wpo - 30cm Meade LX200 pier

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2000 Jan 20: Faithful C8 resurrected on the patio adjacent to the house for some visual observations with the 12" Meade LX200 in the observatory permanently engaged with CCDs or spectrograph. The C8 base neatly fits the collar of a clay drainpipe set within a clay chimney pot filled with pea shingle for stability.

The C8 installed and removed in seconds and secured with plastic wedges. A tapered plastic pot with the base removed and lined internally with black paper proves a very effective dewshield to the exposed corrector plate. Project cost nil - the clay pots already on the patio [as plant holders] and the shingle and dewshield were discarded left-overs.

This item features in the April 2000 Astronomy Now - Reader's Letters

Schematic of the steel pier for my 30cm LX200 within the smaller 6ft diameter Meade observatory.  New photos added.


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