wpo - simple A-frame tripod for C8 SCT

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These photos which are self explanatory, show a simple but rigid A-frame tripod made of scrap material and is based upon an identical [but equatorial] devise built two decades ago for a new C8.  The tripod is quick to set-up and flatpacks for portability via a detachable third leg secured with two 8mm bolts and wing-nuts.  The height is set for seated observations in altazimuth mode with shelf for starmaps and holes for eyepieces.  The dew-hood from a plastic tub [base removed - matt black painted interior] is secured via dual clips.  Last year's drain-pipe pier is definitely not portable!

Gary Seronik - Assoc Ed S&T suggests tilting the scope platform for equatorial mode or my version, shown here via PaintShop Pro wizardry, adding an inclined platform which returns the scope's centre of gravity nearer the tripod centre.

A gas-clock equatorial drive for camera

images/text copyright - Maurice Gavin -  2001