Introduction by George Cairncross dated February 1992


There have been two excellent histories of the Cairncross family written in the past. The first entitled "The History of a Forfarshire Family" by Mr. A.F.Cairncross, late of Broughty Ferry, deals with the early history of the family, its lands, and the derivation of its name, together with aspects of the family in the Dundee area, plus various Appendices.

The second history "Cairncross: The History of a Scottish Family", was written by Mr. B.L.Cairncross of South Africa and published in 1959. This history incorporates the earlier one by Mr. A.F., and includes two further sections. The first of these dealing in great detail with the Cairncrosses of the Borders, Colmslie, Glendearg etc. The other giving a complete history of the South African branch of the family. This work also includes many Appendices dealing in great depth with various aspects of the family in general.

This publication of my own is meant as a Supplement to the two above Histories. I have endeavoured to trace present day Cairncross families and connect them, where possible, to earlier families as described in the two earlier histories. I have also collected together facts of general interest, which I have included as Appendices. My research is ongoing and I am receiving new information all the time from Cairncrosses both in the UK and abroad. I hope, from time to time, to publish new supplements to add to this present publication.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to all the Cairncrosses throughout the world, who so generously gave me assistance in both information and time regarding their own families and the family in general, and I would like to take this opportunity to offer them all my sincere thanks and I hope that this small publication will prove of interest to all Cairncrosses wherever it may find them.

George T.R.Cairncross,
31, Belle Vue Street,
Y014 9HU.
England, Feb.1992.

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