Family of David Cairncross of Dundee.

(This tree may replace "Family of William David Cairncross". The information for this tree was supplied by Kay, of Australia, Nov 2001, for which I thank her. The other tree will be kept on record simply to check on persons not appearing in this tree.)

David, a Customs House Keeper in Dundee, married Ann Woodcock.

1. David Duncan, b. 5.3.1836. Born in Dunkeld, d. 7.2.1916. Left home at the age of 9, ran away to sea as a cabin boy on a clipper on a trip to Australia. Jumped ship date unknown. The ship was later wrecked and his papers and belongings were found and it was taken that he was lost at sea. He married (1) Mary Ann Reader, (convict's daughter), 23.8.1867, she died 10.6.1883, (2) Phoebe McMahon, (nee Graham) a widow, 24.6.1884. She died 20.12.1886 aged about 36, (3) Bridget Morrissey in 1886. Ran his own stone quarry at Tempe, Sydney suburb, and later a lime, cement and hardware store in Rockdale, NSW.

Children of David Duncan and Mary Reader.

a. Hannah, born 27.3.1867, died 18.11.1879. Married B. Tollefson and moved to western Australia. No children.
b. Harriet Ann, born 23.11.1868. Married Dec 23. 1891 to Ernest Parkes.

1. Mabel Rose Parkes. Married Williams.

a. Unknown.

1. Darren Spriggs, born c1970. Married with 2 daughters.

c. Elizabeth Martha, born 13.1.1871, married Michael James 30.8.1884, no children, died young.
d. Henry, born 1.4.1873, died 16.11.1937. Married (1) Emily Mary Iliffe, on 7.9.1901. She died 16.11.1919, (2) Alice Amelia Franks (nee Flude).

Children of Henry and Emily Iliffe,

1. David William (Bill), born 1.5.1902, died 9.1.1955. Unmarried.
2. Isabel, born 21.1.1904.
3. Herbert Henry (Mick), born 4.2.1905, married Olive Hilda Creighton Franks 23.1.1924, died 30.7.1971.

a. Herbert Joseph, born 1923, married Shirley Thaxton (dec).

1. Warren. (Have children)
2. Lynne. (Have children)
3. Glenn. (Have children)

b. Henry Norman, born 1925, married Gwendoline[1] Valmai Williams.

1. Michael. (Have children)
2. David. (Have children)
3. Jeff. (Have children)
4. Joanne (Have children)

c. Mavis Amelia, born 3.8.1927, married Stanley Bruce Wallace (known as Bruce), dec. Died 7.10.1996.

1. Dianne. (Have children)
2. Lee.
3. Tracey. (Have children)
4. Robert.

d. Norma Olive, born 13.8.1930, married Donald James Bourke, died 2.12.1996.

1. Kay. (Have children)
2. Jennifer. (Have children)
3. Colin. (Have children)
4. David. (Have children)

e. Beryl Vilma, born 1933, married Frederick Sheppard.

1. Neil.
2. Carol. (Have children)
3. Lauren. (Have children)
4. Andrew. (Have children)

f. Nola Joan, born 1937, died 1994.
g. John Stanley, born 1940.

4. Sydney, died 27.1.1907 aged 7 weeks.
5. Alexander, born 1.3.1908, married Jean Hamilton.
6. Jean Mary, born 18.5.1910, d.?/6/1986. First marriage to Thomas Yard. Children Veronica Alice d.1984 and Beverley d.1950-1955. Second marriage to William Duke.
7. Ellen, died 12.12.1913 aged 2 months.
8. Emily Martha, born 12.9.1914, married Reg Hazell, still living.

a. Maree Norma.
b. Rhonda Joy.

9. Norman Leslie, born 4.11.1915, married Ena M. Webb, died 5.3.1991.
10. Nellie, born 30.7.1917, died 29.7.1952.
11. Robert, born 19.4.1919, died 28.3. 1985.

Children of Henry and Alice Franks.
They officially adopted Stanley Thomas, who may have been a relative of Alice's.

e. David, born 24.7.1875, married Ann Sommerville McGill Iliffe, died 26.4.1945.

1. Gladys Mary, born 1896, married 8.4.1914 to Alfred Thomas Lowe.
2. David (known as Mick, and cousin of Herbert Henry - also called Mick), born 1871.
3. Ann, married 16.12.1925 to Lesley John Joseph Elliott.
4. Esther.
5. Robert.

f. Frederick George, born 26.8.1877, married Henrietta Maude Williams.

1. William David, born 1897.
2. Frederick George Jnr, born 1899. Married (1) Lexie Dora Selby, 16.12.1918, and (2) Sylvia Alice Wilson, 23.5.1925.

Children of Frederick George Jnr and Lexie Selby.

a. Francis James (Bruce), born circa 1929, died 21.3.1987. Married to Rita Hilda (nee McQuade). His parents died when he was an infant and he was cared for by his elderly Grandmother before she died. He was the only surviving of three(?) brothers who were killed during WW 2. The following is an article from the Canberra Times dated Monday 23 March 1942, under the headline “13 SURVIVORS OF H.M.A.S. YARRA.” and sub-heading ‘Reach British Port On Raft .’ The Prime Minister (Mr. Curtin) announced last night that 13 ratings from the Australian sloop, Yarra, have been rescued and are now safe at a British port. The men were picked up from a raft. The information was conveyed to Mr. Curtin by the naval authorities, but no details of the circumstances surrounding the rescue were released. H.M.A.S. Yarra, carrying a crew of 151 officers and men, was reported lost after being engaged in action with the Japanese in the waters around Java. Names of the rescued men from the Yarra are: Jack Rea Archibald, ordinary seaman; Victoria Brazier, supply petty officer; Geoffrey Granville Bromilow, acting leading signalman; Keith Patrick Buckley, ordinary seaman; Francis James Cairncross, acting leading stoker; William Geoffrey Clark, ordinary seaman; Edwin Alexander Latham, leading supply assistant; Reginald Leslie Manthey, ordinary seaman; Alfred George Orton, able seaman; Ernest Leigh Ramsden, engine-room artificer; Duncan Love Stevenson, acting leading stoker; Howard George Wagland, leading cook; and William Dennis Witheriff, ordinary seaman.

1. Diane.

2. David John, born 12.4.1949, married Merlyn Jeanette Armour, born 5.11.1949.

a. Jennifer Anne, born 20.5.1971.

b. Andrew David, born 2.4.1973.

c. Jamie Bruce, born 6.7.1975, twin to Shane. Married to Melinda Kay Bennett, born 28.9.1977.

1. Maggie Kay, born 6.8.1999.

d. Shane Boyd, twin to Jamie.

3. Marilyn.

g. William Alfred, born 23.3.1880, died 26.3.1882.

Children of David Duncan and Phoebe McMahon.

e. Alice Louise, born 1885.
f. Rose, born 1886, died 21.12.1886 aged 5 months.

Children of David Duncan and Bridget Morrissey.

g. Kate, born 1888, married Dent.
h. John (Jack), born 1891, died 6-11.8.1915 during WW1 at Gallipoli. An original ANZAC. There is a Jack Cairncross from NSW who enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force, whose mother, Bridget, was quoted as next of kin. If this is the same Jack, he was born in Dec 1890 and joined on Jan 8, 1915 at the age of 24 years and 1 month. His occupation was labourer. (See his enlistment paper.)
i. Joseph, born 1893, married Christina Franks.

[1] Note: it was this Gwendoline who is acknowledged in the book "Cairncross - History of a Scottish Family" as having typed the stencils.

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