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Updated 10th July 2000, Liberdade is in Martha's Vineyard, USA

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New York to Martha's Vineyard
Norfolk to New York
Antigua to Norfolk, USA
Antigua, Birthday, Racing & Illness
Barbados to Antigua
Barbados Report
In Recife then to Barbados
On Passage, Recife to Barbados
In Salvador, then on to Recife
Rio to Salvador
Santos to Rio
Paranagua to Santos
Recife to Paranagua
Horta to Recife

Aberaeron, 1220 Nm to the Azores
Liberdade Diary in Brief

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In Martha's Vineyard
My Voyage is Complete

As soon as I stepped ashore I knew I had come to the right place --- It is real Joshua Slocum country --- Joshua lived here until he disappeared at sea in the Spray. He had even anchored Liberdade at Vineyard Haven near where I will have Liberdade on the hard. This was the place that the Liberdade should stay. Ed and Kathy didn't want me to sail back solo. I didn't want to sail the boat home and fail to sell her in the UK, and as Ed said there is a lot of interest in the Liberdade in the US. So here she stays. She is for sale. My voyage is complete.


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The new Liberdade has now sailed 17,500 miles and retraced Joshua's voyage from the beach that he built the boat, through the Caribbean and on to the USA to its rightful place, on the hard near Joshua's house on Martha's Vineyard where she is for sale.Liberdade was accepted as a Classic in the Year 2,000 Antigua Classic Week and gained a third place in her class.
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I studied with diligence Neptune's laws, and these laws I tried to obey. [J. Slocum]

David & 'Liberdade' in New York

Liberdade 2000

I have built a modern version of the "Liberdade" constructed in epoxy-plywood. The 35ft vessel has a flat bottom, internal ballast, aerofoil bilge boards, inboard engine, three low aspect unstayed wooden masts and is junk rigged with sponsors of bamboo. A fast modern version of Joshua Slocum's sea going canoe the "Liberdade" built in modern materials. The new "Liberdade" is not be an exact replica as there is only one drawing of the vessel, but made to look like Slocum's boat.                                                                        David Sinnett-Jones

Voyage on Schedule

Our voyage continues on schedule, and we are awakening Brazil to it's history. In Rio we met a professional skipper who is translating the Liberdade voyage into Portuguese - the language of Brazil - he was near to tears when he came aboard. He has a library of maritime books, and went away clutching signed copies of David's two books, and On Equal Terms.
All our receptions have been fantastic, apart from the YC in Rio, who didn't want to know. However, the alternative Marina waived all charges as have previous YC's. We expect quite a reception in Salvador, as people have let them know we are coming. I have to say, the more I learn about Joshua and this voyage, the more I admire his seamanship and determination. Same goes for David, of course.

Mike Austin

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