Family of Alexander Roderick Cairncross, married Rozetta.

The details of this family tree are duplicated in the tree named "Andrew Cairncross, born c1669, married (1) Margaret Lamb and (2) Margaret Crighton." F-T-64.

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a. Alexander Roderick Cairncross, born Haarlem, married Rozetta Prince, born Haarlem.

1. David Thompson Cairncross, born Aug 29, 1906, Haarlem. Married Wilhelmina Sophia Du Plessis, born Mar 25, 1909, Haarlem. Wilhelmina's parents were Phillip Martinus Du Plessis, born Haarlem, and Wilhelmina Sophia Jordaan, born Kouga District Willomore (possibly). They had eight children. (See photo of David and Wilhelmina's grave.)

a. Sydney Cairncross.

b. Herbert Cairncross. Sydney and Herbert both died on the same day trying to save each other drowning.

c. Miranda Cairncross.

d. Angeline Cairncross.

e. Donald Cairncross, married Rosaleen Bagley. They had six children.

1. Helene Cairncross, married Rowland Williams.

2. Donovan Cairncross, married Jacqueline Du Plessis.

a. Lee Cairncross.

b. Kent Cairncross.

3. Ignatius Cairncross, married Maxine.

4. Jerome Fitzgeold Cairncross, married Liezel Herbert Jones, born Jan 28. Jerome died in 2010.

a. Brandon.

b. Alexandra.

5. Sidney Cairncross, married Sharon.

6. Xavier Cairncross, married Yolande.

f. Valerie Cairncross.

g. Malcolm Cairncross. Deceased.

h. Joseph Cairncross. Deceased.

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