Family of John Cairncross, married Elizabeth Brown, in 1777.


(Details of the Cairncross/Mitchell family tree, created from an 'excel' document sent by Samantha Cairncross (nee Mitchell), on 20 June 2001. In October 2007, further research has added 2 generations to the beginning of the tree. Thus it was called, "Family of William Hay Cairncross, born circa 1890, married Davina M. Dove.")

John Cairncross, married Elizabeth Brown (Angus, Dundee) on Dec 5 1777.

a. Robert Cairncross, born 1777. Married Jean Rollo in 1802. No children.

b. William Cairncross, born 1785. Married Margaret MacGregor (born 1781).

1. Isobell Cairncross, born 1806.

2. Christine Cairncross, born 1808.

3. Eupan Cairncross, born 1810.

4. Marion Cairncross, born 1810 (twin to Eupan).

5. James Cairncross, born 1812.

6. Janet Cairncross, born 1815.

7. Margaret, Cairncross, born May 2 1817.

8. William Hay Cairncross, born Sep 2 1821. Married Davina M. Dove.

a. Jessie Pearson Dove Cairncross, born May 8, 1841, christened May 30, 1841. Married George Taylor. George was an interesting character, and this story was taken from a book, "The Land Boomers, by Michael Cannon. “From all over the world came rovers and adventurers, to settle thankfully in the promising colony of Victoria. One such rover was George Nicholson Taylor, son of the Rev. Henry Taylor, a clergyman of The Church of England in Jamaica. The boy, born about 1830, rebelled against his strict religious upbringing and ran away to sea. Another such rover was a merchant captain, William Cairncross, who married Miss Davina Dove in Melbourne. They had a daughter who they named Jessie Pearson Dove Cairncross. George Taylor, the sailor lad from Jamaica, landed in Melbourne, met Jessie, fell in love and married her in 1863. Under his wife’s prompting, Taylor studied accountancy and other landsmen’s secrets. In 1880 he succeeded in getting the post of manager of a fairly new institution, the Land Credit Bank, at a salary of £350 a year. The Taylors enjoyed an idyllic life in boom-time Melbourne. George opened accounts for his wife and son at the Land Credit Bank, and during the next ten years they managed to syphon off more than £100,000 of the bank’s money. Taylor spent it all on property speculations, with the avowed intention of making a million ponds. At his trial in 1892, when he was sentenced to eight years’ hard labour, he told the judge that he fully intended to pay back the money he had taken, ‘after he had made his fortune’."

b. John Dove Cairncross,

c. William McGregor Cairncross, born 1845. Married Mary Jane Retallack, born circa 1859-1947, in 1879.

1. William McGregor Cairncross.

2. Cyrus Hay Cairncross, born 1883.

3. Leopold Jasper Cairncross, born 1985/7-1942. Married Louisa May Haymes, born c1989-1979.

a. Ian McGregor Cairncross, born 16.01.1932. Married Sylvia Catherine Joyce, born 01.08.1942. Divorced approx. 1991.

1. Andrew MacGregor Cairncross, born 23.2.1968. Married Samantha Sue Mitchell, born 3.12.1971, on 11.11.2000.

a. Ashley May Cairncross, born 16.07.2002.

b. Mitchell MacGregor Cairncross, born 26.08.2005.

2. Louise Elizabeth Cairncross, born 12.06.1970, twin to Yvonne Miranda.

3. Yvonne Miranda Cairncross. Twin to Louise.

9. Peter Cairncross, born 1826.

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