Family of James Cairncross married Isobel Johnstone.

(Detail for the following family tree has come from Betty Middlemiss, of Ontario, Canada. Further information has been supplied by Louise Taylor in emails from May/Jun 2012.)

James Cairncross married Isobel Johnstone Nov 28, 1707 at Newbattle, Midlothian.

a. Alexander Cairncross, born Feb 21, 1714 at Newbattle, Midlothian. Married Janet Trail.

1. James Cairncross, born about Jun 22, 1745. He married Jean Caldwells on Nov 08, 1772 in Edinburgh Parish, Midlothian. They had 3 children:-

a. Peggy Cairncross, christened June 20, 1774 in Cranston, Midlothian.

b. Janet Cairncross, born Jun 23, 1776 Cranston.

c. Alexander Cairncross, born Aug 23, 1778 Cranston.

d. Isabel Cairncross, born Apr 17, 1781 Cranston.

e. George Cairncross, born Nov 15, 1783, christened Nov 27, 1783 in Cranston, Midlothian married Elizabeth Ballantine September 28, 1806. George was a carter at the time of his marriage. Betty was the daughter of Jo Ballantine, gardener at Fordel.

1. Elizabeth Cairncross, born Mar 23, 1807, christened Apr 8, 1807, at Cranston.

2. James Cairncross, born Oct 29, 1808, christened Nov 22, 1808, at Cranston. died 1880. Married Jean (Janet) Lamont Oct 10, 1838 St. Pauls, Perth. She was born 1805 Perthhire, and died in 1868. James was a tailor in Perth. On the census records for 1851 he was a master tailor in the High Street employing over 15. James and Jean were both buried in Greyfriers Graveyard, Perth.

a. Alexander Cairncross, born Oct 22, 1839, died Dec 17, 1896. Buried in Greyfriers Graveyard, Perth, sharing a gravestone with his grandfather, Alexander, on his mother’s side. Marked on the same gravestone is James Cairncross, tailor, died 1880 aged 75, and his wife, Jean/Jane/Janet who died in 1868 aged 63. Alexander was a watchmaker and jeweller.

b. Hugh Lamont Cairncross, born 1842 in Perth, died 1891. He married Christina stewart in Auchtergaven parish (Bankfoot, Perthshire) on Jul 6, 1869. Christina was from Bankfoot with her father running The Diamond Inn, having moved from Loch Tummel. By 1861 Hugh was a Druggist Assistant. In the census of 1871 they were living in Upper Grove Place and Hugh was a Chemist, and they had one child, James. By 1881 they had moved to West Claremont Street and by this time had James, John, Jane, Christina and Hugh L. In 1891, they had moved again to Roseburn Terrace in Edinbugh.

1. James Stewart Cairncross, born 1870. He went to Daniel Stewart’s and was Dux of the school. He was then an Arts student and completed a degree in humanities, winning a medal at the University. He then enrolled for a law degree in the summer of 1894 but died aged 28 on Feb 27, 1899, and was listed as a Law Clerk on the register. He died from a lung illness which he had suffered from for 6 months.

2. John Alexander Cairncross, born 1874, died 1927. John was an apprentice dentist in the census of 1891. He became a dentist, married Annie McKenzie Beaton and they had 2 children.

a. Chrissie Cairncross. Married Lyall Johnston.

b. Eric Cairncross. Married Helen Love.

3. Jane Cairncross, born 1876. She was a draper’s assistant. Married Archie McKechnie. They had one son, who died aged 6 years.

4. Christina Cairncross, born 1878, died 1900. Married Peter Stewart who was, in fact, her cousin on her mother’s side. He was from Waterloo, part of Bankfoot in Perthshire. She was a fancy goods assistant according to census information.

5. Hugh Lamont Cairncross, born 1880. First a scholar, then was a chemist’s assistant in 1901.

6. William George Cairncross, born 1882. He was also a chemist’s assistant in 1901. At age 27 he is listed as a passenger on the Sicilia departing from Glasgow and arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His status was single and was listed as a chemist, bound for Montreal. The date of arrival was Mar 26, 1908. Nothing more known after that.

7. Hannah Kerr Cairncross, brn Jun 18, 1884. Married Joseph Wightman Brown at the Maitland Hotel in Shanwick Place, Edinburgh, on Jul 14, 1909. Joseph was a chemist and manager at the Shanwick Place Boots the chemist.

a. Thomas Cairncross Brown, born 1916, died 2006. Married unknown Bay.

1. Louise Brown, born 1961. Married Charlie Taylor.

a. Kirsty Taylor, born 1996.

b. Rory Taylor, born 1997.

c. Hannah Kerr Cairncross, born 1845, died Apr 11, 1849, aged 3.1/2 years.

d. George Cairncross, born Jan 7, 1846.

3. William Cairncross, born May 25, 1815, christened Jun 18, 1815, at Inveresk with Musselborough.

4. Isabella Cairncross, born Mar 7, 1817, christened Apr 6, 1817, at Inveresk with Musselborough.

5. Alexander Cairncross, born Feb 10, 1819, christened Mar 14, 1819, at Inveresk with Musselborough.

6. Walter Cairncross, born Jun 4, 1826, christened Jul 24, 1826, at Cockpen, Midlothian. Married Janet Dickson (born c1827) on Jun 4, 1850, at Edinburgh Parish, Midlothian. Janet's father was James Dickson. Walter died Jun 14, 1878. Janet died Jun 9, 1885. Both are buried in London, Ontario.

a. Isabella Cairncross, born Aug 14, 1850 in Scotland. She never married, and after her parents died she lived with her brother George. She died on August 19, 1923 in London, Ontario and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetary in London. Between Isabella and George, her parents sailed to Canada and settled in Quebec.

b. George Cairncross, born Sep 27, 1852, in Quebec. He married Elizabeth Hill in Hamilton, Ontario on December 21, 1886. Elizabeth was born on February 28, 1852. George died Nov. 18, 1927 and Elizabeth died on January 06, 1937.

1. Janet Dickson Cairncross, born Aug 19, 1888. She was still living at home on the 1911 Census.

c. Christine Cairncross, born Jan 17, 1854 in Quebec. She married Frank Marr (Murr) on June 11, 1890, Frank died on December 16, 1890 they had only been married 6 months. According to the 1901 Canadian Census Christina lived with her sister Elizabeth. Christina died Dec. 10, 1931.

d. James Cairncross, born Mar 17, 1856 in London, Ontario. He married Amelia Baynes on November 7, 1883. James A. became a well known druggist in London, Ontario. James died January 25, 1924. Amelia died March 19, 1924.

1. Arthur Roy Cairncross, Jan 31, 1885. Arthur was often mentioned as A. Roy Cairncross he married Lucinda Taylor and he died October 31, 1935.

a. James Arthur Cairncross, born Apr 09, 1912, married Margaret Beard on Sep 12, 1936. He died in 1957.

1. Arthur Roy Cairncross, born Jul 1939.

b. John O. Cairncross.

c. Roy Taylor Cairncross.

d. Amy Margery Cairncross.

e. John B. Cairncross, born Nov 8, 1860 in London, Ontario. He married Annie Cole who was born in Plymouth, England on June 27, 1868. They were married on October 26, 1892 in London, Ontario. The day they were married they moved to Elsinore where they farmed for 17 years. In 1910, John B. accepted a position in Baie d'Urfe, Quebec (near Montreal) as farm manager. John B. died in Montreal on October 11, 1932 and Annie died April 12, 1936 in Montreal, both are buried in Southampton, Ontario.

1. Walter, Cairncross, born Mar 25, 1894 in Elsinore, Ontario. He married Florence Elliot who was born February 04, 1885. It is not known when they were married. Walter died May 24, 1957 and Florence died December 01, 1952. They lived on the farm that John B. and Annie moved to on their wedding day. Both Walter and Florence are buried in Southampton, Ontario. There were no children in this marriage.

2. Arthur G. Cairncross, born Aug 12,1898 in Elsinore and he died on January 15, 1990 in Baie d'Urfe, Quebec. He married Marjorie Clark who was born May 09, 1884. There are no dates for the marriage. Both Arthur and Marjorie are buried at Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Howick, Quebec. There were no children in this marriage.

3. John A. Cairncross, born Nov 22, 1899 in Elsinore and he married Mary Hogue on August 21, 1970 in Wiarton. Mary was born November 09, 1900. John died on February 26, 1975 and is buried in Southhampton. There were no children in this marriage.

4. James Bruce Cairncross, born Aug 02, 1904 in Allenford, Ontario. He was better known as Bruce. He married Edna Grace Chandler on April 18, 1934 in Montreal, Quebec. Edna was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Nov 22, 1905 and then her family, originally from England, moved back when she was 5 or 6 years old. Bruce died on November 30, 1975 in Howick, Quebec and Edna died May 24, 1997 in Ormstown, Quebec. They had 5 children:-

a. Muriel Ann Cairncross, born Mar 25, 1935.

b. Dorothy Isabelle Cairncross, born Mar 07, 1936.

c. James Bruce Cairncross Jr., born May 27, 1938.

d. George Arthur, Cairncross, born Jul 27, 1941.

e. Elizabeth Adele Cairncross, born Jun 03, 1946 (this is Betty)

f. Elizabeth (Lillie) Cairncross, born Nov 27, 1863 in London, Ontario. Married Robert Morrison who was born Jan 02, 1859. There is no current date for this marriage nor is there any information on their deaths. They had 5 children:-

1. Agnes M. Morrison, born Mar 31, 1889.

2. Jessie C. Morrison, born Dec 20, 1891.

3. Lillian I. Morrison, born Jan 22, 1893.

4. Marjory J. Morrison, born Feb 27, 1895. Married Ralph Presgrove, April 15, 1924.

5. Alexander Morrison, born Mar 26, 1898.

f. Hellen Cairncross, born Aug 13, 1786 Cranston.

g. James Cairncross, born October 10, 1789 and christened January 13, 1791 in Cranston.

h. James Cairncross, born Aug 24, 1716 baptised August 26, 1716 in Newbattle, Midlothian.

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