Family of James Cairncross, born 1830, married Elizabeth Lindsay.

(All the information in this tree is covered by F-T-4, and is therefore obsolete.)

James, born 1830, married Elizabeth Lindsay.

a. James, born circa 1867.

b. Matilda, born circa 1869.

c. Robert, born circa 1871.

d. William, born circa 1873. Married Eva Morrow.

1. Bessie, born circa 1900, married Harper, born circa 1895

2. Stanley, born circa 1902.

3. Joseph, born 1907, married Agnes Haining, born 1906.

a. Robert, married Sharilyne Sherman.

1. Jeffrey.

a. George.

b. Charles.

2. Elizabeth, married Michael Copley.

3. Steven, married Lori Meads.

a. Patrick.

b. Caitlin.

b. Laurence, married Joan Cotton.

1. Scott, married Sandra Covington.

a. Jeremiah.

2. David, married Lisa Cooper.

a. Ian.

b. Jack.

3. Laurie, married Dean Way.

4. Neil.

5. Michael, born 1960, married Kathy Kwiatkowski.

a. Chancellor.

4. Eleanor, born 1910, married Harold Trinkle, born 1941.

a. Edmund Trinkle, born 1941.

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