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I've acquired the diminutive Meade 70mm aperture f/5 refractor with goto pointing and am enjoying the experience. These images show the amazing stellar penetration and detail possible from such a small telescope aided by sensitive superfast download USB2 Starlight Xpress HX516 and MX916 monochrome CCD cameras. Typically NO FILTERS are used and recently the ETX-70 has been piggybacked on my LX200 for better tracking. These images are a record of my progress over recent months.

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LO-RES STELLAR SPECTRA: using a Rainbow Optics grating immediately before the CCD like a regular filter - stars shown as spectrum profiles.

GRATING+CCD STELLAR SPECTRAmoon via Rainbow+DSIsaturn methane via Rainbow+DSI starmix via Rainbow+DSIRLeo via Rainbow+DSI

n3242 [hyd] pne spectram42 spectrart+bk ori spectra R Lep spectramira=o ceti spectra STELLAR SPECTRASTELLAR SPECTRA

HI-RES SOLAR SPECTRA+PRECISON GRATING: converts the ETX-70 OTA into a powerful spectrograph as these sample solar spectra.


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