Images of the neolithic


I took these photographs last year in the Kilmartin area: time they were shown somewhere, I thought, so here they are. The first are from Achnabreck, which I'm told has the largest expanse of rock-art in Scotland... Here's some of it. That 'largest expanse' is shown - well, part of it's shown - in the second photo below.



Now - there are some 'hot-spots' on these photos. Find them, click, and you get a close-up. In some cases this will be from another direction... and in some cases I'm struggling to match up the closeups with the 'big picture' so bear with me.

The closeups are big files. Each may take a while to load. By the way, these may all look like 'cup and ring marks', but they're not - aside from the grooves, there are two double-spirals and a triple-spiral on the second 'big picture'. One double-spiral is in closeup bottom left, the triple is in the close-up on the right, about one-third of the way up the big picture. The other double - maybe triple - is pretty faint and I don't have a good close-up image of it.


The day was glorious, warm, inspiring. I hitched a lift to Cairnbaan, walked up into the hills, the back to the road and across to Achnabreck. Nobody else in sight. It was several hours before I met anybody: then a couple came strolling by the Achnabreck rocks, paused to say hello, came into the enclosure to see what I was looking at, said 'interesting' and took a photograph, and went on their way.




When I walked back down the hill another couple of hours later, two people from Denmark had arrived with a minibus. I took a walk up the side road, met a hen harrier, looked at the scenery and returned as they were pulling out of the car park- just in time for a lift back to the museum.


Page of photos from Cairnbaan will follow soon...

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