Slebech  Longhorns

The Slebech Herd Of Pedigree British Longhorn Cattle


Longhorn Beef Boxes

  Our first delivery is on 25th November 2006  
  Slebech Beef   £6.50 per kg  
    Minimum order 5Kg  

Our beef is naturally reared on grass with supplementary finishing feeds of hay, rolled barley and beet. All feeds are GM free. No routine antibiotics are used.

Meat is hung to mature for 3 weeks, developing the finest flavour and tenderness.

The abattoir we use is a 5 mile journey and all animals are used to travelling in a cattle box resulting in mimimum stress.

  Typical contents of a 5Kg box:  
  Roasting Joint 2Kg  
  Mince or Stewing Steak 1Kg  
  Steak or Roasting Joint 2Kg  

Weights and cuts of meat are given as examples, actual box contents may vary.

All meat is vacuum packed and labelled within the box.

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