  Montague Iliff Dalby, born 1914.

b.  Eileen Millicent Dalby, born 1915, died 2005.

c.  Ruth Cairncross Dalby, born 1917.

2.  Esther Elizabeth Dalby, born 1875. Married Robert Russell Hancorne in 1912.

3.  Ernest William (Fred) Dalby, born 1876, died 1935.

4.  Edith Jane Dalby, born 1878, died 1985.

5.  Caroline Millicent Dalby, 1880, died 1949.

6.  William Dalby, born 1882, died 1975. Married Frederica Ethel Hamilton (born 1889) in 1913. She died 1966.

a.  Mary Elizabeth Dalby, born 1915, died 1996. Married Thomas Laws McIlwraith (born 1908) in 1940. He died 1985.

1.  Peter Thomas McIlwraith, born 1950. Spouse unknown.

a.  Jonathan McIlwraith.

b.  Andrew McIlwraith.

2.  Jennifer Mary McIlwraith, born 1951. Spouse unknown.

a.  Thomas John Hooper, born 1979.

b.  Katie Elizabeth Mary Leigh, born 1987.

b.  Nancy Ester Dalby, born 1918. Married Kenneth Myles Jefferson (born 1918) in 1945. He died 1988.

1.  Robyn Anne Jefferson, born 1947. Married Tom Clarke in 1968.

a.  Sharyn Louise Clarke, born 1969.

b.  Brendan Myles Clarke, born 1971.

2.  Myles William Jefferson, born 1949. Spouse: Marilyn.

a.  Miranda Jefferson, born 1978.

b.  Larissa Rosanne Jefferson, born 1980.

3.  Mardi Elizabeth Jefferson, born 1951. Spouse: Phillip Murphy.

a.  Melanie Murphy, born 1976.

b.  Lee Francis Murphy, born 1979.

d.  Camilla Murphy, born 1980.

4.  Linda Suzanne Jefferson, born 1955. Spouse: Brian Bradford.

a.  Daniel Earl Bradford, born 1984.

b.  Grant Jefferson Bradford, born 1986.

c.  John William Hamilton Dalby, born 1921. Married Barbara Mary King (born 1916) in 1944.

1.  Jane Mary Dalby, born 1945.

2.  Susan Barbara Dalby, born 1947. Married Graeme Keith Douglas Wynn, in 1970.

a.  Alan Keith John Wynn, born 1971. Married Claire Georgina Caley (born 1970) in 2000.

1.  Rhona Edith Wynn, born 2005.

b.  Russell Grant Wynn, born 1974.

3.  Sally Margaret Dalby, born 1949. Married Trevor Donaldson (born 1950) in 1970.

a.  Sandra Michelle Donaldson, born 1971. Married Loren Paul Johnstun in 1989.

1.  Loren Ammon Johnstun, born 1991.

2.  Aaron Trevor Johnstun, born 1992.

3.  Daniel James Johnstun, born 1994.

4.  Samuel Kent Johnstun, born 1996.

5.  Stephen Paul Johnstun, born 1998.

6.  Michael Frederick Johnstun, born 2000.

7.  Megan Georgina Johnstun, born 2003.

8.  Melissa Grace Johnstun, born 2004.

b.  Paul Gaylen Donaldson, born 1972. Married Rebecca Lee Nicholson (born 1976) in 2000.

1.  Erin Louise Donaldson, born 2002.

2.  Ashley Ellen Donaldson, born 2004.

c.  Lisa Joy Donaldson, born 1973. Married Lorin James Nicholson in 1992.

1.  Andrew William Nicholson, born 1994.

2.  Emmalyn Cherie Nicholson, born 1995.

3.  Harriet Jane Nicholson, born 1997.

4.  Tom Teancum Nicholson, born 1999.

d.  Ben William Donaldson, born 1975. Married Jane Annabel Hooper (born 1977) in 1998.

1.  Will Donaldson, born 1999.

2.  Abigail Donaldson, born 2001.

3.  Annabel Donaldson, born 2003.

e.  Christopher Mark Donaldson, born 1977. Married Christie Louise Beadle (born 1974) in 2000.

1.  Flynne Lachlan Donaldson, born 2001.

2.  Riley Bree Donaldson, born 2004.

f.  Angela Louise Donaldson, born 1979. Married Ross Matthew Fuller (born 1974) in 1998.

1.  Zachary Ryan Fuller, born 2000.

2.  Chloe Neve Fuller, born 2002.

g.  John Andrew Donaldson, born 1982.

h.  Sarah Elizabeth Donaldson, born 1983. Married Nathan Matthew Spiller in 2004.

j.  Rachel Ann Donaldson, born 1987.

k.  Rebecca Jane Donaldson, born 1990.

e. Millicent Ann Cairncross, born Apr 12, 1856, Brisbane, QLD., Australia. Died Oct 9, 1920[1921] Kangaroo Point, QLD.

f. Fanny Matilda Cairncross, born Jan 4, 1860, Bulimba, Brisbane, QLD., Australia. Died 16 Nov 1937 Kangaroo Point, QLD.

g. Robina Johanna Williams Cairncross, born Oct 30, 1863, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD., Australia, died Jul 7[26], 1924. Married Charles Austin Bunworth Campion in 1887.

1.  Rowland Burnell ManLe Campion, born 1888.

2.  Charles Aldworth Gifford Campion, born 1889.

3.  Oliver St Leger Campion, born 1891.

4.  Austin Bernard Lodge Campion, born 1893.

5.  Jasper Thomas Campion, born 1896.

6.  Constance R Campion, born 1901.

7.  Beatrice L Campion, born 1905.

3. Margaret Cairncross, b. about 1815[1816]. Married unknown McGregor.

4. James Cairncross, b. 30.11.1822, Cape Town, Sth Africa, d. 3.6.1878, Grahamstown, Sth. Africa. He married Mary Hannah Webb. She was born 1831, and died Jan 4, 1906. (Here is a photo of Mary and James. There is also a photo of a gravestone on which can clearly be seen the words “Mary Hannah” and “Died January 4th, 1906”. All the other characters are unclear.)

a. Mary Cairncross, born 1855 South Africa, died 1913. Married unknown Sykes.

b. David Cairncross, born 22 Mar 1858 Grahamstown, South Africa, died 1921 Pretoria, South Africa). Partner in the firm Cx. and Zillen from 1885.

c. James Richard Cairncross, b. 1860, Grahamstown, South Africa. He served in the Bauto War of 1881, and the Matabele Rebellion of 1896 in Grey Scouts, Bulawayo Field Force. He also served in the Bechuanaland Border Police Force, 1886. James married Margaret Shaw of Leeds, England. Here is their marriage certificate. James’s grave is on the banks of the River Kafue in what was then Northern Rodesia, now Zambia. He died in 1903, at the Silver King Mining camp of Blackwater Fever, and was buried by his fellow prospectors. He never knew his son, Thomas, but before he died his fellow prospectors said that he showed them a photo of his baby boy. Margaret stayed in South Africa for 2 more years, then came back to England. Thomas was brought up by her and his grandparents. Margaret didn't like South Africa, and while there went through the Siege of Kimberley, so her experience of that Continent was not good. See photo of James and Margaret, plus one of James's grave. Here’s a photo of James and Margaret together, and here’s a photo of James and Margaret shown looking very young. There is also a photo of James, sitting with 3 others, most likely his brothers, beside a wagon of produce. They were connected to a family shop in Pretoria, and used the wagon to sell produce in the high Veldt. And here is a photo of the shop, called Cairncross & Zillen. Two more photos – James in a canoe, and him in the jungle.

1. Thomas Richard Cairncross, born 17 Apr 1902 Kimberley, South Africa, died 29 Nov 1989 Scarborough, Yorkshire. He married Kathleen Towsend. She was born 1913, and died 1989. Occupation: Bank official with Martins Bank, also a Major in the Leeds Rifles Cadet Battalion. Served in the RATA after WW2, and was a Lieutenant in the Home Guard in Leeds in WW2. (See the photo of Thomas and Kathleen. Here’s one of Thomas in his uniform. Here’s another photo of Thomas in uniform, and here is a group photo with comrades. Thomas is in the middle of the back row.)

a. George Thomas Cairncross, born 13 Jan 1938. Went to Leeds Grammar School and the James Graham College of Education (1966-1969). Served 2 years National Service (1956-1958) in the Royal Signals. Worked as a bank cashier, temporary postman, Boating Lake Supervisor, Art Teacher, now a Gents Outfitter and Militaria Dealer in Filey, North Yorkshire.

b. David John Cairncross, born 23 Sep 1940. Went to Leeds Grammar School. Was an Insurance Inspector with General Accident until retirement. Served as a Captain in the TA, with the Yorkshire Volunteers. Married Margaret Thomson, divorced.

c. James Richard Cairncross, born 17 Sep 1942, died 12 Oct 2016 at Hull Royal Infirmary. He married Sheila Armstrong. Had a variety of jobs the latest being a market trader in Withernsea.

1. John Richard Cairncross, b. 10.10.1965. BA Econ. Newcastle Polytechnic. MD Ec. Dalhousy University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Taught for a year in Japan. Now a Civil Servant in London.

2. Robert Denby Cairncross, b. 19.9.1967. He married Ann Jenkinson. Served in the Royal Navy, was a P. O. Marine Engineer Artificer. Served in the Gulf War on the HMS Brazen. Was an engineer with Rolls Royce Aerospace. Now working with the Mercy Ships. (Robert has a website and a blog related to the work he is now doing. To see it, use Google and type “Catch up with the Cairncross Clan”).

a. Rachel Elise Cairncross, b. 26.12.1996.

b. Iona Louise Cairncross, b. 12.5.1998.

c. Nathaniel Thomas Cairncross, born 9.9.2002

d. Emma Cairncross, b. 1862, South Africa, d. 1950, m. unknown Mills.

e. John Williams Evans Cairncross, born 1865, South Africa, died 1936 Sydney, NSW, Australia. Emigration: 1886, Went to Australia. Manager of Bank of NSW, for 50 years in Victoria. Married Oct 14, 1904 Victoria, to Margaret Campbell Clark “Cissie”. They lived in Melbourne. John was known as Evans Cairncross. (Here is a copy of John’s obituary in The Argus, Melbourne on Tue, 15 Sep, 1936. Here is a copy of the Marriage notice for John and Margaret. On the same sheet is the Birth Index for Madge Cairncross.)

1. Margaret E. (Madge) Cairncross, born 1906 Malvern, Victoria. Married William Norman Simpson. Margaret was only ever known as Madge.

f. Helen Cairncross, b. 1868, Grahamstown, South Africa, d. 1942. Spinster.

g. Christopher Cairncross, born 1871 Grahamstown, South Africa died 2 Sep 1936 Pretoria. Occpation: Merchant. He married Ellen Tuddenham in Pretoria. Ellen was born in Sheringham, Norfolk, England. She died 30 Mar 1944 in Pretoria. Here is Christopher’s death notice, and here is Ellen’s death notice.

1. Robert James Cairncross, born 10 Sep 1909, South Africa. He married 11 Nov 1941 to Charlotte Helen Lockett born 1912. Occupation: Civil Engineer, Pretoria. (See a photo of Robert taken with his mother. Here is the marriage certificate for Robert and Charlotte.)

a. Christopher Cairncross, born 1943.

b. Jacqueline Mary Cairncross, born 1947.

h. George Cairncross, born 1874, South Africa, died 3 Nov 1944, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), Sth Africa. Batchelor.

Children of David and Mary Larkins are:

5. George Cairncross, born 20 Jan 1826, St. Helena Island, died April 1828, St. Helena Island.

6. John Cairncross, born 21 Feb 1829, St. Helena Island, died 1879.

7. Thomas Cairncross, born 7 May 1831, St. Helena Island, died 24 Sep 1897 St. Helena Island. Batchelor. (See a photo of Thomas. Another photo.)

8. Richard Cairncross, b. 1834, St. Helena Island, d. 1910, Wankie, Rhodesia.

9. Jane Cairncross, born 1837, St. Helena Island, died 1886. Married Sgt. Alan Kitchen. Jane married and went to Ireland.

10. George Cairncross, born 8 Jun 1842, St. Helena Island, died 1912. He married Emily Dorothea Noble. She was born Sep 1848, and died Nov 24, 1906. (See a photo of this memorial plaque to Emily.)

a. John F. Cairncross, born. 1875, South Africa, died 1898. Joined Cape Mounted Rifles. Kicked to death by a horse at Umtata

b. Frank E. Cairncross, born 1877, South Africa, died 1929. (Here are three photos of Frank, one set into a postcard, one of the same photo cropped, and finally one of he and an unnamed lady.)

c. Frederick T. Cairncross, born 1879, South Africa, died 1919. Batchelor.

d. Thomas George Cairncross, born 1882, South Africa, died 1918. He married Ellen Retief died 1956. (See a photo of Thomas, plus 2 photos of Ellen, here is one, here’s the other.)

1. George Cairncross, b. 1907, South Africa, d. 1907.

e. Georgina Cairncross, b. 1885, South Africa, d. 1885, South Africa.

f. James Richard Cairncross, born 1886 Cape Town, South Africa, died 1953 Cape Town. Married Maria Magdelene Smit (1892-1963). (See a photo of James. and here is the Marriage Register for the wedding of James and Maria.)

1. Richard George Cairncross, born 1917, Cape Town, South Africa. He married 1943 to Gwyneth Mary Lewis. (See a photo of Richard, posing with his uncle William D., born 1890, see below. Here’s the marriage certificate for Richard and Gwyneth.)

a. Lorin Cairncross.

b. Ian Cairncross, b. 1947.

2. Leonard W. Cairncross, died 22 Sep 1974. Married Joy Katherine Marjorie Martin,

3. Dorothea Cairncross, married Marino Scalabrino.

a. Gina Scalabrino.

g. William David Cairncross, born Mar 12, 1890, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, died 15 Jun 1935 Cape Town, South Africa. Batchelor. (William was christened on May 17, 1890, here is his Baptismal Registration. See a photo of William and his elder brother Frank, posing for the camera both holding large fish.)

(Here is a reproduction of a letter from Mrs Edna Claire Sparkman, dated 8.9.1994. Her father was Charles Frank Sparkman, born May 19, 1879, and died Feb 9, 1950. In the letter, Edna says she inherited a list of birthdays. There are four listed, for the four brothers; Frank E., Thomas George, James Richard and William David. The latter was already known, but I have added the others according to the letter.)

d. James Cairncross, born 7 Mar 1792, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland, died 18 Jan 1853, Robben Island Infirmary, Sth Africa. Emigration: 14 Mar 1817, arriving 4 Jun 1817 Cape Town, South Africa.

e. Jean Cairncross, born May 15, 1794, Scotland.

f. John Cairncross, born 19 May 1796, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland, died 3 May 1872, Cape Town, Sth Africa. John emigrated in 1817, to South Africa. He married Mary Ann Cartwright Jul 16, 1827 in Cape of Good Hope, Sth. Africa. She was born 1807, and died and was buried 12 Jun 1842, aged 35 years 6 months. The witnesses were James Cairncross and Elizabeth Cartwright.

1. Margaret Cairncross, born 26 Apr 1828, christened 11 Jun 1828, died June 12, 1828, and buried Jun 13 1828.

g. Janet Cairncross, born 9 Apr 1798, Tranent, Scotland. Spouse: Thomas Banks born 1874.

1. Janet “Jessie” Banks, born 23 Apr 1821 Portabello, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, died 1906 Sydney, NSW.

h. Thomas Cairncross, born Mar 31, 1800, Cockenzie, Scotland, died 26 Feb 1866, Swellendam, South Africa. He married Jul 4[2], 1832 to Caroline Mathilda Clarke, born 1809, died 1896, in Capetown, Sth. Africa. Witnesses were Elizabeth and Sarah Dyason. Emigrated in 1826, to South Africa on "Olive Branch". (Note: from Genealogy World, 1820 settlers, Cape Town Magazine transcriptions the marriage date is 4/7/1832. Supplied by Charles Fison. See this photo of Thomas. Now see a photo of the grave of Thomas, 1800-1866. On the headstone is marked the dates 13th March 1800 and 26th February 1866, presumably his birth and death dates, but it is difficult to read. See this photo of Caroline, and here is her grave.) Here is a link to this family in the book “CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”. Scroll down to Appendix 5 (d) (3). Also in the same book, Thomas feaures in Chapter 21. Here is the link.

1. William Cairncross, born Oct 28[26], 1833, South Africa. He married Jeanette Elizabeth Lombard Feb 21, 1865 in Swellendam, Sth Africa, and died in 1915. (See this photo of William.)

a. Thomas Lothian Lombard Cairncross, born Dec 3, 1865, Swellenden, Sth.Africa, died. July 28 1954, Parys, Sth. Africa. He married Susanna Dorothea Strydom in 1889. She was born Aug 1868, and died Jan 25, 1903. (See this family photo showing, left to right, Thomas, son William, and his wife, Susanna. According to a note written on the back, the photo was taken on Nov 7, 1896. See photo of Thomas, probably taken in 1952 when he was 87 years. Also see a photo of Thomas's grave and Susanna's grave.)

1. William McLaren Thorpe Cairncross, born 1890, probably Steytleville, South Africa, died 22 Jul 1957. He married Aug 1914 to Anna Elizabeth Rheeder. (See photo of showing left to right: William, Dorothy, Herbert and Anna; this photo is on the front of a Christmas card, on the back it gives the greeting for Christmas of 1926. Here's another photo of all four, taken later. Here is a photo of William and his brother, Thomas when they, plus 3 others, were playing in a band, taken in 1912. Here is one of William as an older man. Here’s a photo of William as a child, and here is his death notice.)  

a. Herbert McLaren Desmond Cairncross, born 1915. He married 5 Nov 1938 to Caroline Christina Antoinette Smith. born 1918. Here is a photo of Herbert, and the marriage certificate for Herbert and Caroline. Here is an inventory/proof of residence. At the time of their wedding Herbert was living at Robertson’s Mines and Caroline was living at 2 Short Road, Orchard, Johannesburg. Herbert’s occupation: sampler.

1. Audrey Cairncross.

2. Patricia Cairncross.

b. Dorothy Cairncross, m. Ernest Greig.

2. Thomas Clarke Cairncross, born 26 Sep 1894[1895] Uniondale, SA., died 23 Jul 1965 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. SA. He married (1) Dora Querl, (2) Johanna Dorothea ? (1891-1964). (See a family photo showing four children William, Colin, Agnes and Thomas.)

a. Constance Cairncross. (Mother is Dora.)

3. Agnes Matilda Cairncross, born 23 Feb 1897 Uniondale, SA. Married unknown Lindeque. (See photo of Colin, Agnes and Donald Victor taken when they were children.)

4. Colin Cairncross, born Nov 30, 1899, Uniondale, SA., died May 9, 1963. Occupation: Medical Practitioner in Johannesburg. (See a photo of Colin and a  photo of Colin's grave.)

5. Donald Victor Cairncross, born 6 Jul 1901[1902], Uniondale, South Africa, died 1926, Rhodesia, aged 25, of fever. (See photo of Donald taken in 1918, when he was 18 years.)

b. Charlotte Cairncross, born 1869, died 1959.

c. William Cairncross, born 1870, South Africa, died of mumps at age of 5, in 1874, South Africa.

d. Jeanette Elizabeth Cairncross, born 12 Mar 1876. Married Peter H. Van Rensburg.

e. Seton Falkenberg Cairncross, born 29 Jul 1878[1879], Uniondale, South Africa, died 1946, South Africa. He married Lydia Looche. (See group photo of - left to right - Phillip, Lydia Looche, Seton and - seated - Thomas Lothian Lombard. This is an image of the reverse of the photo.)

1. Phillip William A. Cairncross, b.1918.

f. Edith Cairncross, born 24 Mar 1882 Uniondale, South Africa. Married unknown Lombard.

2. Thomas Cairncross, born 1835, Swellenden, Sth. Africa, died 1918, Vrede, Sth Africa. He married 1 Jan 1863 to Georgina Helen Maria Whiley, in Sth. Africa.

a. Carolyn Mary-Ann Cairncross, 1865 Vrede, Free State, SA. Married Charles Palmer born 1849.

b. Thomas Daniel Cairncross, born 28 Aug 1866, died 3 Sep 1929 Vrede. He married (1) Petronella Hendrina Kritzinger in 1889, she was born Mar 28, 1867, died Dec 21, 1901, they had 6 children. He married (2) Anna Christina Elizabeth Lotz in 1903. Thomas's first wife Petronella died with her three younger children in 1901 in the concentration/intern camp, Heilbron. He then remarried Anna and had 15 more children. (See a photo of Thomas’s grave, plus a photo of Petronella’s grave.)

Children of Thomas and Petronella Hendrina are:

1. Mathys Stephanus Benjamin Cairncross, born 1890 Vrede, SA. He married Jeanette Botha.

a. Thomas Daniel Cairncross, born 14 Dec 1920 Coligny, SA., died 25 Sep 1998 Coligny. Married 17 Aug 1963 to Johanna Hendrina Smit.

1. Anna T. C. Cairncross, born 1965.

2. Jeanette M. Cairncross, born 1968.

b. Barend Cornelius Cairncross, born 1922 Coligny, SA. He married Minie Steyn.

1. Mathys S.B. Cairncross, born 1950.

2. Johanna H. S. Cairncross, born 1955.

c. Marie Cairncross. born 1924 Coligny, SA.

d. Mathys S. B. Cairncross, born 1925 Coligny, SA.

e. Jan Johannes Cairncross, born Jul 21, 1927 Coligny, SA., died Sep 25, 1965 Coligny, SA. Spouse: Martha Catherina Dorothea Pienaar.(See a photo of Jan’s grave.)

f. John George Rocher Cairncross, born 1936 Coligny, SA. Married Catharina Pieternella van der Watt.

1. Jeanette Cairncross, born 1962.

2. Stephen J. Cairncross, born 1967.

2. Thomas Daniel Cairncross, born 1 Nov 1892 Vrede, SA, He married 2 Jul 1923 to Anna Susanna Uys. (See a photo of Thomas Daniel senior and Thomas Daniel junior, born 1926.)

a. Mona Cairncross, born 1923, married Albertus Stadler Immanuel Nel.

1. Johann Nel.

2. Annette Nel.

3. Gideon Nel.

b. Nellie Maureen Cairncross, married Kenneth Rich Morrison born 1921.

1. Richard Morrison.

2. Clive Morrison.

c. Thomas Daniel Cairncross (Sonny), born 11 Nov 1926. Married Smith. (See the photo of Daniel and his father.)

1. Francis Cairncross.

2. Charmaine Cairncross (adopted).

3. Georgina Helen Maria Cairncross, born 22 Nov 1896, died 14 Dec 1901 at Refugee Camp, Heilbron during Boer War.

4. Peter (Pieter) L. Cairncross, born 11 Jan 1899 Vrede, SA, died 29 Nov 1901 at the same Refugee Camp.

5. John C. Cairncross, born 25 Feb 1901, died 10 Dec 1901, birth and death at the same camp.

6. Elizabeth Alitta Sophia Cairncross, m. unknown Fourie.

Children of Thomas and Anna Lotz are:

1. Anna Christina Elizabeth Cairncross, born 1891. Married 11 May 1938 in Cape Town to Christian Henry van Harte born 1894.

2. Peiter Marthinus Cairncross, born 20 May 1905, died 12 Oct 1984 Koster, SA. He married Maria Magdalena Botha. (See a photo of the grave of Pieter.)

a. unknown daughter.

b. unknown daughter.

c. unknown daughter.

d. unknown daughter.

e. Pieter Cairncross, b. 1944.

3. John Cairncross, born 1907.

4. George Augustus Cairncross, born Oct 20, 1908 Vrede, SA., died Nov 26, 1949 Ladysmith, Natal. Occupation: Signalman with South African Railways. Married 29 Jan 1938 to Maria Catharina Erasmus, born Aug 7, 1908, died May 15, 1984. (Here is a group photo of, L-R, George, Georgina, Maria and Allen, here is another taken later showing, George with wife, Maria and daughters Allen on the right,Georgina on the left, Ingrid sitting on dad’s lap and baby John Wesley sitting on mum’s, and here is one of him walking along with two daughters. See a photo of George’s grave, and one of Maria’s grave.)

a. Allen Beatrix Cairncross, born Oct 31, 1938 South Africa, died Sep 7, 2001.

b. Georgina Louisa Cairncross, born Feb 2, 1944 Ladysmith, Natal..

c. Ingrid Cairncross, born Oct 29, 1945, died Nov 23, 2004.

d. John Wesley Cairncross, born Mar 20, 1948 Ladysmith, Natal. Married (1) Pamela Jean Waring, and married (2) Hendrina Johanna Jocoba Bezuidenhout, known as Rina on May 4, 1991. She was born Apr 6, 1946.

Child of John and Pamela:

1. Ashleigh Imogene Candida Jean Cairncross, born Oct 18, 1969. Spouse: Hardy Rudolph Jackel. He was born Apr 22, 1968. Now divorced. Ashleigh works in a dental surgery in Ladysmith, Natal.

a. Megan Lara Jackel, born Sep 26, 1995 Ladysmith, Natal.

5. Georgina Helen Maria Cairncross, born 1909, died 8 Mar 1962. Married 7 Jan 1931 in South Africa to Jan Jacobus Kruger, who died in 1949. They had 3 sons and a daughter.

a. Paulus Phillipus Jacobus Kruger, born 1933, married Wilhemina Adriana Malan, born 1930, died 2006. They had 2 children.

1. Sonja Kruger, born 1963, married Pieter van Rooyen, born 1960.

a. Lezandri, born 1991.

b. Shandri, born 1994.

2. Sanet Kruger, born 1965, married Lucas Willem van der Merwe, born 1960.

a. Paul Sarel, born 1993.

b. Willem Petrus, born 1995.

b. Ronnie Stephanus Kruger, born 1937. Married Anna Catherina van Eeden, born 1941. They had 2 children.

1. Annette Kruger, born 1965. Married to W.S.H. du Randt. They live in the UK.

a. William du Randt, born 1991.

b. Almine du Randt, born 1994.

c. Ronnie du Randt, born 2001.

2. Yvette Kruger, born 1970. Married T. W. Bartmann, They live in the USA.

a. Edie Bartmann, born 1997.

b. Cody Bartmann, born 2002.

c. Kayli Bartmann, born 2004.

c. Jan Jacobus Kruger, born 1944, married Magdalena Mentz, born 1948. They had 2 children.

1. Soria Kruger, born 1976.

2. Jan Jacobus Kruger, born 1981.

d. Annemi Kruger, born 1947, married Barend Christiaan Greyling, born 1945. They had 2 children.

1. Marthinus Johannes Greyling, born 1972, married Faye Benade, born 1973.

a. Rendre Johan Greyling, born 2002.

2. Christa Greyling, born 1974, married Gustav Lemmer, born 1969.

a. Christiaan Lemmer, born 2002.

b. Augusta Lemmer, born 2004.

6. Caroline Mary-Ann Cairncross, born 1910. Married F. F. T. Van Olden.

7. James John Cairncross, born Aug 29, 1911, died Oct 17, 1998. Married Naomi Labuschagne, born May 18, 1915, died Jan 1, 2003. (See a photo of the grave of James, and one of the grave of Naomi.)

a. Thomas Daniel Cairncross, born 1937 Vrede, SA.

b. William Johannes Adriaan Cairncross, born. 1939 Vrede, SA.

1. Cary John Cairncross, born Jul 7, 1970.

c. James John Cairncross, born 1947 Vrede, SA.

8. Thomas Daniel Cairncross, b. 1912, m. Mrs B. Swart. Occupation: Optician in Germiston, Sth Africa.

9. Alfred Stanton Cairncross, born Oct 5, 1913, died Jul 17, 1974. Married Lina (Paulina Stefina) Botha, born Jul 8, 1912, died Apr 30, 1998. Alfred worked at a shop called Allman’s General Dealer, in Velde. In 1953, he bought the shop and changed the name to A.S. Cairncross. Alfred died in 1974, and his wife Paulina took over the running of the shop. In 1986 she became ill and Moira and her husband took it over. (Here is a photo of the shop, and one of Alfred. And here is a photo of Alfred’s grave, plus one of Paulina’s grave. Here’s Alfred’s death notice.)

a. Moira Stanton Cairncross, born 9 Sep 1950. Married G. E. O. Botha. They had 3 children.

b. Marlene Stanton Cairncross, born 7 Mar 1957. Married P. A. C. Mouton. They had 3 children.

10. Harriet Jones Cairncross, born 1916. Married unknown Parker.

11. Dora Elizabeth Cairncross, born 1919. Married unknown Zietsman.

12. Christoffel Cairncross, born 1920 Married van der Berg.

13. Victoria Mildred Cairncross, married unknown Cloete.

14. Clifford Cairncross, died 1917, in infancy.

15. Ada Mary Cairncross, married unknown Potwig.

c. Georgina Helen Maria Cairncross, m. unknown Groenewald.

d. Harriet Jones Cairncross, born Sep 22, 1870[1871] Vrede, SA, died Nov 30, 1963. Married Christoffel Lombard born 1868. (See a photo of Harriet’s grave.)

e. Adelaide Mabel Cairncross, m. unknown Swanson.

f. John George Roscher Cairncross, born Nov 4, 1875 Swellenden, South Africa, died Dec 2, 1952), married Frances Lucy Devine, born Jan 28, 1887, died May 17, 1966. (See a photo of George’s grave, and here is one of Frances’s grave. Here is the obituary written about John's life in the Eastern Transvaal Advertiser dated 5 Dec 1952) 

1. Mona Maria Cairncross, born 15 May 1912 Standerton, SA..

2. Iris Georgina Cairncross, born May 9, 1913, died Jun 12, 1995. Married Gladdy. (See a photo of Iris’s grave.)

3. Mavis Cairncross, born Oct 10, 1914 Standerton, SA., died Aug 23, 1948. (See this photo of Mavis’s grave.).

4. William Bruce Cairncross, born 18 Nov 1917[1916], died Nov 1987. Married Janet Duchart McGregor Johnson. (See this photo of William’s gravestone. The dates are shown but difficult to read.)

a. John Michael Cairncross, b. 1948.

b. Bruce Cairncross, b. 1953.

5. Douglas Cairncross, born 17 Mar 1921 Standerton. Married Elizabeth Lotz.

g. Gertrude Emelia Cairncross, born 1879, m. unknown Moorish.

h. James Johannes Cairncross, b. 28.9.1880, Verde, Sth Africa, d. 31.1.1934, Standerton, Sth Africa. He married Magrieta Helena Van De Spuy in 1900 in Standerton, Transvaal, Sth. Africa. (See a photo of the grave of James.)

1. Martha Hermina Cairncross, married James Lambert Allen Bailey, 1.7.1930, Standerton, Transvaal, Sth. Africa.

2. unknown son, born 1912 Nelspruit, SA, died 1914. Choked on a bean.

3. Georgina Helen Maria Cairncross, born Nelspruit, SA, married unknown Lotter.

4. Madelene Cairncross, born Nelspruit, SA, married unknown Van Eyk.

5. James Cairncross, born 1928 Nelspruit, SA, died.

3. Helen Cairncross, born 1837 Swellenden, South Africa. Married Lourens Edward Giani born 1839.

4. John Cairncross, born 10 Apr 1842, Swellenden, Sth. Africa, died 2 Mar 1926 Somerset West, SA. A photo of John’s grave

a. John Cairncross, born 1873, died 1950, Durban, Sth Africia.

5. Frances Cairncross, born 26 Apr 1846, died 1856.

6. Charles Cairncross, born 1847, Swellenden, Sth. Africa, died 1928, Pietersburg, Sth. Africa. He married Elizabeth Maria Bindermann in 1874. (See a photo of Charles.)

a. Archibald Campbell Cairncross, born 3 Jun 1876, died 2 May 1958 Carnbeg, SA. Married Apr 1917 to Beatrice Burchell born 1847, died 1953.(See these three photos of Archibald; one in uniform, one in ‘dress code’, and one rather more informal. Here is a photo of Beatrice. Here is a link to a document on the birth, life, military career and death of Archibald as it appears in the book, “CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”.)

b. Ada Latitia Matilda Cairncross, born 30 Apr 1879 Wakkerstroom, SA, died 1959. Married Ernst Otto Wilhelm. Here is Ada’s baptism certificate.

1. George Archibald Harvey Wilhelm (photo), born before 29 Nov 1911 Transvaal, died 1983 Messina. Married Magdelena Letitia Martha Jordan 1910-1952.

a. Harvey Wilhelm, born 1940’s.

b. Rudolph Wilhelm, born 1940’s.

c. Lorraine Wilhelm. Married an O’Callaghan.

c. Lucina Maria Cairncross, born 13 Sep 1881 Harrismith, Orange Free State, SA. Here is Lucina’s baptism certificate.

7. Adelaide Cairncross, b. 1849, Swellenden, Sth. Africa, d. 1932, Swellenden.

8. Henry Cairncross, born 17 Mar 1851, died 1856.

9. Mathilda Cairncross, m. Henry Kannemeyer.

6. James Cairncross, born 1 Dec 1761 Scotland.

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