The United Reformed Church in Newtown started life as The Cyril Street Mission Hall at Number 2 Cyril Street (Later to become Silkstone Street), established by the Ormskirk Street Congregational Church. It was opened in October 1884 but after a month it was found necessary to aquire Number 4 next door and combine them, making an assembly room and four classrooms.

By 1888 the work of the mission had so increased it was decided to build a mission hall at the corner of Knowsley Road and Cambridge Road and this was opened in January 1889.
At Easter, in 1900, the School was built next to the Mission and in December of that year the Mission was enlarged and became known as Newtown Congregational Church.

In 1905 it was decided to build a larger church and this was built in September 1908.

In 1972 the Congregational Church combined with the Presbyterian Church to become The United Reformed Church and the name was changed to The Newtown United Reformed Church.

This was demolished in the year 2000 and the present church was opened in May 2001