Family of Robert Cairncross, married Alice Mabon.

Robert Cairncross, married Alice Mabon. (see photo of Robert and Alice)

a. Bella (Isabella), born circa 1871, died 26.01.1955, aged 83 years. Married Mabon.

b. Andrew Cairncross, brother of John, the stonemason in Jedburgh (see Appendix Seven).

1. Taylor, batchelor. Had a confectioners shop in Jedburgh.

2. Jimmy, born circa 1914, batchelor. At the time of writing this, Jimmy is living at the age of 91.

c. John Cairncross, born 23.10.1882, died 17.01.1968, aged 85. Married Frances Brown (born 13.11.1878) on 01.12.1905 in Edinburgh. She was born in 1878 in Berwick, and died Mar 12, 1962, aged 84 years. They started married life in Jedburgh, and then moved to Jedburgh Castle where they lived for 20 years. John died 17.10.1968. Francis died 12.03.1962, aged 84 years. (See a photo of John and Frances at the castle.)

1. Elsa, died young, buried at Castlewood Cemetery.

2. Caroline, born 23.03.1906, in Jedburgh, died 13.05.1994, aged 88 years. Married Tommy Bench, on 21.11.1931. Tommy was born 16.07.1902, died 11.07.1971, aged 68 years.

a. Moira, born 26.09.1933, died 31.11.1937, at 4 years of age from measles.

b. Iris, born 31.08.1932.

c. Carol, born 15.07.1939.

3.  Anne, born 14.05.1909, died 03.02.1983, aged 73 years. Married Walter Lees, born circa 21.05.1902, died 23.05.1957, aged 55 years.

a.  Frances.

b.  Helen.

3c.  Anne.

d.  Olive.

e.  David.

4.  Elizabeth, born 12.06.1917. Married Daniel Millar, born 22.06.1913, died 05.10.1999, aged 86 years.

a.  Elizabeth Anne.

b.  Margaret.

c.  Daniel.

5.  George Cairncross, born circa 1912, died 06.08.1997, aged 85 years. Married Cissie Veitch, born circa 1913, died 17.12.1997, aged 84 years.

a.  John Cairncross.

6.  Robert Cairncross, born 04.07.1915, died 24.06.1987, aged 71 years. Married Lilian Hudswell, born 31.01.1917, daughter of Bertie Hudswell and Lilian Robson born 1893. (See photo of Robert, taken in 1961. There is also a photo taken at the wedding of Harold Rowlands and Lilian Grant. The Grants and Wards listed in the photo would be cousins of Lilian who married Robert, as Lilian born 1893 had a daughter Mary Ellen who married William Grant. In the photo, our Lilian with her sister Brenda is one of the girls right in the middle. Sadly, it is not known which is Lilian.) Here is a hand drawn family tree of the Hudswell family, supplied by Anne Ward in Sep 2006.

a.  Brenda, born circa 1944, died 06.04.2002, aged 58 years.

1.  Phil Paterson.

2.  Marie Paterson.

d. Euphemia Watson, born circa 1885, died 11.04.1963, aged 78 years. Married James Henry Halley (born circa 1881, died 07.09.1945, aged 64 years). Buried in Castlewood Cemetery. (See photo of James and Euphemia taken in the early 1960's.)

1. Annie Robina, died young. No other details known. (See photo of Annie with her mother Euphemia.)

e. Alice, married Calder.

f. Nell, born circa 1867, died 12.08.1939, aged 72 years. Married Robert Sinton, born circa 1871, died 14.02.1950, in his 80th year.

Andrew W. P. Cairncross, born circa 1878, died 01.06.1957, aged 79 years. Married Theresa I. M. Hope, born circa 1882, died 21.10.1941, aged 59 years. Brother of John, the stonemason in Jedburgh (see Appendix Seven).

a.  Taylor Cairncross, bachelor. Had a confectioners shop in Jedburgh.

b.  Jimmy Cairncross, born circa 1914, bachelor. At the time of writing this, Jimmy is living at the age of 91.

c. Theresa Cairncross. Married Bert Jones, a railwayman.

1. Avril Cairncross. Unknown father. Married Alexander Evans.

a. Carol Evans, born 1953. Married John Green.

1. Charlie Green.

b. Dave Evans, born 1957.

1. Jessica Evans.

2. Theobald (Teddy) Taylor Evans.

2. Doris Jones. Daughter of Bert.

3. Zenda Jones. Daughter of Bert.

Bella (Isabella), born circa 1871, died Jan 26, 1955, aged 83 years. Married Mabon.

Alice, married Calder.

Nell, married Sinton.

Euphemia, married Halley. Buried in Castlewood Cemetery.

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