A day trip from The Sprayhurst Club in Boundary Road in the nineteen fifties.

A Ford Consul 375 owned by Ian Hawle from Bronte Street. He exhibits it at the St Helens Show every year.It was built at Dagenham in 1961 and sold new By Eastbourne Motors to Major Peter Elliot of Eastbourne. The seats were made by Crosby Springs of Fleet Lane St Helens .



A message from Ian.


A photo of my latest car. It is a 1971 Chrysler 180 .
A one owner car for 32 years, built by Chrysler(France) for the british market but they did not catch on. There are now very few left, may be only a dozen. This could be the oldest on the road. If anybody knows of others of this type will they get in touch. You can E-mail me HERE. There is another in St Helens which is a 1978 2Litre which belongs to a friend of mine.



St Teresas Club Christmas Party. December 1990.

The picture includes Richard Burke, Bill Devanney,

John Derbyshire, Ernie Bacon and Peggy Burke.


The Bowling Handicap 1953 at Queens Park.

Dash Appleton, Ralf Leyland and John Derbyshire.



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