Family of David Cairncross, born c.1785 in Lochee, married Elspeth Peter.

(The details for this family tree were kindly supplied by Andrew Cairncross, via email, in Oct 2010. Much of this tree mirrors information taken from the book, “History Of a Forfarshire Family”, by Arthur Fawthrop Cairncross, circa 1920, from the section called, “Monifieth Parish Branch”.) Here is a link to this family in the book CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”. David appears right near the end.

a. David, born circa 1785 in Lochee, died 1850. Married Elspeth Peter in 1814 at Meigle. Occupations: coachman, Excise man and ploughman.

1. John, born Aug 8, 1821, in Errol, Perth. Married (1) Janet Easson (daughter of Angus) on Sep 16, 1842, and (2) Elizabeth Will (born 1830) on Aug 10, 1855, at St. Clements, Dundee. Occupation: weaver. Went to France, manager of a factory in Angers. Returned from France, opened a grocers shop in King Street, Broughty Ferry, Scotland. On second marriage, listed as having 3 living and 3 dead children.

Children of John and Janet Easson:

a. Elizabeth, born Jun 8, 1836. Probably not a Cairncross. Daughter of Janet Easson. Listed as Elizabeth Cairncross on 1851 census, but Turnbull in 1841. Father was James Turnbull, weaver, Lochee. "A female child of fornication".

b. David, born 1845. Died in Angers.

1. John.

2. Maggie, born 1869. Lived in Dundee.

c. William, born 1846. Married Elizabeth Miller (born in 1852) in Nantes, France. Alive in Angers in 1904.

1. Elizabeth, born 1870.

2. Ann, born 1872.

3. Jane, born 1877.

4. Jessie, born 1879. Died, aged 14, in France.

5. Andrew William Miller, born 1880. Married Edith Bertha Liversedge (born 1885) in 1915.

a. Andrew Douglas, born 1920. Married Shirley Cross. Andrew's occupation: Engineering Draughtsman. Shirley was a shorthand typist.

1. Andrew David, born Nov 10, 1964, in Hull.

6. Agnes, born 1883. Spinster. Died Dec 24, 1970 in Hampstead.

7. Williaminnie, born 1886. Became Cairncross Faucher. Died in 1970 in Hampstead.

d. Janet/Jessie, born in 1849. Died, aged 14, in France.

Children of John and Elizabeth Will:

a. George. Died Sep 3, 1891 at Rio, of Yellow Fever.

b. James, born 1857. Married Janet Watt Taylor (born 1857, also known as Jessie) on Jul 14, 1884 at Logiealmond. Occupation: Mechanical Engineer. Resided in Church Street, Broughty Ferry.

1. John Macrae Tod, born 1886. Married Anne Thomson Berry (born 1886) in 1914. Occupation: Government service. Lived in Glasgow. MBE?

2. Nellie, born 1887. Dressmaker.

3. Lizzie, born 1889. Dressmaker.

4. James, born 1890. Married Florence Anton. Occupation: Printer. Moved to Ottawa, Canada. Served in Princess Louisa Dragoon Guards.

a. James Bruce.

1. Bruce.

2. Douglas.

3. Linda.

4. Heather.

b. Buster.

1. Ricky.

2. Jimmy.

3. Janet.

4. Jackie.

c. John Duncan. Married Florence Isabel Timmins. Lives in Ontario.

1. Judith Ann.

2. Tina Ellen.

3. John Scott.

a. Christopher Duncan.

d. Janet.

e. Laura.

a. Laura.

b. Helen.

c. David.

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