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On this page, you'll find a year-by-year list of the SCOTA and F1SCA Formula One Stock Car events which took place in the five years from 1975 until 1979. At the end of the page is a small picture gallery. Detailed commentary can be found on the history page. If you can help me fill in any gaps, I'd love to hear from you. Any fixtures, results, news (which will now be olds!) and pictures from the period that I can use will be gratefully received. I am particularly keen to pay tribute to the champions from SCOTA, F1SCA and Spedeworth Formula One. If you have details of any of the big championship meetings, or know who won the national points titles, please drop me a line.

SCOTA 1975

World: 81 Pat Driscoll
Points: 274 Denis Driscoll
Southern: 81 Pat Driscoll
East Anglian: 81 Pat Driscoll
Norfolk: 274 Denis Driscoll
Fen: 132 Les Suckling
FIXTURE LIST - dates that I know about
March 31st, 1975 (Easter Monday) - Ringwood
Twenty-four cars raced at this historic first meeting, with the honour of first race win for a SCOTA driver going to 132 Les Suckling. Pete Webb (8) won the final. Rick Young watched this meeting, see his marked-up programme here and here
April 12th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Four races featured the SCOTA cars at their first appearence in the capital city. Three wins, including the final, were taken by 274 Denis Driscoll and 258 Peter Guinchard won a heat.
April 20th, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich
Final winner was 132 Les Suckling at the first SCOTA meeting around the big Foxhall Heath oval.
April 26th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Another four race presentation at the plush Wimbledon Stadium. Wins were taken by 258 (Peter Guinchard), 352 (Pete Shepherd) and 8 (Pete Webb) who bagged two including the final.
May 1st, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot
The first SCOTA meeting at Aldershot saw 24 Alan England take the first two heats and 258 Peter Guinchard the third. First over the line in the final was Peter, but he was docked a place for corner cutting which meant that 132 Les Suckling got the trophy.
May 10th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wisbech
Another new venue, another final winner, 24 Alan England.
May 15th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Alan England (24) wins the final again.
May 18th, 1975 (Sunday) - Arlington
Final winner is 274 Denis Driscoll.
May 24th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wisbech
This time, 267 Ian Ireland wins the final.
May 26th, 1975 (Holiday Monday) - * Ringwood
Final winner is 81 Pat Driscoll.
June 1st, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich EAST ANGLIAN CHAMPIONSHIP
First of the year's championships goes to 81 Pat Driscoll.
June 5th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP
Pat Driscoll (81) takes his second championship trophy in a week.
June 7th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Peter Guinchard (258) is the main event winner.
June 15th, 1975 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Pat Driscoll (81) picks up the winners prize.
June 18th, 1975 (Wednesday) - Arlington
Final winner is 132 Les Suckling.
June 26th, 1975 (Thursday) - * Aldershot
Another victory for 81 Pat Driscoll.
June 29th, 1975 (Sunday) - * Ringwood
Final goes the way of 132 Les Suckling.
July 5th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wisbech
Feature final winner is 267 Ian Ireland.
July 6th, 1975 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Alan England (24) wins on the East Coast.
July 12th, 1975 (Saturday) - Ipswich
Final winner this time is 81 Pat Driscoll.
July 13th, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich
A new name takes the final, 5 Gordon Perrin.
July 17th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Pat Driscoll (81) wins the final.
July 20th, 1975 (Sunday) - Baarlo, The Netherlands
Pat Driscoll (81) wins the top prize in this SCOTA / NACO international event.
August 2nd and 3rd, 1975 (Saturday and Sunday) - Wisbech
The final, held on Sunday, won by 81 Pat Driscoll.
August 7th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Final winner, 24 Alan England.
August 10th, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich
Denis Driscoll (274) takes the final win.
August 17th, 1975 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Feature final winner is 267 Ian Ireland.
August 23rd, 1975 (Saturday) - Wisbech
Final goes the way of 5 Gordon Perrin.
August 25th, 1975 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood

August 30th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

Pat Driscoll (81) does it again.
August 31st, 1975 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth NORFOLK CHAMPIONSHIP
Championship goes to 274 Denis Driscoll.
September 4th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot

September 6th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wisbech FEN CHAMPIONSHIP

Les Suckling (132) takes the honours.
September 7th, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich
September 18th, 1975 (Thursday) - Aldershot
October 4th, 1975 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
October 12th, 1975 (Sunday) - Arlington
October 19th, 1975 (Sunday) - Ipswich

November 8th, 1975 (Saturday) - * Wimbledon WORLD FINAL

Thirty-three cars, including nine from overseas, raced in the thirty-five lap World Final. The race was won by 81 Pat Driscoll who became the first SCOTA Formula One World Champion. Pete Webb (8) takes the meeting final.
1975 - SCOTA World Final

Other Notes
A total of 46 drivers raced under the SCOTA banner in 1975.

Click here to read an interesting account ot the 1975 season from the November Wheelspin newsletter. Thanks to Jon Driscoll, Pat's son, for scanning this in.

SCOTA 1976

World: 104 Alan Casserley
Points: 238 Les Mitchell
British: 238 Les Mitchell
English: 390 John Plant
Southern: 227 Dave Saunders
FIXTURE LIST - dates that I know about
January 1st, 1976 (Holiday Thursday) - Wimbledon

March 18th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot

A final victory for 17 Mel Bassey.
March 20th, 1976 (Saturday) - * Wimbledon

1976 - Wimbledon

Les Mitchell (238) wins the final.
March 28th, 1976 (Sunday) - Ipswich
Final winner is 132 Les Suckling.
April 17th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Les Suckling (132) wins again.
April 19th, 1976 (Easter Monday) - Arlington
A victory in the main event for 41 Barry Bye.
April 25th, 1976 (Saturday) - Arlington
This time it's the turn of 6 Rod Smith to take a final win at the southern SCOTA track.
April 29th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Bob Boddington (196) wins the feature race.
May 2nd, 1976 (Sunday) - Ipswich
A win for 132 Les Suckling in the final.
May 9th, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Final goes the way of 111 Roy Wilson.
May 27th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Les Mitchell (238) takes the final victory.
May 29th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Gordon Perrin (5) wins in London.
May 31st, 1976 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood
A final win for 404 Ernie Smith.
June 13th, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Ken Saunders (121) took the win in the white/yellow heat, with 267 Ian Ireland winning in the blue/red heat. Heat three (all grades) went to Ken Saunders, and 238 Les Mitchell took the final.
June 17th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Once again, Les Mitchell (238) wins the final which is a WCQR.
June 19th, 1976 (Saturday) - Great Yarmouth
Les Suckling (132) comes out on top in the final.
June 23rd, 1976 (Wednesday) - Arlington

June 27th, 1976 (Sunday) - * Wisbech

Victory for 238 Les Mitchell in the final.
July 1st, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Victory in the final for 24 Alan England.
July 4th, 1976 (Sunday) - Lydden Hill ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP
John Plant (390) takes the trophy in Kent.
July 10th, 1976 (Saturday) - Ipswich BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Next big trophy goes to final winner, 238 Les Mitchell.
July 11th, 1976 (Sunday) - Ipswich
Second day of the big weekend is won by 24 Alan England.

July 17th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

July 20th, 1976 (Tuesday) - Great Yarmouth

Alan England (24) wins the final.
July 24th, 1976 (Saturday) - Ringwood
July 28th, 1976 (Wednesday) - Arlington

August 1st, 1976 (Sunday) - Wisbech

Rod Smith (6) wins in East Anglia.
August 5th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Alan England (24) takes the honours at the home of Spedeworth.
August 7th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
A final win for 35 Trevor Carpenter.
August 15th, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Winner of the final is 17 Mel Bassey.
August 18th, 1976 (Wednesday) - Arlington
August 21st, 1976 (Saturday) - Wisbech

August 22nd, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

Victory for 24 Alan England.
August 29th, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

August 30th, 1976 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood

Victory for 132 Les Suckling.
August 31st, 1976 (Tuesday) - Great Yarmouth
September 2nd, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
September 5th, 1976 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

September 7th, 1976 (Tuesday) - Arlington

Mo Smith (51) takes the honours.
September 11th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wisbech
September 16th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot
October 2nd, 1976 (Saturday) - Aldershot

October 14th, 1976 (Thursday) - Aldershot SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP

Dave Saunders (227) is tonight's winner at Tongham.
October 17th, 1976 (Sunday) - Arlington GOLDEN HELMET AWARD
October 23rd, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

November 13th, 1976 (Saturday) - Wimbledon WORLD FINAL

The BIG ONE goes to Alan Casserley (Jim Bashford (55) gets the meeting final).
Other Notes
Dutch drivers Lambert Keulen and Rien Rutjens, regular BriSCA visitors in later years, were two of the overseas drivers who appeared on the SCOTA tracks in 1976. A total of 54 drivers raced SCOTA in 1976, 25 of them had never raced for BriSCA.

SCOTA 1977

World: 267 Ian Ireland
European: 252 Dave Chisholm
FIXTURE LIST - dates that I know about
January 1st, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Was this the meeting that saw a win for the returning 22 (formally 329) Bobby Burns? Other winners were car 138 and 252 Dave Chisholm, three times BriSCA F1 Champion.
January 3rd, 1977 (Holiday Monday) - Ipswich
Wins for 267 Ian Ireland (heat and final) and 41 Barry Bye. Surprise entry was Derek Guinchard (brother of Pete) driving car 256.
February 26th, 1977 (Saturday) - Aldershot
The fifteen drivers who raced at this early season meeting put on an excellent show. Race wins went to 41 Barry Bye, 352 Pete Shepherd and 267 Ian Ireland.
March 5th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
Final winner is 41 Barry Bye.
March 12th, 1977 (Saturday) - Aldershot
Race wins for 227 Dave Saunders, 41 Barry Bye and 267 Ian Ireland.
March 27th, 1977 (Sunday) - Wisbech
Final goes to 104 Alan Casserley.
April 2nd, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon LONDON CHAMPIONSHIP

April 7th, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

Two heat wins for 238 Les Mitchell with the final going to 41 Barry Bye.
April 8th, 1977 (Good Friday) - Great Yarmouth
Another final win for 41 Barry Bye.
April 11th, 1977 (Easter Monday) - Ringwood
April 23rd, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
May 5th, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

May 7th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

Pete Shephard in car 352 is the final winner.

May 14th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

May 15th, 1977 (Sunday) - Ringwood

A win in the main race for 55 Pete Bashford.

May 29th, 1977 (Sunday) - Wisbech

Winner of the final in East Anglia is 22 Bobby Burns.

June 6th, 1977 (Monday) - Ringwood

June 16th, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

252 Dave Chisholm is the winner.

June 26th, 1977 (Sunday) - Ringwood

June 29th, 1977 (Wednesday) - Arlington

A rare visit to the south coast track (the only one in 1977?). Dave Chisholm (252) takes the final.

July 2nd, 1977 (Saturday) - Ipswich

The TV TROPHY goes to 252 Dave Chisholm.

July 3rd, 1977 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

Once again 252 Dave Chisholm wins the final.

July 17th, 1977 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

Another victory for Dave Chisholm (252) in the final.

July 21st, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

Dave Chisholm (252) does it again.

July 26th, 1977 (Tuesday) - Great Yarmouth

Final goes, yet again, to 252 Dave Chisholm.

July 31st, 1977 (Sunday) - Ipswich

Jim Bashford in car 88 wins the final at Foxhall Heath.

August 7th, 1977 (Sunday) - Baarlo, The Netherlands WORLD FINAL

Ian Ireland (267) takes the 1977 world title in a sensational race.

August 13th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

Victory in the final goes to 258 Pete Guinchard.

August 21st, 1977 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

Legendary pioneer driver Willie Harrison, on his sea-side holiday, was spotted in the crowd at this meeting.

August 28th, 1977 (Sunday) - Wisbech

Alan England (24) crosses the line first to take the final.

August 29th, 1977 (Bank Holiday Monday) - Ringwood

September 6th, 1977 (Tuesday) - Great Yarmouth

Dave Chisholm (252) takes the honours on the East Coast.

September 8th, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

Pete Bashford in car 55 takes a final win.

September 18th, 1977 (Sunday) - Ringwood

October 6th, 1977 (Thursday) - Aldershot

Another final win for 252 Dave Chisholm.

October 12th, 1977 (Wednesday) - Arlington ?

Final victory to 238 Les Mitchell.

October 15th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP

Dave Chisholm (252) takes the title in London. Dutch "superstar" Friedhelm Welters was one of the overseas drivers programmed to race in this international event.

November 12th, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

December 31st, 1977 (Saturday) - Wimbledon GOLDEN LAURELS

Other Notes
The 1977 SCOTA World Final was the last for the SCOTA / F1SCA / Spedeworth F1 stockcars, the British Final taking over as the top race. The World Final returned in 1995 when it was jointly staged for Spedeworth V8 Stock Cars and their 'Northern' counterparts, an alliance which lasted a few years.

F1SCA 1978

British: 90 Jim Wilde
Points: 238 Les Mitchell
English: 252 Dave Chisholm
Southern: 252 Dave Chisholm
FIXTURE LIST - dates that I know about
January 14th, 1978 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
First race win to 196 Bob Boddington. Alan England (238) went on to win the next race and the final.
February 5th, 1978 (Sunday) - Swaffham
This early season outing for the F1SCA cars saw wins for 196 Bob Boddington, 90 Jim Wilde, 238 Les Mitchell and 267 Ian Ireland.
March 5th, 1978 (Sunday) - Wisbech
Final winner is 196 Bob Boddington.
March 24th, 1978 (Good Friday) - Great Yarmouth

March 27th, 1978 (Easter Monday) - * Ringwood

Pete Bashford (55) takes the final.

March 30th, 1978 (Thursday) - * Aldershot

Jim Bashford (88) won heat one and then 252 Dave Chisholm went on to a heat and final double.
April 8th, 1978 (Saturday) - Wimbledon
A win in the final for 238 Les Mitchell.
April 27th, 1978 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Dave Chisholm (252) wins. Heat and final going to the multiple BriSCA F1 World Champion. Car 100, driven by the great Richy Ahern, gets the other heat.
May 1st, 1978 (Monday) - * Ringwood
Another victory in the main race for 252 Dave Chisholm.

May 6th, 1978 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

Jim Wilde in car 90 takes the final win.

May 13th, 1978 (Saturday) - Wisbech

Final winner is 252 Dave Chisholm.

May 14th, 1978 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

May 20th, 1978 (Saturday) - Wimbledon BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP

The big event in 1978 for the F1SCA racers goes to 90 Jim Wilde.

May 28th, 1978 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

May 29th, 1978 (Monday) - Ringwood

Dave Chisholm (252) wins the final.

June 15th, 1978 (Thursday) - Aldershot

June 25th, 1978 (Sunday) - Ipswich

Dave Chisholm (252) wins the final.

June 29th, 1978 (Thursday) - Aldershot

Once more, 252 Dave Chisholm wins the final.

July 2nd, 1978 (Sunday) - Buxton

Twenty cars raced at the High Edge track with wins for 52 Rob Critchlow and 252 Dave Chisholm in the heats, with Dave going on to take the final too. Rob was probably driving the car of BriSCA driver 152 Ron Rogers.
July 5th, 1978 (Wednesday) - Arlington SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP
Fourteen cars put on a good show for the F1SCA fans. Heat wins went to 55 Jim Bashford and 5 Gordon Perrin. The final, which was for the Southern Championship title, was won by 252 Dave Chisholm.
July 8th, 1978 (Saturday) - Ipswich ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Dave Chisholm (252) became the English Champion at the big Ipswich SpedeWeekend. Following Dave over the line came 24 Alan England and 238 Les Mitchell. The support race result saw the same drivers in first and second, but this time 197 Duncan Whytock got third. Duncan was at the wheel of Bob Boddington's car as Bob was unable to drive owing to a finger injury.
July 9th, 1978 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
All three races for the F1SCA cars went the way of 252 Dave Chisholm.
July 13th, 1978 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Two heat wins for 252 Dave Chisholm, with the final taken by 24 Alan England after some "heavy" driving which saw Dave shunted down to fifth!
July 23rd, 1978 (Sunday) - Brands Hatch
At the Brands Hatch Festival of Speed, 55 Jim Bashford won the two races for the F1SCA cars.
July 26th, 1978 (Wednesday) - * Arlington
August 6th, 1978 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

August 16th, 1978 (Wednesday) - Arlington

My recollection is that, due to lack of cars, the F1SCA guys didn't race tonight, their place taken by Superstox.
August 28th, 1978 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood
September 3rd, 1978 (Sunday) - Buxton
September 30th, 1978 (Saturday) - Crewe
October 1st, 1978 (Sunday) - Buxton

October 22nd, 1978 (Sunday) - Lydden Hill

Heat one at the Kent venue went to car number 2 driven by Brian Bennett. Jim Bashford (55) won heat two, and the final was won by 267 Ian Ireland.
Other Notes
New cars built for the 1978 season included one for 88 Pete Bashford, built by Alan Barker and another for 17 Melvyn Bassey. Melvyn's car was built by farther-in-law and pioneer driver Darkie Wright. Darkie took a turn driving the car on occasion. Not content with that, Darkie also turned his hand to Super Rod building in 1978, for driver 23 Ken Green.

F1SCA 1979

FIXTURE LIST - dates that I know about
March 25th, 1979 - Ringwood
Les Mitchell (238) gets his year off to a good start with final victory.
April 15th, 1979 (Sunday) - Arena Essex
The newly surfaced track saw heat wins for 13 Richard "Sugar" Shergold and 390 John Plant. 253 Dave Barker went on to win the final.
April 16th, 1979 (Monday) - Ringwood
Race wins went to 196 Bob Boddington, 24 Alan England and 238 Les Mitchell.
April 26th, 1979 (Thursday) - Aldershot
Sugar Shergold (13) wins the main race of the evening.
May 6th, 1979 (Sunday) - Arena Essex
Lee Wilson (111) won heat one, with the second going to 238 Les Mitchell. The final was taken by 13 Sugar Shergold.
May 7th, 1979 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood
All three race wins were taken by 111 Lee Wilson.
May 13th, 1979 (Sunday) - Arlington
This fixture may have been moved to the 20th, which I know took place. I can remember getting soaked by the rain!
May 20th, 1979 (Sunday) - * Arlington
I remember getting very wet, but not the result!
May 27th, 1979 (Sunday) - Arena Essex THUNDERBIRD TROPHY
Trophy winner - 24 Alan England.
May 28th, 1979 (Holiday Monday) - Ringwood
Victory in the final for 196 Bob Boddington.
June 14th, 1979 (Thursday) - Aldershot
A win in the final for 5 Gordon Perrin.
July 1st, 1979 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Gordon Perrin (5) wins the main race again.
July 12th, 1979 (Thursday) - Aldershot

July 15th, 1979 (Sunday) - Buxton

Dave Shaw wins the final in Derbyshire.
July 22nd, 1979 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth
Winners were 98 Peter Scott and 390 John Plant with a heat and final double.
July 28th, 1979 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

July 29th, 1979 (Sunday) - Great Yarmouth

August 11th, 1979 (Saturday) - Wimbledon

Peter Sullivan (250) won the two heats, with the final going the way of 238 Les Mitchell.
August 27th, 1979 - Ringwood BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP

September 2nd, 1979 (Sunday) - Buxton

Victories for Neil Partridge (heat and final) and 13 Sugar Shergold. Fifteen cars raced. Neil was mechanic to BriSCA driver 55 Bert Finnikin and may well have been driving Bert's car.
October 18th, 1979 (Thursday) 7:30 - * Aldershot F1SCA TROPHY AWARDS
The last time that unlimited capacity stock cars were seen on a Spedeworth track before Easter 1996 with the arrival of BriSCA F1 at Wimbledon. The F1SCA cars downsized to 5 litres from 1980.


Spedeworth International promoted SCOTA/F1SCA meetings at Aldershot, Arlington, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Lydden Hill, Ringwood, Wimbledon and Wisbech.

Chick Woodroffe promoted F1SCA at Arena Essex and Brands Hatch in 1978 and 1979.

SCOTA/F1SCA Cars also raced at Baldock (part of the Oddssey Grass Track Club), Buxton (probably promoted by George Mycock), Crewe (run at the time by Mick Smith) and Swaffham (promoted by Petron Promotions).


As a poor student in the 1970's, buying programs was a little too extravagant! However, I've got some, and that's what the * means.

Special thanks to Rick Young for taking considerable trouble getting me lots of information for this page, Ian Silver for typing up lots of fixture info from '75 and '76, and Jon Driscoll for filling in some fine detail. Many thanks too go to Nigel Anderson for very many fixture and result details.


On some photos, click on it to see a better, bigger image.

Ringwood 1975 - Peter Guinchard
Peter Guinchard at Ringwood in 1975 (Ian Silver photo)

Ringwood 1975 - Jim Wilde
Jim Wilde in the pits at Ringwood in 1975. Car 227 belongs to Dave Saunders. (Ian Silver photo)

Ringwood 1975 - Geoff Weston
Geoff Weston gets on the power at Ringwood in 1975 (Ian Silver photo)

Wimbledon 1975 - Pat Driscoll
Pat Driscoll at speed. Wimbledon 1975 (Jon Driscoll scan)

Wimbledon 1975 WF - Pat Driscoll
Pat Driscoll takes the first SCOTA World Final at Wimbledon in 1975 (Jon Driscoll scan)

F1SCA Sew-on-Patch
F1SCA Sew-on-Patch from 1978 or 79 (Colin Casserley image)
Click here to see Rick Young's SCOTA sticker.

Ringwood 1977 - Colin Casserley
Oops... action at Ringwood in 1977 (Colin Casserley photo)

Thanks to John Nunn for spotting his mate John Shields (SCOTA 254) on his side after colliding with team mate Alan Thatcher (44). The front of Al's car is just in the pic. Apparantly, John said he was blinded by the dust, but the view is he was making a roll-up and lost control!

Ringwood 1976 - Simon Hickford
Simon Hickford parked up at Ringwood in 1976. Just behind is 41 Barry Bye and, probably, 159 Ken Longmore beyond him (Ian Silver photo)

Wimbledon 1977 - Pete Bashford
Pete Bashford in the pits at Wimbledon on 5th March 1977. Parked alongside is Jim Bashford. (Ian Silver photo)

Wimbledon 1977 - Brian Phillips
The car of Brian Phillips in the pits at Wimbledon on 5th March 1977. (Ian Silver photo)

You can see more SCOTA photos on the history page and pictures page.

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