This is me.

This is a picture of me.

This is a photo of me
I live in Hertfordshire, England, and thought it would a good idea if there was a website dedicated to all us Cairncrosses. As I have been unable to find such a site, I thought I'd have a go myself.
The development of it will be ongoing, and for that I hope to obtain the co-operation of lots of you out there. If you find mistakes, or have new information, just send me an E-mail.
The main credit for the information appearing here must go to Mr George Cairncross, of Filey, North Yorkshire. Virtually all the information I have was provided by George, over a period of many years.
A good many of you visiting this site may have met George in his shop, or communicated by phone, letter or E-mail. He has a fascinating wealth of information, from all over the world, and has been collecting information on the Cairncross family for years. For instance, he has typed the family trees at least twice, to my knowledge, on an old fashioned typewriter.
Happily, for us all he now has a PC, and is connected to the web.

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