wpo - building an octagonal domed observatory

   my Meade dome   octagonal dome schematic   octagonal dome dims     schematic of LX200 pier
Construction of Ron Johnson's first observatory and my current observatory is in Small Astronomical Observatories; Patrick Moore [editor]; Springer-Verlag 1996; ISBN 3-540-19913.  This is Ron's new observatory after his house move with the dome-lift on 2002 Aug 31 some 12 months after the foundations were dug. His 30cm Meade LX200 was installed in 2002 November on a special steel pier with remote CCD operation from his study progressing..

My 1.7m Meade 16-sided observatory.  A simplified 8-sided octagonal dome 2.178m [86-inch] in diameter is being built by colleague Ron Johnson for his Meade 30cm LX200 aided by these plans.  The 18mm framework and 4mm cladding is in waterproof ply for painting. The full size card template [computed by John and Dave] used to mark-out the corner ply panels prior to cutting with a jigsaw.

There is a constant relationship between the dome diameter, panel width and proportions of the corner panels.  The whole dome can be rescaled and extended beyond a hemisphere to raise the dome height and improve its aesthetic appearance.  The principle could be extended to a complete spherical polygon of any diameter !

images & text [c] Maurice Gavin 2002