Family of John Cairncross, born 1755, Monifieth, married Helen Lousen.

(Thanks must go to Mr David Cowan from Australia who sent me a 68 page .pdf document in an email in March 2014. Where there are differences, such as dates, between the original family tree and David’s version, I will place this difference in square brackets thus [ ]. David has requested me not to add the complete information for living persons, for reasons of possible identity theft, etc. Also, the original information for this family tree was supplied by Liz Smith in emails in February 2008. In March 2017, I was contacted by Tara Kennedy by email, who supplied details for this family tree, which also appeared in F-T-7. This has enabled me to fully incorporate F-T-7 into this tree.)

John Cairncross, born 4 Jun 1755, in Monifieth, Angus, Scotland, married Jan 17, 1784 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland to Helen Lousen, born c1760 in Scotland.

a. Betty Cairncross, born c1784, in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. Married Thomas Burnett on Jul 20, 1806 Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

1. Ann Burnett, born 1807, christened Jan 4, 1807 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

2. James Burnett, born 1810, christened Aug 26, 1810 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

3. David Burnett, born May 23, 1812 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

4. Thomas Burnett, born Jul 28, 1816 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

5. Mary Burnett, born Oct 1, 1820, christened Oct 8, 1820 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

6. Alexander Burnett, born Jan 10, 1824, christened Jan 26, 1824 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

b. Anne Cairncross, born c1787 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. Married David Patterson on Nov 21, 1807 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

1. Ann Paterson, born Oct 6, 1808, christened Oct 23, 1808 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

2. David Paterson, born Apr 20, 1813, christened May 9, 1813 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

3. Betty Paterson, born Jun 26, 1815, christened Aug 20, 1815 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

c. James Cairncross, born 1789, Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

1. George Cairncross.

d. John Cairncross, born c1791, and christened May 31, 1791 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He died Sep 17, 1863 in Haughhead, Forfar, Scotland. He married (1) Barbara Guild on Jan 11, 1818 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. She died Nov 24, 1832 in Haughhead, Forfar. He married (2) Ann Guild on Jan 19, 1834 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. Occupation: Tenant Farmer.

Children of John and Barbara:

1. Alexander Cairncross, born May 21, 1818, and christened May 28, 1818 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He died in 1854 and was buried in Panbride

2. John Cairncross, born May 4, 1820 and died in 1826 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

3. Elizabeth Cairncross, born Apr 19, 1822, and christened Apr 29, 1822 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. She married Mr Ogilvie on Feb 9, 1844 in Abirlot, Forfar, Scotland.

a. Mary Ann Ogilvie, born Dec 29, 1841, and christened Apr 12, 1842 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

4. Jean Cairncross, born Feb 9, 1826, and christened Feb 28, 1826 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

5. David Cairncross, born Jul 5, 1828 and christened Jul 13, 1828 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He married Louisa Nichol on Dec 18, 1857 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. Occupation: Shoemaker/Leather Sales.

Children of John and Ann:

6. Mary Cairncross, born Jul 22, 1834, and christened Jul 30, 1834 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

7. William Cairncross, born Sep 9, 1834, and christened Sep 20, 1834 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

8. James Cairncross, born Aug 8, 1838, and christened Aug 19, 1838 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He died in Nov 1838 and was buried in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

9. John Cairncross, born Oct 21, 1838, and christened Nov 10, 1838 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He died in 1852 and was buried in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

10. George Cairncross, born Sep 12, 1841, and christened Sep 19, 1841 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

11. Ann Cairncross, born Mar 7, 1844, and christened Mar 24, 1844 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

12. James Smeaton Cairncross, born Apr 29, 1847 Panbride, Forfarshire, Scotland, and christened May 9, 1847 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. Married 2 Dec 1867 to Margaret Ramsay. Occupation: Baker’s van driver.

a. John Cairncross, born 28 Feb 1868 Barry, Angus, Scotland.

b. Mary Cairncross, born about 1870 Barry, Carnoustie, Scotland.

c. Louisa Cairncross, born 10 Feb 1871 Barry, Carnoustie, Scotland. Died 29 Apr 1957 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Married 25 Oct 1898 to Andrew Salmond (1878-1954). Here’s Louisa’s birth certificate, LH and RH. More photos of Louisa: in black, sitting, with grand kids. More photos of Andrew: one, two, three, and one with his son John. Finally a photo of Andrew and Louisa. Here is a photo of Andrew’s gravestone.

1. Mary Salmond, born 25 Oct 1899 Barry, Carnoustie, Scotland, died 12 Dec 1970 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Married 17 or 19 Nov 1923 to Edward Percy Young born 1890, died 7 Oct 1966.

a. Jessie Salmond Young (twin), born 14 Dec 1921 Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland, died 30 Apr 2000. Married Bill Robinson.

b. Louisa Salmond Young (twin), born 14 Dec 1921 Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Here’s a photo of the twins. More photos of the twins: one, two and one with parents Mary and Percy.

c. May Young, born 1925.

d. Edward Percy Young, born 1926, died 1988.

2. John Salmond. Photo of John with mother Louisa. Nothing known about wife. A photo of John with parents and their 3 children.

a. Robert Salmond, born 1933.

b. John Salmond, born 1936.

c. Louisa Salmond, born 1937.

3. Andrew Salmond, 1904-1959. Married Peggy McNaught 1902-1985. (Additional: Andrew had a son John Salmond 1902-1974, John had a daughter Carol Thelma Salmond 1941-2007, and Carol’s daughter is Tara Kennedy, who kindly supplied details of the family of James Smeaton Cairncross and Louisa Cairncross.) Here’s a photo of Andrew with his parents. Here’s a photo of Peggy with Andrew and his mother, Louisa.

d. William Ramsay Cairncross, born 4 Oct 1872 Barry, Angus, Scotand.

e. James Cairncross, born 25 Jul 1874 Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, died 23 Feb 1966 Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland.

f. David Cairncross, born about 1876 Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland.

g. George Cairncross, born about 1877 Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland. Spouse: Emma Cairncross, born in London.

a. James S. Cairncross, born about 1901 Barry, Forfarshire, Scotland.

h. Jane Cairncross, born about 1879 Carmyllie, Forfarshire, Scotland.

i. John Cairncross, born about 1881 Barry, Forfarshire, Scotland.

j. Silvester Cairncross, born about 1884 Carnoustie, Forfarshire, Scotland.

k. James Cairncross, born about 1887 Carmyllie, Forfarshire, Scotland, died 23 Feb 1966 Penicik, Midlothian, Scotland.

13. Thomas Cairncross, born Nov 12, 1850, and christened Dec 12, 1850 in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland. He died in 1857 and was buried in Panbride, Forfar, Scotland.

e. David Cairncross, born 1793, and christened Apr 28, 1793 in Panbride, Angus. Died 1863, in Lambeth, London. Married Ann [Annie] Munro, born 1791, died Dec 1, 1876, in London. Occupation: Spinning Mill Manager. 

1. Hellen [Helen] Cairncross, born c1821 [1815], in Scotland, died 1890 [Jul 18, 1908 and was buried at Calliope Cemetery, Qld.]. Helen was the aunt who brought up Harriet, born 1860, when she was left in London. Twenty years later she and Harriet migrated to Australia, on the ship “Jumna”, which was later sunk by the Germans during world War One.

2. Henrietta Cairncross, born 13 Jul 1821, [and christened Jul 9, 1821] in Dundee, Scotland.

3. Ann Cairncross, born 1827, [1823], [and christened Mar 23, 1823] in Dundee, Scotland. She died in 1886 and as buried in the UK. in Scotland.

4. David Cairncross, born 1828, in Angus, [Perth] Scotland, and christened Dec 11, 1828. He died 1890 [Dec 22, 1913 in Clyde Creek, Gladestone, Qld.], in Calliope, Queensland, Australia. Married Catherine Pitkeithly Apr 24, 1852 in Invergowrie, Forfar, Scotland. She was born 1826 [1838], in Dundee, Angus, died [Jun 18], 1900, in Calliope, Queensland, [in “Lilyvale”, Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld]. David emmigrated to Australia about 1870 (1866?) to select land to grow wool for export back to Scotland. When this venture was not successful the family then established a saw mill. His occupation was given as Flax Spinner / Saw Miller. 

a. Robert Cairncross, born 1852, in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, died Feb 7, 1906. Married Kathleen Walsh Glendinning [Glendening] on Apr 12, 1879 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld. She was born c1854, died Aug 30, 1929 in Mt. Morgan, Qld. Robert’s occupation: Mechanical engineer.

1. Alice Glendening Cairncross, born Jan 27, 1880 in Gladstone, Qld. She died Jul 27, 1964 in Rockhampton, Qld. She married John Phillip Sunner on Mar 29, 1901 in Mt. Morgan, Qld. He was born Oct 15, 1873 in St. Luke’s Cross, Co. Cork, Ireland, and died Jun 4, 1962 in Rockhampton, Qld. Alice was known as “Lal” and lived for most of her life in Rockhampton. John Phillip was known as “Jack” and married after the Boer War. He worked at Mount Morgan until the mine collapsed in the late 1920’s then worked as a wardsman at the Rockhampton Hospital. Then he worked as a sawyer, cutting and hauling logs to Mount Morgan.

a. Robert James Sunner, born Feb 11, 1903 in Queensland, and died Dec 18, 1980 in Queensland and was buried Dec 19, 1980 in Rockhampton. He married Beatrice Ellen Ray Stock on Feb 22, 1930 in Mt Morgan, Qld. Robert was known as “Bob”. His occupation: Managed Tin mines in Malaya/Thailand before WW2. He was an engineer Lieutenant in the Indian Navy diring WW2. Later he was a shift engineer at Lakes Creek meat works and chief engineer on dredges in Rockhampton.

1. Beatrice Ellen Alice Sunner. She married (1) Ronald George Edgar and (2) Roy Charles Edward Duffy on Feb 18, 1957 in Rockhampton Methodist Church, Qld. Roy was born on Nov 28, 1934 in Lismore, NSW, Australia, died on Mar 10, 1969 in Qld and was buried Mar 13, 1969 in Rockhampton, Qld.

a.Peter Roy Francis Edward Duffy. He married Susan McDonald in Queensland. 

1.Kristawayne Roy Duffy. 

2.Trad McKinley Duffy. 

3.Keenann Maree Duffy. 

b. John Phillip Sunner, born Oct 5, 1905 in Mt Morgan, Qld and died Feb 11, 1962 in Mackay, Qld. He married Isabella Mary Wharmsley. John’s occupation: Electrical Engineer. Until 1949 was Chief engineer at Lakes Creek meat works in Rockhampton. Isabella was known as “Bell”.

1. Patricia Mary Sunner, born in Rockhampton, Qld. She divorced her first husband and is thought to have remarried.

2. Paul Bertram Sunner, born in Mackay, Qld. Paul is married and teaches in a school near Mackay, Qld.

3. Peter Stephen Sunner, born in Rockhampton, Qld. Peter is married and works in a bank in Sydney, NSW.

4. Isabella Alice Sunner, born in Rockhampton, Qld. Isabella is single and works as an air hostess for QANTAS in Sydney.

5. Richard Phillip Sunner, born in Rockhampton, Qld. Richard is a store keeper in Mackay, Qld.

6. Robert John Sunner. He married (1) unknown and (2) Janine May Williams.

Child of Robert and unknown:

a. John Sunner.

c. Edward Kenneth Sunner, born Jan 7, 1909 in Mt Morgan, Qld and died Aug 19, 1975 and was buried Aug 21, 1975 in Rockhampton, Qld. He married Annie Eileen Minto. Edward was known as “Ted”. He was a Fitter & Turner in the railway workshop, Rockhampton. Annie – nee Neilson – may have been married before and their son John may have been a product of that earlier marriage.

1. John William Minto Sunner. He married Kerry Heslin.

a. Glen Thomas Sunner.

b. Paul John Sunner.

c. Scott Anthony Sunner.

d. Frances Kathleen Sunner, born Aug 21, 1913 in Mt Morgan, Qld and died Nov 29, 1985 in Qld. She married Harold Whitmee. He was born Jun 5, 1909 and died Sep 29, 1957. Frances operated a mixed business in Brisbane with her husband. 

1. Wendy Francis Whitmee. She married Robert Allen Lochran.

a. Karen Lochran.

b. Cameron Lochran.

2. Ronald Harold Whitmee. He married Marie Williams.

3. Francis Leslie Whitmee. Francis is known as Frank. He married a woman much older than him, with 2 children. Frank was regarded as the black sheep of the family. He has Parkinson’s Disease.

e. Alice Glendenning Sunner, born Apr 1916 [1917] in Mt Morgan, Qld and died Sep 13, 1979 in Qld. She married John Gladstone Tadman. His occupation: partner in an accountancy firm in Cairns, Qld. Alice was known as “Meg”. They had no children. 

2. Harriet Pitkeithly Cairncross, born Sep 1, 1881 in Qld. She died 1942 and lived for most of her life in Pialba, Qld. Married William Weir McLiver on Mar 9, 1909. He was born in 1881 and died in 1967 in Qld. His occupation: butcher in Pialba, Qld with his brother, John. 

a. Rua McLiver, she died in 1965. Occupation: butcher.

b. Dudley Stevens Weir McLiver, born Mar 14, 1910 and died in Australia. Occupation: butcher.

c. Robert Colin Munro McLiver, born Jun 7, 1912 [1911]. Occuption: butcher.

d. Clyde McLiver, born in 1920. Dudley McLiver, born 1910.

3. David Cairncross, born May 26, 1883, in Cania Gayndah, Queensland, died May 3, 1955 in Wollongong, NSW. Married Isabel May Anderson on May 18, 1910. She was born May 18, 1884, in Rockhampton, Queensland. Occupation: metallurgist. He was known as “Dave” and lived mot of his life in Wollongong.

a. David Keith Cairncross, born Jul 8, 1911. He married Trixie.

1. David Keith Cairncross.

b. Thora May Cairncross, born 11 Aug 1912, in Mt Morgan, Queensland, died 11 Oct 1988. Married Ernest John Applegate in Woolongong, NSW. He was born 7 Oct 1903, in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, died in Wollongong, NSW. [Thora has a daughter Mrs S. Martin and a daughter called Kim who was doing her HSC in 1993.]

1. Peter John Applegate, born 1938. Married Jan Holiday. Occupation: High School Headmaster.

a. Craig Applegate. He married Hazel Lim. She was born in Phillipines.

b. Sean Applegate. 

c. Tanya Applegate.

2. Geoffrey David Applegate, born 1944 [1943]. Married (1) Beryl, (2) unknown, (3) unknown, (4) Sue. Geoffrey’s occupation: Solicitor. He had several liaisons after divorcing Beryl, some producing offspring.

1. David Applegate.

2. Hugh Applegate.

3. Vanessa Applegate.

3. Graham Robert Applegate, born 1946. Married Maureen Moody.

a. Nianda Applegate.

4. Sue Maree Applegate, born 1950, in Wollongong, Australia. Married Robin Henry Jeffrey Martin, born 1946.

a. Kim Martin.

b. Christopher Martin. 

c. Peggy Cairncross, born 8 Nov 1918, in Mount Morgan Queensland. Remained a spinster.

d. David Cairncross. [Not listed in David’s tree.]

d. Robert Cairncross, born 1922 [1924], died 1942 [Jan 6, 1948] in Wollongong, NSW. A note in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD dated Jan 10, 1948 states that Robert was “accidentally killed”.

4. Sarah Lee Cairncross, born Jan 7, 1885 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld. She died Dec 24, 1957. Married Harry Stephen Rowe on Dec 14, 1920. He was born in 1877 and died on Mar 1959 in Qld. Sarah’s occupation: nurse, finishing her nursing training at Mt Morgan hospital in 1916. Harry’s occupation: Farmer, he retired from his farm in 1947.

a. Hartley Stephen Rowe, born Oct 1, 1922 in Qld and died Oct 11, 1922 in Qld.

b. Desmond Rowe, born Mar 12, 1927 in Qld.

5. Charlotte Dotson [Dodson] Cairncross, born Mar 10, 1886 in Qld., and died in 1963. She married John Kirkwood McLiver on Aug 17, 1918. He was born in 1877 and died in 1952 in Qld. John’s occupation: Butcher.

a. Max McLiver.

b. Kerod McIver.

6. Annie Cairncross, born Mar 1, 1887 in Qld, and died Apr 29, 1945 in Qld and was buried in Rockhampton. Her occupation: Nurse.

7. Helen Cairncross, born May 4, 1889 [1888] in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld, and , died in Feb 1972 in Sydney, NSW. Married Harry Michael Dean on Jul 9, 1918 in Pialba, Qld. He was born Sep 20, and died Apr 25, 1890, and died Apr 25, 1961 in Sydney, NSW. Harry’s occupation: Metalurgical Chemist. He lost a leg while tunnelling in WW1, and was a sergeant in the 4th Tunnelling Company.

a. Eric Dean, born Jul 10, 1919 in Port Kembla, NSW. He married June Yvonne Currey on May 18, 1942 in NSW. She was born Nov 9, 1918 and died on Aug 10, 1997 in Hospital, NSW. Eric’s occupation: Bank Manager. He served in the R.A.A of the A.I.F and married the day after he returned to Sydney from serving in the Middle East. June’s occupation: Infant’s Teacher.

1. Margaret Dean, born Feb 8, 1944 in New South Wales. She married Graham Alfred Rockwell on May 18, 1966 in Sydney, NSW. He was born Apr 29, 1942. Margaret’s occupation: School Teacher. Graham’s occupation: Bio-chemist. He is a Health & Safety Advisor with the CSIRO.

a. Stephen Barrett Rockwell, born NSW.

b. Nicola Margaret Rockwell, born May 22, 1970 in NSW. She married Ian Geoffrey Thong on Jul 6, 1990 in NSW. He was born on May 1, 1959. Nicola’s occupation: Medical Student.

1. Daniel Ian Thong, born Feb 8, 1993 in The Mater, North Sydney, NSW.

2. Joshua Graham Francis Thong, born Sep 18,1997 in NSW.

c. Ian Graham Dean Rockwwell, born Aug 18, 1972 in NSW. After finishing year 12, Ian worked as a storeman for while before travelling to England where je spent a season playing cricket.

b. June Helen Dean, born Jun 20, 1924 in Port Kembla, NSW. She married Murray James Nelson on May 12, 1951 in Wollongong, NSW. He was born on Sep 4, 1924 in Carnegie, Victoria. June’s occupation: Dental Mechanic. Murray’s occupation: Fitter & Turner, Engineer.

1. Robert John Nelson, born Jun 22, 1952 in McKinnon, Victoria. He married Lindy Anne Rowe on May 27, 1972 in Kenloch, Sassafras, Victoria. She was born Aug 22, 1952 in Carlton, Victoria. Robert’s occupation: TV Presentation Control. Lindy’s occupation: School Teacher.

a. Jason Samuel Nelson, born Aug 18, 1973 in Royal Women’s Hospital, Carlton, Victoria.

b. Lee Robert John Nelson, born Jun 3, 1975 in Royal Women’s Hospital, Carlton, Victoria.

c. Laura Jane Nelson, born Dec 9, 1977 in St John of God, Subiaco, Western Australia.

2. Graham Allan Nelson, born May 9, 1954 in McKinnon, Victoria. He married Kristine Lee Holmes on Mar 5, 1977 in Forrest Hill, Victoria. She was born Feb 22, 1956 in Camberwell, Victoria. Graham’s occupation: Fitter & Turner – Pastor. Kreistine’ occupation: Secretary.

a. Nerelle Leanne Nelson, born Oct 13, 1979 in Box Hill, Victoria.

b. Allen Graham Nelson, born Oct 27, 1981 in Box Hill, Victoria.

c. Peter David Nelson, born May 22, 1983 in Box Hill, Victoria.

3. David Earle Nelson, born May 9, 1954. He married (1) Shirley Maria Berger on Apr 27, 1985 in Christ Church, (Anglic) Ormond, Victoria. She was born Oct 20, 1922 in Melbourne, Victoria. He married (2) Lisa Jeanne Deana Donaldson on Jan 25, 1993 in Sale Uniting Church, Victoria. David’s occupation is listed as: Invalid Pensioner. The marreage to Lisa Donaldson was originally set for May 10, 1992, but this was postponed because David’s original marrage was not annulled.

4. Philip James Nelson, born Oct 24, 1956 in Mckinnon, Victoria. He married Jennifer Lynn Cleaver on Dec 9, 1978 in Rosebud (Baptist), Victoria. She was born Jan 8, 1956 in East Melbourne, Victoria. Philip’s occupation: Purchasing Officer. Jennifer’s occupation: Social Worker.

a. Timothy James Nelson, born Dec 10, 1981 in Chelsea, Victoria.

b. Paul Robert Nelson, born Aug 3, 1983 in Chelsea, Victoria.

c. Michael Philip Neslon, born Aug 25, 1986 in Mordialloc, Victoria.

c. Robert Arthur Dean, born Nov 7, 1927 in Port Kembla, NSW. He married Ruth Kilbourne. Robert’s occupation: Banking/Insurance. He had polio when young. Ruth’s occupation: Bank Officer.

1. Bruce William Dean, born Dec 22, 1952 in New South Wales. He married Julie. Bruce’s occupation: School Teacher. Julie’s occupation: School Teacher.

a. Elise Dean, born in NSW.

b. Kathryn Dean, born in NSW.

2. Susan Dean, born May 16, 1954 in New South Wales. She married Frank Owen. Susan’s occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. Frank’s occupation: Naval Officer.

a. Jessie Owen, born in NSW.

b. Nicholas Owen, born in NSW.

8. Katherine [Kathleen] Cairncross, born Oct 26, 1890, and died Jul 7, 1972 in Qld and was buried Jul 10, 1972 in Rockhapton, Qld. She married John Henry Wotley on Feb 23, 1916. He was born in 1889 and died on Jan 16, 1959 in Qld. John’s occupation: Engine Driver – Railways. He was known as Jack.

a. Mavis Wotley, born in 1918 in Qld and died in 1967. She married Collin McRae. Collin’s occupation: Commonwealth Bank Manager.

1. John McRae. Occupation: Bank Officer working in the National Bank.

2. Sandra McRae. Sandra’s husband was a barrister and s now a District Court Judge.

b. Annie Cairncross, born c1854, in Scotland, and died Mar 15, 1943 in Queensland. She married John Rodgers Ibbotson on Oct 17, 1872. He was born in 1841 and died Jul 2, 1933 in Queensland. John managed her father’s sawmill.

1. Charles Ibbotson, born Jul 24, 1873 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld and died Jun 7, 1884 in Clyde Creek.

2. Lucy Ibbotson, born Mar 20, 1876 in Clyde Creek. She married Joseph Francis Marek on Dec 19, 1900. Lucy was known as “Nellie”.

a. Florence May Marek, born Mar 8, 1902.

b. Herbert Francis Marek, born Jun 9, 1906.

3. Jessie May Ibbotson, born Feb 28, 1878 in Clyde Creek. She married William Padget on May 23, 1899 in Qld.

4. John Herbert Ibbotson, born Mar 2, 1880 in Clyde Creek, and died Apr 2, 1969 in Qld and was buried Apr 1969 Calliope Cemetery, Qld. He was known as “Jock”. He married Bertha Elizabeth Turbull Cunning on Apr 16, 1907 in Qld. She was born Oct 16, 1885 and died Oct 18, 1975.

a. Ronald Andrew Ibbotson. Married Marjorie Yates.

b. Clifford Harold Ibbotson. Married Joan Bunascone.

1. Monica Christine Ibbotson.

c. Annie Alma Ibbotson, born Oct 16, 1908 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld and died in Qld. She married Clifford Claude Gardener.

d. David John Ibbotson, born Oct 26, 1910 in Qld and died Feb 17, 1994 in Biloela, Qld. He married Elsie Mackay on Aug 3, 1938 in Calliope, Qld. She was born Aug 7, 1915 and died Sep 9, 1995. Both David and Elsie were buried in Bioela Cemetery, Qld.

1. Elizabeth Alma Ibbotson, born Jun 20, 1942. She married Trevor Cyril Steinberg on Dec 10, 1960 in Rockhampton, Qld. He was born on Nov 8, 1941.

a. Catherine Margaret Steinberg, born Jul 2, 1961 in Biloela, Qld. She married Sidney De Satge on Dec 5, 1991 in Mt Isa, Qld.

1. Karina Elizabeth De Satge, Aug 8, 1988 in Mt Isa, Qld.

2. Tiahni Kate De Satge, born Mar 6, 1991 in Mt Isa, Qld.

3. Ariana Kathleen De Satge, born Aug 17, 1993.

b. Trevor Jon Steinberg, born Mar 26, 1963 in Biloela, Qld.

c. Peta Ann Marie Steinberg, born Dec 22, 1970 in Biloela, Qld. She married Shane Little on Dec 2, 1993 in Biloela, Qld.

1. Victoria Beth Little, born Jun 30, 1993 in Biloela, Qld.

2. Bonnie Marie Little, born Feb 23, 1995 in Dysart, Qld.

3. Veronica Ann Little, born Aug 16, 1996 in Dysart, Qld.

4. Daniel Angus Little, born Aug 13, 1997 in Dysart, Qld.

2. Roger Angus Ibbotson, born Aug 22, 1944 in Biloela, Qld. He married Ann Frances Puller. She was born on Mar 19, 1944 in Clermont, Qld.

a. Kerry Ann Ibbotson, born Oct 6, 1969 in Brisbane, Qld. She married Colin Newton on Jun 6, 1992 in Brisbane.

1. Caitlin Louise Newton, born Mar 8, 1995 in Brisbane.

2. Emma Jane Newton, born Dec 27, 1997 in Brisbane.

b. Kylie Jane Ibbotson, born Mar 2, 1972 in Brisbane.

3. Kenneth John Ibbotson, born Aug 20, 1946 in Biloela, Qld. He married Janice May Marquardt on Nov 2, 1972 in Biloela, Qld. She was born Jun 20, 1950 in Wondai, Qld.

a. Terry John Ibbotson, born Feb 10, 1973 in Southport, Qld.

b. Mark Jason Ibbotson, born Nov 1, 1975 in Southport, Qld.

5. William Cairncross Ibbotson, born Jun 22, 1882 in Clyde Creek, and died Oct 5, 1936 in Qld and was buried in Calliope Cemetery, Qld. He married Isabella Bennedick.

a. John Reginald Ibbotson, died Apr 20, 1920.

b. Charles Henry Ibbotson, born Oct 22, 1907.

c. Gladys Ibbotson, born Sep 25, 1909.

d. Verda Mary Ibbotson, born Apr 27, 1912 and died Jun 6, 1915 in Qld and was buried in Calliope Cemetery, Qld.

6. Carrie Ibbotson, born Jul 14, 1885 in Clyde Creek. She married F. Gilmore.

a. Thelma Gilmore.

b. Dorothy Gilmore.

c. Jessie Gilmore.

7. Harry Ibbotson, born Apr 25, 1888 in Clyde Creek and died Oct 4, 1961 in Qld. He married Ethel May Lewis on Dec 10, 1918. He was in the 49th Battalion A/F.

8. Eldred Ibbotson, born Jun 21, 1894 in Clyde Creek and died on Apr 20, 1982 in Qld and was buried in Calliope Cemetery, Qld. He married Beatrice Wong Ung on Mar 3, 1922. Apparently, Eldred and his wife lived in the old Lilyvale house which was originally owned by his grndparents, David and Catherine Cairncross. It is thought that Eldred and Beatrice had at least 2 daughters as well as the son listed.

a. Frederick Noel Ibbotson, died Jul 26, 1928.

c. David Munro Cairncross, born Jul 15, 1858 in Rattray, Perthshire, and died Aug 9, 1933 in Gladstone, Queensland. He married Isabella McLeod on Aug 28, 1884 in Rockhampton. She was born Mar 19, 1860 and died Sep 3, 1940. David’s occupation was as a Miner, and after an accident in a mine had to retire in his 50’s, and from then on had to walk with a stick.

1. George Alexander McLeod Cairncross, born Feb 19, 1887 in Gladstone, Qld and died 3 Jun 1964 aged 77 1964 in Qld. He married Flora Gwendoline Marion Dickson on Dec 27, 1934. She was born in 1899 and died 23 Apr 1990 aged 90. George's occupation: Station Overseer. Here is a photo of the headstone for George and Flora. Here is an image for George’s enlistment papers for the Australian Imperial Force.

a. Flora Gwendoline Cairncross, born Mar 19, 1936. She married Harry Nicholson on Jan 12, 1957 in Qld. He was born in 1931.

1. Bruce Nicholson, born in Queensland. He married Carolyn Rita Saunders.

a. Jana Melissa Nicholson.

b. Tamara Anne Nicholdon.

2. Peter Nicholson, born in Queensland. Twin to Bruce.

3. Glenn Nicholson, born in Queensland. He married Anne Marie Boyle.

4. Susanne Melissa Nicholson, born in Queensland. In 1992 Susanne was working in London.

b. David Dickson Cairncross, born Dec 6, 1938 in Qld. He married Lorraine Grayson on Jan 21, 1969 in Qld. She was born in 1947 and died in 1991.

1. Karen Elizabeth Cairncross, born in Queensland.

2. Paul David Cairncross, born in Queensland.

2. Isabella Cairncross, born Aug 11, 1888 in Qld and died in 1980 in Qld. She married Edward George Liddicoat on Aug 12, 1920. Isabella was known as “Auntie Belle” and “Bella”. In later life, she was in the Hopetown Nursing Home. Edward was known as “George”.

a. Marion Beth Liddicoat. She married (1) Peter Potter, and (2) Peter Todd. They had no children.

b. Isobel Georgina Liddicoat, born in 1921. She never married.

c. Francis John Liddicoat, born in 1923. He married Valerie Tooth.

1. Jeremy Liddicoat.

2. Jonathon Liddicoat.

3. Jane Liddicoat.

d. Lillian Dulcie Liddicoat, born in 1927. She married Jack Barker.

1. Tony Barker.

2. Maree Barker.

3. Christopher Barker.

4. Stephen Barker.

3. Harriet Cairncross, born May 13, 1890 and died in 1977 and was buried in Qld. She was known as “Hattie” and remained single.

4. Christina Flora Cairncross, born Mar 17, 1892 in Qld, and died in Qld. She never married and was known as “Flora”.

5. William David Munro Cairncross, born Apr 17, 1894 in Qld and died in 1970 in Qld. He married Ann Elizabeth Cowel on Jan 28, 1926. Ann may have been known as “Lottie”.

a. Aubrey Clarence Cairncross. He died Feb 6, 1926.

6. John Cairncross, born Sep 15, 1900 in Qld and died on Apr 26, 1902 in Qld and was buried on Apr 27, 1902 in Gladstone Cemetery.

7. Catherine Dulcie Cairncross, born Sep 23, 1902 and died in 1942 in Qld. She married Norman Lewis in 1942. Occupation: Nurse. She was known as “Dulcie”. She moved to Alice Springs and was a Sister at the Alice Springs Government Hospital. She died of a cerebral haemorage about nine weeks after she was married.

8. Grace Cairncross, born Apr 1, 1904 in Gladstone. She married Edward James Burgess on Jan 28, 1947 in Brisbane. He was born Sep 10, 1909 in Melbourne, Vic., and died Jan 20, 1992 in Melbourne, Vic. Grace’s occupation: Nurse. When she was 21 Grace went to the Brisbane General Hospital and trained as a nurse and then joined the R.A.A.F. Nursing Service during WW2 and served for 4 years overall. She was posted to Borneo and later in Lae and Port Moresby, where she met Jim Burgess, an army officer. In all, Grace nursed for 20 years before she married and moved to Melbourne to live. Grace had a stroke in later life and it left her blind in one eye. Edward’s occupation: Army Officer. He had arthritis in both hips and a heart condition for many years. In 1974 he had both hips replaced with artificial ones. The right one was replaced twice more.

a. John Alexander Burgess, born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: University Professor.

d. David Cairncross, born c1859, in Scotland. Married Catherine. [Not in David’s tree.]

e. Harriet Fergusson Cairncross, born 1860, in Battersey, Surrey, and died Oct 19, 1957 in Gladstone, Qld. She married Daniel Hay on Aug 1, 1890 in Queensland. When her parents emigrated in about 1866, her father was only allowed to bring 5 children on the ship, and Harriet, who was 6 at the time was left behind with her aunts Ellen and Ann. Twenty years later, when she was 26, Harriet migrated to Australia accompanied by her aunt Ellen, by now elderly.

1. Charles George Hay, born May 5, 1891 and died Nov 12, 1902.

2. Annie Cairncross Hay, born Apr 21, 1893 in Qld and died in Qld. She married Arnold Vincent Evans on Oct 7, 1919. Annie is buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Qld along with her mother, Harriet, who had stayed with her for many years.

a. Harriet Evans. She married Peter Oliver.

1. Una Oliver.

b. Una Evans. She married Colin McKean.

c. Thelma Evans. She married Les Howard.

1. Rosalie Howard.

2. Gary Howard.

3. Graeme Howard.

4. Amanda Howard.

d. Unnamed Evans. He died Mar 15, 1926.

3. David Munro Hay, born Oct 19, 1894 in Bororen, Qld. He married Grace Wright on Oct 13, 1920 in the Presbyterian Church, Gladstone. She was born Jul 12, 1899. Occupation: Grazier at Barmunda, Qld.

4. George Hay, born Jun 30, 1896 in Rodds Bay, Qld and died aug 9, 1918 in Kia, France killed in action during WW1 and was buried at Vigna Court, British Cemetery, France. He married Ada Span on Jun 13, 1918. She was born Aug 18, 1897.

5. Robert William Hay, born Dec 10, 1898 in Bororen, Qld. He married Ivy McLeod on Dec 16, 1925 in Calliope, Qld. She was born on Nov 3, 1904 in Calliope, Qld and died May 19, 1994 in Bundaberg. Robert’s occupation: Labourer. Ivy’s occupation: School Teacher.

a. Jean Hay. She married (1) Rodney Lee and (2) Richard Hansen. Jean and second husband Richard were living in Maleny in May 1994.

b. Reginald Hay. He married Eileen Boles. They were living in Hervey Bay in May 1994.

c. Vera Hay. She married Thomas Duncan. They were living in Thompson Heights in May 1994.

6. Daniel Stewart Hay, born May 19, 1901 in Bororen, Qld. He married Ivy Heading. Daniel’s occupation: Dairyman. He was witness to his brother Robert’s marriage to Ivy McLeod at Calliope.

a. Betty Hay.

b. George Hay.

c. Margaret Hay.

d. Les Hay.

e. Mary Hay.

f. William Cairncross, born 1862 [1852 in Battersea, London, UK.]. He died Oct 16, 1933 in Qld and was buried Oct 17, 1933 in Gladstone Cemetery, Qld. Married Anne Mavoy Dickinson on Dec 2, 1885 in Queensland. She was born c1863 and died Nov 10, 1956. William’s occupation: Engineer, Water Authority.

1. Mary Crisisco Cairncross, married Hutcheons.

2. Annie Mavor Cairncross, born Sep 14, 1886 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld and died Apr 21, 1982 in Coorparoo Nursing Centre, Brisbane, Qld, aged 95. Occupation: Nurse. For years, Annie worked for the Maternal & Child Health Service in Queensland and Sydney. In 1935 Matron Annie Cairncross opened her opwn hospital in Bramston Street, Gladstone and called it BLAIRGOWRIE.

3. Edith Cairncross, born 29 Feb 1888 in Clyde Creek, Gladstone, Qld. And died Dec 27, 1981 in Qld. She married (1) Christopher James Meyers on Dec 18, 1912. He was born Dec 10, 1888, and died Jan 23, 1915. She married (2) Hedley Broad.

a. William Hedley Broad, he was killed at the age of 22, never having married.

b. Jean Ann Broad. Married Alexander McLeay Thompson. Died in 1993. In 1982 Jean was living in Algester and had seven grandchildren. Both her brother and twin sister died before their mother, and her mother’s sisters all remained spinsters. By 1982 Jean and Alexander had retired, but by then her health was poor.

1. son Thompson.

2. son Thompson.

3. son Thompson.

c. Joan Florence Broad. Twin to Jean. She married Gordon Struan Robertson. Joan had died prior to 1981.

1. daughter Robertson.

2. son Robertson.

4. Kate Cairncross, born 11 Oct 1889, in Rockhampton [Norton], Queensland, and died on Nov 17, 1975 and was buried Nov 19, 1975 in Rockhampton, Qld. Kate never married and lived with her parents all her life.

5. Harriet Gladys Cairncross, born 16 Jun 1892 in Norton, Qld, and died Feb 4, 1981 in Qld. Harriet and a friend opened and owned the DALKIETH hospital at Eagle Junction in Brisbane. She never married. 

g. Elizabeth Jesse Cairncross, born Jan 23, 1862 [1865] in London and died Jun 18, 1919 in Brisbane, Qld. She married (1) Robert Alexander Fairly on Feb 26, 1887 in “Lilyvale”, Clyde Creek. He was born in 1854 in Glasgow, Scotland, and died Oct 28, 1899 in Clyde Creek. Robert’s occupation: Brickmaker. She married (2) Walter Keeble Housman.

Children of Elizabeth and Robert Fairly:

1. Agnes Snowden Fairly, born Mar 25, 1889 in Gladstone, Qld. She married Victor Claude Graham on Sep 25, 1913.

a. Robert Victor Graham. Known as “Bob”. Became Dr. Graham who had a surgry and residence in Main Street, Woolloongabba.

b. Allen Graham.

c. Gordon Graham, born in 1921.

2. Catherine Ethel Fairly, born Dec 16, 1980 in Gladstone. She married Alfred Ronald Randell on Sep 13, 1911.

3. Jesse Fairly, born Jul 14, 1893 in Katandra, Muttaburra, Qld and died Jan 9, 1990 in Alchera Park, Calliope, Qld. She married Herbert James Coase on Feb 17, 1915.

4. Ellen Fairly, born Sep 3, 1895 in Katandra, Muttaburra, Qld and died on May 23, 1973 in Toowoomba. She married Thomas Leo Lindley on Mar 16, 1915 in Burua, Boyne Valley Railway, Qld. He was born Nov 29, 1891 in Casino, Richmond, NSW and died May 27, 1970 in Bundaberg, Qld. Thomas’s occupation: Teamster.

a. Dorothy Lindley. She married Kelvin Tutton in Qld.

1. Jennifer Tutton, born in 1950 in Gladstone, Qld. She married Nicholas Cox in Qld.

2. Lindsay Tutton, born in 1953 in Gladstone, Qld. He married (1) Jackie and (2) Maree.

b. Robert Fairley Lindley. He married Shirley Starke in Qld.

1. Christine Lindley. She married James Neill-Ballantine.

2. Owen Lindley.

3. Karen Lindley. She married Karl.

c. Ron Lindley. He married Gloria Rowe.

d. Leonard Lesley Lindley. He married (1) Katherine Fitzpatrick and (2) Doreen Peters.

Children of Leonard and Katherine:

1. Wayne Lindley.

2. Kym Lindley.

e. Muriel Lindley, born Jan 17, 1925 in Bundeberg, Qld. She married Persival James Whetter on Dec 10, 1949 in Qld.

1. Dennis Richard Whetter, born Aug 8, 1946. He married (1) Anne Marie Tobin on Dec 17, 1970 in Qld. He married (2) Jocelyn Jamro Semblante on Mar 29, 1986. She was born Jun 29, 1959.

Children of Dennis and Anne:

a. Simone Lee Whetter, born in Qld.

b. Brent Richard Whetter, born in Qld.

Children of Dennis and Jocelyn:

c. James Richard Whetter, born in Qld.

d. Jessica Lee Whetter, born in Qld.

2. Carolyn Whetter. She married Keith Campbell Johnson.

a. Selina Johnson, born in Qld.

b. Simon Johnson, born in Qld.

3. Janice Ann Whetter, born in Qld. She married Timo Uolevi Koivunen in Gladstone, Qld. He was born in Finland.

a. Lee David Koivunen, born in Gladestone, Qld.

b. Emma Louise Koivunen, born in Gladestone, Qld.

4. Beverley Rae Whetter, born in Qld. She married (1) James Neil Ness and (2) Raymond John Fleming on Dec 29, 1973 in Qld.

Children of Beverley and James:

a. Sean Oliver Ness, born in Qld.

b. Corinne Emily Ness, born in Qld.

Children of Beverley and Raymond:

c. Alexander John Fleming, born in Qld.

d. Dale Lisa Fleming, norn in Qld.

5. Robyn Margaret Whetter, born in Qld. She married Leo De George on May 17, 1973 in Qld.

a. Linda Robyn De George, born in Qld. She married David Van Dorsen.

b. Daniel James de George, born in Qld.

c. Kate Emma De George, born in Qld.

6. Maxlyn Jun Whetter. She married Lindsay Graham Flint on Jul 27, 1991 in Qld.

5. Isabella Fairly, born Mar 14, 1897 in Gladstone, Qld. She married Stanley Williams on Dec 24, 1919. Isabella was known as “Bell”.

a. Nada Fairly Williams.

b. Laurel Fairly Williams.

Children of Elizabeth and Walter Housman:

1. Walter Keeble Housman. He married Frances.

2. Ernest Gordon Housman, born and died in Queensland. He drowned when he was a young man, possibly 21. He never married, and may have been using another name when he died.

3. James Alexander Housman, born Jul 26, 1904 in Qld. He married Eunice.

h. Kate Cairncross, born 1869, in Mt. Larcombe, Clinton, Queensland, died 16 Aug 1944 in Brisbane. She is buried at the South Brisbane Cemetery, Dutton Park. Married James Cowan on Jan 14, 1891 in Lilyvale, Clinton, Qld. He was born Mar 17, 1868 in Scotwell, Clinton, Qld, and died Jul 7, 1931 in Mareeba District Hospital, Mareeba. Jamers was a miner and worked in the Chillago area in Qld. (Here is a group photo of James with mining colleagues. James is in the back row in the white shirt. Here is a photo of Kate and her children. They are shown, clockwise from top left; Martha, Catherine, Ella, Robert and Esther. William had not been born when this photo was taken.)

1. Catherine Cowan, born Aug 16, 1891. She married James Keir Stirrat on Aug 20, 1913. He was born on Oct 10, 1887. James was known as “Jim”. The middle name “Keir” was his grandmother’s maiden name.

a. Claude Stirrat, born Jul 2, 1914 and died in Bundaberg. He married (1) ? and (2) Mavis Ellen Christensen.

Childen of Claude and Mavis:

1. Allison Mavis Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married Cliff Maurice Norman.

a. Gavin Lee Norman, born in Gladestone, Qld.

b. Carey Edwin Norman, born in Gladestone, Qld.

2. Alfred John (John) Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Janelle Cislowski on May 1980 in Rosedale, Qld.

a. Kristy Ellen Stirrat.

3. Edwin James (Eddie) Stirrat. He married Elfriede Szarafanowicz on Oct 10, 1983 in Bundaberg.

a. Jacob Henry Bell Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

b. Matthew James Stirrat, born in Brisbane.

c. Timothy Winstone Stirrat, born in Brisbane.

4. Robert Francis Stirrat, born Jun 9, 1962 in Budaberg and died Apr 12, 1984 in Bundaberg.

5. Rodney Andrew Stirrat, born in Budaberg. He married Sheree.

6. Janetta Catherine Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married John Henry William Bland on Jan 29, 1984.

a. Cameron Phillip Bland.

b. Robert Joseph Bland.

b. Thelma Rachel Stirrat, born Aug 24, 1916. She married Percy Muir Tomlinson.

1. Malcolm James Tomlinson, born Sep 14, 1937 in Bundaberg. He married Pat Blocksidge.

a. Steven Malcolm Tomlinson. He married Michelle McCarthy.

1. Brendan Steven Tomlinson.

b. Brett William Tomlinson.

c. Michelle Julie Tomlinspon. She married Colin Utz.

1. Jade Danielle Utz.

2. Amber Michell Utz.

2. Alan Desmond Tomlinson, born Nov 6, 1938 in Bundaberg. He married Barbara Elizabeth Wilson.

a. Sharon Ann Tomlinson. She married Simon Sword Warner.

1. James Alan Warner.

2. Thomas Warner.

b. Christine Barbara Tomlinson.

c. Joanne Lee Tomlinson.

3. Graham Muir Tomlinson, born Sep 16, 1940 in Bundaberg. He married Barbara Elizabeth Connoly.

a. Paul Tomlinson.

b. Kim Marie Tomlinson.

c. Leslie Graham Tomlinson.

c. Ken (Ted) Stirrat, born in 1918 and died Oct 9, 1982. He married Elsie Rowe in 1940 in Berajondo.

1. Grace Elizabeth Stirrat. She married Garth Bernard Dingle in 1960.

a. Gail Elizabeth Dingle. She married Douglas Ellis Cameron.

1. Hugh Colby Cameron.

2. Quinton Douglas Cameron.

b. Judith Mary Dingle.

1. Rachel Dingle.

c. Wayne Bernard Dingle. He married Karen Joyce.

1. Zachary Dingle, born in Bundaberg.

2. Loggahn Bernard Dingle, born in Bundaberg.

2. Lawrence James Stirrat, born in 1942 in Bundaberg. He married Myra Violet Knight in 1966.

a. Jennifer Myra Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married James Bauer.

1. Samantha Jane Bauer, born in Bundaberg.

2. Cody James Bauer.

3. Gordon Keith Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Glenda Goodman-Jones in 1968.

a. Steven Leslie Stirrat. He married Joddie Anne Graham on Oct 18, 1997.

b. Linda Marie Stirrat.

4. Russell Keir Stirrat, born in 1954 and died in 1998 in Bundaberg.

d. Evan Stirrat, born Mar 1, 1921 in Bundaberg. He married Iris Ellen Evans on Dec 12, 1951.

1. Daryl Glen Stirrat, born. He married Barbara Joan ? on Dec 8, 1980.

a. Nataly Emily Stirrat.

2. Ruth Elaine Stirrat. She married David Lawrence.

e. David Allen Stirrat, born Feb 11, 1923 in Bundaberg and died on Nov 25, 1995. He married Lorna Rose Walsh on Feb 24, 1945 in Berajondo.

1. Cynithia Jean Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married Raymond Bayliss in Bundaberg.

a. Heather Jean Bayliss, born in Gladestone, Qld. She married Scott Andrew Marsen in Bundaberg.

1. Sarah Louise Marsen, born in Brisbane.

2. Zoe Brook Marsen, born in Brisbane.

b. Wendy Anne Bayliss. She married Raymond William Bax in Nundah, Brisbane.

2. David Ian Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Dorothy Elaine Mackay in Bundaberg.

a. David Royce Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

b. Colin Brett Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

3. Margaret Lorraine Stirrat, born Mar 22, 1953 in Bundaberg and died on Nov 12, 1991 in Brisbane. She married Jeffrey Graham Dennis on Apr 24, 1983 in Toowoomba.

4. Douglas Brian Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Susanne Roberta Jeffrey on Dec 5, 1981 in Bundaberg.

a. Steven Jeffrey Stirrat, born in Lady Clelmsford Hospital, Bundaberg.

b. Katrina Leah Stirrat, born in Women’s Unity Bundaberg Hospital.

c. Gavin Dale Stirrat, born in Women’s Unity Bundaberg Hospital.

d. Bradley Douglas Stirrat, born in Women’s Unity Bundaberg Hospital.

5. Graham Edwin Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Christine Tappenden.

a. Keir Graham Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

b. Adam Scott Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

f. Stanley Stirrat, born Mar 28, 1926 in Bundaberg and died Aug 29, 1982 in Bundaberg. He married Grace Rowe on May 15, 1948 in Berajondo, Qld.

1. Shirley Grace Stirrat, born in Budaberg.

2. John Stanley Stirrat, born Dec 28, 1957 in Bundaberg and died on Feb 1, 1988. He married Denise Marc in Bundaberg.

a. Lana Melissa Stirrat.

b. Quinton John Stirrat.

c. Daniel Stanley Stirrat.

g. Kathleen Margaret Stirrat, born Dec 26, 1930. She married (1) John Ran and (2) James. Kathleen was known as Marj.

Children of Kathleen and John:

1. Christine Ran. She married Richard Eves.

a. Fiona Eves.

2. Jennifer Ran, born Dec 21, 1962 and died in 1982.

h. Alfred Neville Stirrat, born Feb 16, 1933 in Bundeberg. He married Gloria Alice Kinnest on Apr 6, 1963 in Bundaberg. Alfred was known as Joe.

1. Annette Lehr Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married Jonathan Llewellyn Grayson Simpson.

a. James Thomas Simpson, born in Alamanda Hospital, Gold Coast, Qld.

b. Alice Lucy Simpson, born in Alamanda Hospital, Gold Coast, Qld.

c. Peter Leonard Simpson, born in Alamanda Hospital, Gold Coast, Qld.

2. Katherine Alice Stirrat.

3. Susan Gayle Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. She married Ian Craig Lincoln in Bundaberg.

a. Ashley Brooke Lincoln, born in Bundaberg.

b. Courtney Renee Lincoln, born in Longreach, Qld.

4. Michael Neville Stirrat, born in Bundaberg. He married Vikki Linda Hurst in Bundaberg.

a. Keir James Stirrat, born in Bundaberg.

i. Aileen Joan Stirrat, born Aug 22, 1938. She married (1) Carl Arthur Clarey on Feb 11, 1955 and (2) Dennis James Reeves on Jul 1, 1961.

Children of Aileen and Carl:

1. Gary Mark Clarey. He married Katherine Gail Thornhill in Adelaide, South Australia.

a. Grant Keir Clarey, born in Canberra, ACT.

b. Rebecca Catherine Clarey, born in Townsville, Qld.

2. Julie Anne Clarey. She married Paul William Harris in Toowoomba, Qld.

a. Leonie Marie Harris.

b. Catherine Rachel Harris.

2. Martha Graham Cowan, born Sep 30, 1893 in Qld. She married Thomas McCamley on Sep 3, 1913. He was born Dec 6, 1886.

a. Elsie May McCamley, born Jul 1, 1914. She married Leslie Hennegan.

1. Wendy Hennegan.

3. Ella Cowan, born Sep 19, 1896 in Qld. She married Jacob William Olsen on May 31, 1922. He was born Feb 5, 1891. Jacob was known as “Bill”.

a. Irene Olson, born Feb 17, 1923 in Bundaberg.

b. Muriel Olson, born Jan 11, 1930 in Bundaberg.

4. Robert James Cowan, born Oct 13, 1899 in Mt Elizabeth, Near Calliope and died Jun 17, 1977. He married Muriel Isabel Atkinson on Oct 17, 1925 in Brisbane. She was born on Dec 16, 1904 and died Mar 27, 1984 in Brisbane. Robert’s occupation: Policeman.

a. Thelma Isabel Cowan, born Aug 28, 1926. She married Charles Robert Jones in St. Johns Presberterian Church, Brisbane. He was born Feb 4, 1925 in Logan Road, Wooloongabba, Brisbane and died Jun 11, 2007 in Buranda, Brisbane, Qld.

1. Margaret Isabel Jones. She married Dirk Klokman.

a. Renee Klokman. She married Simon Papajcsik.

1. Yasmine Papajcsik.

2. Nathanael Papajcsik.

3. Benjamin Papajcsik.

b. Deborah Klokman. She married Bradley John Thomas in Annerley Presbyterian Church (St John’s). 

1. Harrison Thomas.

2. Amelia Thomas.

3. Mitchell Thomas.

c. Scott Klokman. He married Hannah White.

1. Micah Klokman.

2. Eliana Klokman.

3. Josiah Klokman.

d. Michelle Klokman. She married Luke Burns.

1. Evangeline Burns.

2. Glenda Valmai Jones.

3. Alan Robert Jones. He married Carol Wane.

a. Lachlan Jones.

b. Nicholas Jones.

c. Amanda Jones.

d. Kate Jones.

4. Graham Charles Jones. He married Lesley Arnold.

a. Christopher Jones.

b. Stephen Jones.

5. Malcolm Kenneth Jones. He married Allison Sturgeon. She was born in Scotland.

a. Andrew Jones.

b. Matthew Jones.

c. Nichola Jones.

6. Heather Lynette Jones.

b. Mervyn James Cowan, born Jul 11, 1928 and died Dec 11, 2002 in Caloundra. He married Patricia Jean Bletchly on Dec 16, 1950. She was born Apr 15, 1929 in Brisbane, Qld and died Apr 13, 2013 in Gold Coast, Qld.

1. Jean Elizabeth Cowan, born Jan 25, 1955 and died on the same day in Brisbane. She is buried in Dutton Park Cemetery.

2. Denise Ann Cowan in Brisbane. She married Stefano Masci. He was born in Ripa Teatina, Italy. Stefano was known as Steve. He arrived in Australia in 1962 aboad the ship S. S. Canberra.

a. Adrian James Masci, born in Brisbane, Qld. He married Katie Ellen Morell. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria.

1. Adam James Masci, born in Brisbane, Qld.

2. Olivia Eden Masci.

b. Dominic David Masci.

c. Katherine Derna Masci.

3. David Robert Cowan, born in Brisbane. He married (1) Christine Isabella Curtin in St John’s Presbyterian Church, Brisbane. She was born in Tinga, NSW. He married (2) Deborah Rose Sutherland in Soper Way, Luscombe, Qld. She was born in Blackpool, England.

a. Raechel Ann Curtin, born in Crown Street Women’s Hospital, Sydney. She married David Ronald Richards in Wynnum Presbyterian Church. 

1. Matthew David Richards.

2. Sarah Raechel Richards.

b. Lisa Maried Curtin, born in Royal Brisbane Hospital.

1. Tayla Marie Cowan.

2. Amber Rose Cowan.

3. Jorja Dianne Elizabeth Cowan, born in Nambour, Qld.

4. Isabella Grace Cowan.

c. Debbie Lee Curtin, born in Royal Brisbane Hospital. She married Kurt.

1. Kaylee Marrissa Cowan.

d. Pamela Sue Cowan, born in Mater Hospital, Brisbane.

e. Amanda Louise Leslie Cowan, born in Mater Hospital, Brisbane.

c. Douglas Raymond Cowan, born Apr 26, 1931. He married Daphne Margaret Staines. She was born Oct 10, 1930.

1. Janette Cowan. She married Peter Triggell.

a. Shane Triggell.

b. Andrew Triggell.

c. Kylie Triggell.

2. Trevor Cowan, born. He married Judy Lancaster.

a. Samuel Robert Cowan.

b. Sean Alexander Cown.

3. Beth Cowan. She married Phillip Wallace.

a. Amanda Wallace.

b. Jason Wallace.

c. Emily Wallace.

4. Robyn Linda Cowan. She married Lance McKenzie.

a. Rory McKenzie.

b. Hakan McKenzie.

c. Jemma McKenzie.

d. Valmai Joan Cowan, born Nov 18, 1936 and died Mar 9, 2001 in Somerset Dam, Qld. She married Paul Robert Nelson. He was born Mar 30, 1935 in Babinda, Qld.

1. Peter Robert Nelson. He married Jill Reyes in San Diego, California, USA.

a. Jake Robert Nelson.

b. Kurt James Neslon.

2. Gary Nelson. He married Mandy Westwood.

a. Matthew John Nelson.

b. Cory James Nelson.

3. Jamie Nelson, born Mar 5, 1965. He married Madonna Clark.

a. Sarah Renee Nelson, born Mar 1, 1990.

4. Julie Ann Nelson, born Jan 17, 1969. She married Kenneth James Marshall on Sep 21, 1996.

a. Charley Ann Marshall, born Apr 1, 1998.

5. Esther May Cowan, born Aug 23, 1901 in Qld and died Mar 14, 1993. She married Victor Theodore Ward on Oct 4, 1922. He was born Jun 21, 1897.

a. Ken Ward.

b. Jeffrey Ward.

c. Ruth Ward. She married Andrew Warner.

6. William David, born 4 Oct 1906 in Mt Elizabeth, near Gladstone, Queensland, died 12 Dec 1984 in Rockhampton, buried 17 Dec 1984, Rockhampton Crematorium. Married Mary Elizabeth Ann Crowley on Jul 28, 1935. She was born 28 Oct 1908, in Rockampton and died 24 Oct 1976, and was buried 28 Jan 1976 in Rockhampton Crematorium.

a. Valmae Joan Cowan, born 22 Dec 1935, Rockhampton. Married Francis Paul Walker on 6 Dec 1957. He was born 15 Mar 1927, in Gympie, Queensland. Francis’s occupation: Fitter & Turner.

1. Elizabeth Ann Walker, born in Gympie. She married (1) James Paul Bryan in Gympie. He was born in Dunedin, NZ. She married (2) David Allan Smith in Cottonvale. He was born in Rockhampton.

2. Andrea Marie Walker, born in Gympie. She married Andrew John Dahl. Andrea’s occupation: Accountant.

a. Amy Elizabeth Walker Dahl, born in Brisbane.

3. Ross Francis Walker. Occupation: Research Scientist.

b. Graham Robert Cowan, born 15 Mar 1937, in Rockhampton and died 25 Nov 2003 Brisbane, and was buried 27 Nov 2003 Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane. He married Joan Dulcie Prendergast in Dec 1962. She was born Oct 13, 1939 in Rockhampton. Occupation: Horticulturist/Nurseryman.

1. Vicki Cowan. Occupation: Primary Teacher.

c.  Patricia Mary Cowan, born Rockhampton. Married Wayne Leslie Ferguson.

1. John Ferguson, born in Rockhampton. He married Katrina Cook. John’s occupation: Ambulanceman.

a. Nakia Ann Ferguson.

b. Chloe Ferguson.

c. Kristy Lee Ferguson.

2. Darren Ferguson, born in Rockhampton. He married Sue Leitch. Darren’s occupation: Policeman.

a. Mitchell Andrew Ferguson.

b. Connor William Ferguson.

3. Jaimie Scott Ferguson.

4. Angelique Ferguson. She married Dean Ruffels. She married Paul Williams.

5. Jason William Ferguson. He married Sandra Noble.

a. Joshua Ferguson.

b. Zacharay Ferguson.

6. Christian William Ferguson, born Jan 22, 1974.

7. Wayne Nakia Ferguson, born Apr 2, 1976.

7. Esther Cowan. [Not in David's tree.]

5. Harriet [William in the original tree.] Cairncross, born c1831 in Scotland. She died in the UK. She married Archibald Ferguson on Jul 17, 1852 in Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland. His occupation: Carpet Saleman and Teacher.

a. Ann Ferguson, born in 1856 in Perthshire, Scotland.

b. David Ferguson, born in 1858 in Battersea, Surrey.

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