Slebech  Longhorns

The Slebech Herd Of Pedigree British Longhorn Cattle

Herd List

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Slebech Duke
d.o.b. 20.02.03 Sire:  Fishwick Kinsman Dam:  Linton Serena
Harwood Mirabel
d.o.b. 22.05.92 Sire:  Mendip Lawton Dam:  Harwood Christina
Whatton Rona
d.o.b. 16.03.93 Sire:  Whatton Jupiter Dam:  Whatton Nora
Linton Nerissa
d.o.b. 21.04.93 Sire:  Fishwick Kinsman Dam:  Parc Grace Dieu Betty
Wellhead Salix
d.o.b. 29.06.95 Sire:  Milton Leo Dam:  Wellhead Maple
Linton Serena
d.o.b. 01.12.95 Sire:  Linton Nestor Dam:  Linton Nerissa
Huntsham Tulip
d.o.b. 16.01.96 Sire:  Rousham Noble Dam:  Huntsham Lupin
Slebech Quaver
d.o.b. 30.04.97 Sire:  Linton Neptune Dam:  Whatton Quiver
Slebech Apricot
d.o.b. 30.05.00 Sire:  Honeywood Edmund Dam:  Linton Nerissa
Slebech Duchess
d.o.b. 28.02.03 Sire:  Linton Warden Dam:  Slebech Quaver
Teleny Evadne
d.o.b. 25.05.04 Sire:  Llantrothy Kestrel Dam:  Slebech Boo
Slebech Fig
d.o.b. 10.09.05 Sire:  Linton Warden Dam:  Slebech Zarissa
Slebech Geneva
d.o.b. 28.03.06 Sire:  Linton Warden Dam:  Wellhead Salix
Slebech Guinea
d.o.b. 06.04.06 Sire:  Slebech Duke Dam:  Linton Nerissa
Slebech Grapefruit
d.o.b. 28.03.06 Sire:  Linton Warden Dam:  Huntsham Tulip