SCGT Central Sports Car GT Links

These are links to the best SCGT websites out there on the web. Follow these and you'll have everything you'll ever need to transform a good game into a great one (and you'll have a full hard disk and a large 'phone bill!)

Speedsims is probably the best and most complete resource for Sports Car GT on the web, with cars, tracks and utilities to download, tutorials and very active and informative forums. If something is happening in the SCGT world it's usually announced here.

Bassguy's SCGT Automart

Not an enormous site like the others - but brilliant all the same. This is the home of the Dragstrip, the figure-of-eight circuit, a motor-home, an airship (yes, really!) and lots more, all presented with a great sense of humour.

Mika Hirvonen's SCGT Site

Another major player in the SCGT community, although recently somewhat quieter, Mika's created some great cars and also hosts many others. He's also written several excellent tutorials, at least one of which, "How To Make A Stand Alone Car", is essential reading for everyone. He's all the more impressive when you consider English is his second language - go take a look, and check out the hot-dog!!

SRS Designs

Sean's back! Quite simply THE best source for SCGT Tracks, Sean Stafford has created a huge collection of seriously good tracks for the game. Also on the site are rally cars, Ford GT40s, loading screens and replacement exe files with new classes etc. An essential site.

Mad Factory

M@D69's site, well designed with impressive graphics and featuring downloads of his excellent ESTC 2000 and FIA ETCC 2001 cars, including Alfa 156s, Opel Vectras, BMWs and Audi A4s. His latest creation is a superb all-new Dodge Viper from the JGTC championship.

SCGT Nation

Simon Wilkins' new site is far less confusing than the old one and is now clearly designed and organised. On top of this, his cars are top quality with Porsches, Toyota Celicas, Lotus Esprits and some excellent BTCC 2001 cars.

Wheeler's Trans Am Racing

The detail John includes in his models is stunning. Featured on this site are European Super Trucks, Historic Trans Ams and Plymouth Superbirds and now a superb new Ford GT40 model.

The US Pits

Not updated that often, but incredibly useful nonetheless, The US Pits is the home of various essential patches and updates including Banscene.mas, v1.551 patch and visual damage patch (see my Guide section). Also featured, amongst others are the Bathurst and TCDT circuits and the fantastic Touring Car patch and cars.

Big Ben's Area

A very well put-together site with new 'skins' for SCGT, replacing the screens, menus and buttons with updated designs. This is also the best site for replacement dashes/cockpits for use with the in-car view in the game.

JMI Racing Performance

Beautifuly designed and coded, this very professional looking site has some great cars such as 1969 Ford Torinos, excellent BMW M3s and even a Renault 9.

Tommy D's Loading Screens

Tommy's produced some great loading screens for most of the new tracks released for SCGT (and some that are still being worked on). Well worth a download and better than staring at a blank screen.

Grant's SCGT
Track Map / Loading Screens
Web Site

If you're not so keen on the scantily clad girls on Tommy's loading screens, have a look at this site for some alternatives. Grant's created some very professional and tasteful-looking screens for most SCGT tracks.

The Official Italian SCGT Site

Although the design of this site is a bit dodgy and most of it's in Italian, there is a now a new English section. The main reasons for visiting are some of the best Saloons available for SCGT: Audi A4s, Astras, Alfa Romeo 156s, Honda Accords, new-shape BMW M3s and Mercedes CLK's etc etc.

Winter Designs

Snowmann's nicely designed site has some great cars to download, including GT5 Minis, Group 5 Ford Capris, Austin Healy Sprites and the new MG Midgets.

SCGT Germany

Alfons Schurek (Fonsecker) has designed a quality site, dedicated to hosting Porsche Carrera Cup, ALMS 2001 and various other cars, including Fonsecker's unique glow-in-the-dark paintwork.

GT300 for
Sports Car GT

Jon-Jon Santiago's classy site has all his excellent Japanese cars such as Nissan Silvias, Toyota Celicas, Toyota MR-Ss and Mazda RX7s.

British GT Garage



These are Tim and Jeremy Brown's well-designed sites with a good number of quality cars and tracks from the BRDC GT Championship, FIA GT and FIA Sportscar Championships. Definitely worth a visit.

Virtua LM

This is a well designed and laid-out site, dedicated to providing carsets for LeMans. The cars are all top-quality and organised by year with thumbnail previews showing just how good they are. A top quality site.

Mort's Garage

This is a quite small but nicely put together site and that has some really good looking cars including the new Mini, some stunning BMWs and a Subaru Forester.

t_spark industries

Jonathan Moore (T-Spark)'s good looking site hosts all his beautiful ALMS2001 cars and promises more to come.

A beautifully designed and coded site with an ever-growing array of resources including the Nissan R390s and Bentley LMGTPs. It can be a bit confusing to use and the downloads are e-mailed to you later and are in the WinRar .RAR format which is a little irritating.

Mika 2000 Design

Bart Robert has some excellent cars and winter versions of tracks for download from his uniquely designed site.

Dave's British Tin

Dave's site hosts some of the most interesting new cars for SCGT, with classic Ford Capris, Sierras, Anglias and Escorts and some Hillman Imps. They're all top quality and there's more promised.

Screechin' Tyres SCGT Racing:

Screech's ever improving site features more classic Hillman Imps and Ford Cortinas.

Gripping Sportscar Downloads

Kim Gripping's site is growing nicely and hosts a number of quality cars and the Highway Track.

SCGT Mad Aussie Style

Mad Aussie's site, featuring all his excellent paintjobs with dragsters, Trans-Ams, Touring Cars and much more. There is also a great tutorial explaining how to paint a car and make it stand alone.

Pat Painter's Cars

Pat Painter is astounding, creating some of the best models and paintjobs for SCGT. Here you'll find some beautiful cars such as the Ferrari F40, the Renault Clio V6, a rally Peugeot 206, BMWs, Porsches, erm, well everything really...and although the site is now badly depleted and is rarely updated I forbid you not to visit!

New Circuit Progress Checklist

This is a very useful page listing the current progress of new circuits being created for SCGT, with links to any that have been released.


Dr Watson's Wheel Shop

A great resource for SCGT car painters and modellers, the wheel shop features 181 wheels, arranged in themed collections and available to download as a package.