wpo - Nova Sco 2004 #1 = V1186 Sco

location [2000] R.A. = 17h 12m 51.28s, Dec = - 30o 56' 37.57"
Discovered by Grzegorz Pojmanski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, Poland, in ASAS-3 (All-Sky Automated Survey) data (IAU Circular 8369) at mag 11.983 V on 2004 July 3.14635 UT (reported by Pojmanski July 5).  Spectrum by M. Fujii, Bisei, Okayama, Japan, Jul 6.51 UT via D. Nogami, Hida Observatory, Kyoto University, Japan (IAU Circular 8369) indicates the object to be a nova and according to Nogami, the spectrum resembles that of the slow nova V723 Cas (N Cas 1995)

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2004 July 26: Clearer tonight with 1st spectrum of nova clearly showing Ha in emission + other emission lines in red at 7000-9000A.

2004 July 18/21 - This lowly nova at -31o Dec is barely 2.5o above my local southern meridian in a small window of opportunity through much haze but nova clearly brighter than discovery mag in these unfiltered exposures via camera lens + CCD piggy-backed and through 30cm LX200.
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