Family of William Cairncross, married Isabella Robertson.

(Detail for this family tree has come from James Boswell in an email of Oct 18, 2012.)

a. William Cairncross, married Dec 31, 1885 to Isabella Robertson.

1. Elizabeth Jane Ann Cairncross, born Feb 13, 1884, in the Parish of Blairgowrie. Died circa 1926. Married Peter Stewart. (Here is a copy of Elizabeth’s birth certificate.)

A. Mary Reid Stewart, born May 12, 1920 at Berry Brae, Blairgowrie. Married to James Stark Boswell.

1. Christine Mary Boswell, born May 19, 1949.

2. James Harrier Boswell, known as Hamish, born Sep 27, 1951.

B. William Stewart.

C. Peter Stewart.

D. Isabella Stewart.

E. Ann Stewart.

F. Unknown Stewart.

G. Robert Stewart.

H. James Stewart.

I. John (Jock) Stewart.

J. Alexander (Alec) Stewart.

K. Donald Stewart, born Nov 14, 1924.

2. Christine Cairncross, born Dec 25, 1890. She was a spinster and lived all her life in Blairgowrie & Rattray.

3. Margaret Cairncross. Married Edward Malone. Lived all her life in Dundee.

a. Margaret Malone. Married Bert Martin in Dundee.

1. Stephen Martin.

2. Robert Martin.

3. Frances Martin.

4. Pauline Martin. Lives in Dundee.

4. Elizabeth (Liz or Eliza) Cairncross. Married Mr Forbes.

a. Mabel Forbes. Married William Marshall who was a fireman for the city of Dundee.

1. Geoffrey Marshall. Dundee.

2. Ian Marshall. Broughty Ferry.

5. William Cairncross, born Sep 11, 1885, at Rattray. Married Mary ? He worked abroad for years in India and elsewhere. Probably had no children. He probably served as a translator at Nuremberg trials. William retired with Mary to Newport On Tay, Fife. (Here is a copy of William’s birth certificate.)

6. Adelaide (Addie) Thackeray Cairncross, born Apr 5, 1896, in the Parish of Rattray. Was a spinster and lived all her life in Blairgowrie & Rattray. (Here is the birth certificate of Adelaide Thackery Cairncross.)

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