Family of Alexander Cairncross, had son Alexander, Dublin, Ireland.

(Note: this tree supplied by Alexander Cairncross Toohey, born 1934, grandson of Emily Jane (Cairncross) Toohey.) (Much more information supplied by Jon Toohey via email Jun 1, 2016.)

A document showing the Cairncross Coat of Arms from the Natonal Library, Ireland.

Alexander, born c. 1810-1820. No other details known.

a. Alexander, born c.1835-1840. Married Aug 24, 1860 to Anne Foster at Christ Church, Rathgar, Dublin. At the time they were married the church building had not been completed and the wedding was in “the old school house”. The church is still there today and very much in use (as a Presbyterian ie protestant church).He was a clerk, but was listed as a jeweller by the time of Emily’s wedding. Both were from Rathmines. Anne’s father was John Foster. (FamilySearch states they married at St. Peters, Dublin.) Here is a document of Trinity College Dublin records for 1845, also mentions a Joseph Cairncross, probably an older brother of Alexander. If Alexander was 17 years old in 1845, this would suggest his birth year was 1828. Here is a document of Alexander and Anne’s marriage certificate.

1. Margaret Adelaide Cairncross, baptised 1 Aug 1861.

2. Agnes Cairncross, born Dec 1, 1862, baptised Dec 28, 1862. The fathers occupation now as Sexton (“a person employed to act as caretaker of a church”). It is unknown what happened next but it appears something caused the family to disintegrate and there were at least two further births.

3. Austin Cairncross, born about 1868, recorded as orphan admitted to the South Dublin workhouse age 11 on 6 May 1879. He left the workhouse on 22 May 1880 as an “apprentice”. He next appears in the 1901 census as living in Dublin and married to Mary.

a. Bridget Cairncross, born 1896.

b. Mary Cairncross, born 1898.

c. Henry J. Cairncross, born 1903.

4. Emily Jane Cairncross, see photo, born about 1869, died Jun 1, 1945, aged 76. Recorded on 23 April 1879 as being admitted to the workhouse with occupation as “servant” and aged 16 (thus born 1863) – she left the workhouse on 2 July 1879. The workhouse records show that she was in and out of the workhouse many many times all the way up to 1905. Married Mar 23, 1886 to Thomas Toohey at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Dublin, Ireland. On the marriage certificate her father – Alexander Cairncross - was noted as being a jeweller! They had numerous children - many of whom did not survive past child birth. Emily remarried a Francis Rankin in 1908. By all accounts Francis was a good man and it was a good marriage. When he got ill and died in 1934 he was cared for by a nurse named Sally. This same nurse – surname unknown – married Emily’s son, William.

a. Ellen Toohey, born 1889, died 1947. She had one son who died young. She emigrated to South Africa.

b. Thomas Austin Toohey, born 1893, killed Apr 25, 1915 serving in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers at Galipoli first day of the landings.

c. Joseph Henry Toohey, born 1895, died Mar 21, 1918. Killed serving in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in France on 21 March 1918 (first day of the “Kaisers Battle” a huge German offensive). This after having served in the navy for two years and being present at the Battle of Jutland on HMS Yarmouth.

d. William Toohey, born 1901, died 1984. Served in the Merchant Navy in WW1 but after the war emigrated to London. William, now in London, visited a few times and ended up marrying the nurse, Sally, who cared for Francis Rankin, Emily’s second husband. Through her, their children often visited Ireland on holidays with her family. They had a number of children and many grandchildren nearly all in the greater London area today. He named his second son Thomas Joseph Toohey using the names of his two brothers killed in WW1.

e. Alexander Toohey, born 1905, emigrated to South Africa in 1921 when 16 years old. His mother – Emily - only saw him once again - 5 years later – when he briefly returned to see her and celebrate his 21 birthday. He died 1984. He had emigrated to Durban (but lived briefly in Cape Town in the early 1930’s and named his house Cairncross) and had three children (all born in South Africa);

1. Alexander Cairncross Toohey, born 1934, who has a grandson Alexander

2. Moira Toohey, born 1937.

3. Terry Toohey, born 1943, who has a son Alexander

(none of these three – including their descendants – remain in South Africa – all have emigrated)

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