Family of James Cairncross, born circa 1791, Orkney, Scotland.

James Cairncross, born circa 1791, died 1851, probably in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada. Married on 28 Sep, 1822 at Birsay, Orkey Islands, to Hannah Hedley Mackay (born 08.11.1795 Thurso, died 1851 Ontario, Canada) Ordained by the Original Secessionist Church in Birsay, Orkney 1819. (James, having problems surviving on his church stipend of 70 Pounds annually, demitted his charge in 1842 and emigrated in 1845 Ontario, Canada.)

A.  Barbara Campbell Cairncross, born 27.07.1823, died 1902. Married Alexander Henderson Mowat (1814 - 1902), in 1848, in the Toronto area. (Barbara was a grandaughter of Robt. MacKay, writer of the Signet, Thurso, and was connected with several of the early personages in Canada, being a niece of Capt. Wm. McKay [sic] who took part in the war of 1812...around lake Champlain and a grand niece of Sir William Campbell, Chief Justice of Upper Canada, 1825-29.) (Alexander had emigrated from Shetland; apparently he and Barbara met in Canada.)

1. Hannah M. Mowat, born c.1849.

2. James Gordon Mowat, born 29 Mar, 1851, died 1906. Married Fannie Elizabeth Simpson on 4 Feb, 1975.

a. Nellie Mowat, born in 1881, and died in infancy 1881.

b. Laura Elizabeth Mowat. born 22 Dec, 1875, died 1960's (?). Married George Thompson 5 Jul, 1916.

c. Alexander Galt Mowat, born 7 Mar, 1878, died 1906. Married Kate Clemes 22 Jun. 1909.

3. Alexander Robert Mowat born 3 Apr, 1855, died  1913. Married Alice Middlemass. Went to Vancouver BC.

a. Bessie Mowat, born 30 Aug, 1877.

b. James M. Mowat, born 20 Dec, 1880.

c. Lewis M. Mowat, born 27 Sep, 1887.

d. Ruth M. Mowat, born 8 Aug, 1900, died 2000. Married Frank Young, no children.

4. John Arthur Mowat born 16 Apr, 1856, died 1927. Marreid Amy Campbell 29 Sep, 1886.

a. Erane Pauline Mowat, born 17 Jun, 1887. Married Cecil Scott.

b. Henderson Mowat, born 11 Dec, 1888 died 1934. Married Elizabeth Wylie. 2 children.

c. Amy Jean Mowat, born 6 Aug, 1894, died 1980's. Married Dr. Richard Godfrey on 17 Jun, 1922. 1 daughter.

5. William Walter Henderson Mowat, born 1858, died 1925. Married Janet Fobes about 1890. Came to Ashland, Oregon in the 1880's via Winnepeg.

a. Jan Fobes Mowat, born 18 Nov, 1892 Ashland, Jackson Co. Oregon, died 1980. Married Olive Day.

l. Joan Mowat, born 1928, died 2001.

2. David Mowat, born 1934.

b. Lynn D. Mowat, born 29 Aug, 1894, died 1976. Married Bess Rothganger after 1930. No children.

c. Edwin Louis Mowat, born 16 Apr, 1900, died 1982. Married (1) Esther Olsen on 10 Sep, 1939, and (2) Lois Unk after 1975.

6. Edmund Cairncross Mowat, born 1860, died 1918. Married May Isobel Johnson on 17 Jan 1883, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

a. Ross Henderson, born 12 Jan, 1894. Married Laura May adams 30 Dec, 1915.

7. Christina Henderson Mowat, born 29 Aug, 1862, died 1933. Married James Gould Scott on 15 Nov, 1888.

a. Norman Gould Scott, born 18 Sep, 1889.

b. Campbell C. Scott, born 24 May, 1891.

c. Bruce Henderson Scott, born 1 Mar, 1893.

d. Wallace John Scott, born 25 Jan, 1895.

e. Sydney Barbara Violet Scott born 1896.

f. Infant son, born 1898, died 1898.

g. Alexander Mowat Scott, born 28 Aug, 1901

B. John Cairncross, born 1 Nov 1824, Birsay, Orkney, bapt. 5 Jun, 1825.

C. Robert Cairncross, born 6 Jan, 1827, Birsay, Orkney, bapt. 27 Nov, 1827.

D. James Edmund Cairncross, born 1830, bapt. Jul 6, 1830, died Dec 13, 1893. Born in Birsay, Orkney. Joined Royal Navy when a boy. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada with his parents about 1850 by boat and wagon. Worked on a steamboat as a river boatman on the Mississippi. Then he turned his hand to building houses in the summer and coffins in the winter, in Ontario. Married Elizabeth Lindsay, (born 29 Oct 1835 in Dalkieth, Scotland, daughter of Robert Lindsay and Martha Warden) on 31 Jan 1866, in Brant County, Ontario. Became a builder in Ontario. After the 1873 panic went to Manitoba to farm. Had a farm and store near Shakespeare, Perth County, Ontario. Died Dec 13, 1893, Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. Elizabeth died 1928.

1.  James Robert Cairncross, born 1866, died 1914. Ran the farm after his father's death. Moved to Idaho, ran a hardware store until he died. Married Anne Livingstone, born about 1872. Had 7 children, 2 boys 5 girls.

a.  Helen Elizabeth Cairncross, born 25 Nov 1897, died 4 Nov 1984.

b.  Katherine Matilde Cairncross, born 26 Jan 1901, died 16 Jun 1991.

c.  Margaret Cairncross, born 27 Jun 1902, died 11 Jun 1990. 

d. Robert Cairncross, born 1904, died 1960.

e. Grace Cairncross, born 1906, died 1969.

f. John L. Cairncross, born 1908.

g. Stella L. Cairncross, born 1913, died 1999.

2.  Robert Lindsay Cairncross, born circa 1868, died circa 1941. Married Madge Bell Wright, born circa 1876, in Texas. (A 1911 census shows Madge born about 1886.) Wedding Chicago. For many years worked on the Railroad. Invented a device to tie rails together. Became an executive and salesman for a Railroad Equipment Company. Had stories published about the Railroad.

3.  Matilda Cairncross, born 26 Jan 1871, in Ontario, died 1940. Married Joe MacChesney, born 15 Sep 1868.

a.  Anna MacChesney, born 7 Nov 1892, in the USA.

b. Foster daughter.

c. Foster daughter.

d. Roberta MacChesney, born c.1897.

e. George MacChesney, born c.1899.

4.  Emund William Cairncross, born 1874, died 1939. Married Eva Maude Morrow, born 8 Jun 1874, died 23 Jan 1947. Occupation: first, a builder in Winnipeg. Then followed his brother, James, to Idaho and eventually to California. Built houses and apartments there. Eva was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles, California. Here is a photo of her grave.

a.  Bessie Evelyn Cairncross, born 27 July 1900, died 22 July 1980, Los Angeles County, California. Married Jessie M. Harper, (born c1894, New York). Lived in Glendale, California.

1.  Marvin J. Harper, born 1928, died 1946.

2. Stanley E. Harper, born 1933, died 2008.

b.  Stanley Everett Cairncross, Ph.D., born circa 1902, Winnipeg. Married Ardy Richardson in Los Angeles. Had a Ph.D. in Chemistry, was a chemical consultant.

1.  Allan Cairncross, born 1936.

2.  Judith Cairncross, born 1938.

c.  Joseph Edmund Cairncross, MD. FRCS, born 11.10.1907, in Canada, died 16.04.1997, San Diego, California. Diploma of the American Board of Surgeons. Retired surgeon, San Diego. Married Agnes Scott McGill Haining, (born 5 Mar 1906 in Kilmarnock, Scotland, died 15 Nov 2000 in California.) (Here is the marriage record for Joseph and Agnes, and here is their marriage certificate.) Agnes Scott McGill Haining had older brother Robert Boyd Haining born 1904. This Robert's son was Robert Gerard Haining.

1.  Robert Edmund Cairncross, born 12 Apr, 1934. Married on 9 May, 1959 to Sharilyn Kay Sherman (born 1936) in San Diego, USA.

a.  Jeffrey Robert Cairncross, born 18 Feb, 1960. Married Jennifer Pyles before 1991 in California.

1.  George Jeffrey Cairncross, born 21 Jan, 1991 San Diago, USA.

2.  Charles Sherman Cairncross, born 18 Mar, 1993 San Diego, USA.

b.  Elizabeth Ann Cairncross, born 9 May, 1962 San Diego, USA. Married Michael Copley 21 Apr, 1990.

1.  Michael Stewart Copley. (from Michael's first marriage)

2.  Christopher James Copley. (from Michael's first marriage)

3.  Carley Jean Copley, born 5 Feb, 1993, died 1996.

4.  Gillian Ann Copley, born 9 Sep, 1996 San Diego, USA.

5.  Fred Clifton Copley, born 17 Oct, 1997 San Diego, USA.

c.  Steven Edmund Cairncross, born 1 May, 1963. Married Lori Meads 14 Nov, 1987 San Diego, USA.

1.  Caitlin Elizabeth Cairncross, 10 Jul, 1989 San Diego, USA.

2.  Patrick Steven Cairncross, born 8 Apr, 1991 San Diego, USA. (swap these over)

2.  Laurence Everett Cairncross, born 8 May, 1938 San Diego, USA. Married Joan Cotton 15 Aug, 1959 San diego, USA.

a.  Michael Cairncross, born 31 Aug, 1960, died 2001. Married Kathy Kwiatkowski 29 Nov, 1986 San Diego, USA. 

1.  Chancellor Michael Cairncross, born 11 Nov, 1989 san diego, USA.

b.  Scott Cairncross, born 3 Apr, 1962. Married Sandra Covington 30 Sep, 1989 North Carolina, USA.

1.  Jeremiah Morgan Cairncross, born 10 May, 1994.

c.  David Cairncross, born Jun 12, 1963. Married Lisa Louise Cooper on Jun 27, 1987. Lisa was born May 17, 1965.

1.  Ian Zachary Cairncross, born Nov 1, 1993 San diego, USA. Photo of Ian and Jack, Ian on right.

2.  Jack Aldn Cairncross, born 27 apr, 1995 San diego, USA.

d.  Laurie Cairncross, born 20 Jan, 1967. Married Dean Charles Way 28 Jan, 1995 San Diego, USA. Another photo.

1.  Cameron Charles Way, born 15 May, 1997 San diego, USA.

2.  Kelsey Christianne Way, born 21 sep, 1999 San Diego, USA.

e.  Neil Cairncross, born 8 Jan, 1970 San diego, USA.

d.  Eleanor Marcia Cairncross, born 09.04.1910, in Idaho, died 11.10.1998, in Glendale, California. Married Harold Wesley Trinkle (born 27.03.1893 in Rego, Indiana, died 07.08.1979, Glendale, California.)

1.  Edmund Harold Trinkle, born 14.02.1941, Los Angeles County, California, died 19.10.2002, Glendale, California.

E.  Hellen Elizabeth Cairncross, born 08.06.1834, Birsay, Orkney, and died 1907 Brantford, Ontario. Married Dr. Edmond Pentland, born c.1843, son of John Pentland and Frances Jane Montgomerie, on 15.07.1870, in Ontario, Canada.

F.  Edmund Alphemy Cairncross, born circa 1838, Birsay, Orkney, died 26.01.1907. Married Elizabeth Holwell, born circa 1838, daughter of Thomas Holwell and Mary Spenced, on 11.06.1878, at County Perth, Ontario, Canada. Possibly went to the Dakotas.

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