The Original Version by Andro of Wyntoun. (For prose version see p.13.)

Quhen slane was of Angus
The Scherrave gud and vertuous.

A thousande thre hundyr nynty and twa
Fra Chryste wes born off Maria,
Thar fel a hey grete dyscorde
Between Schir Davy de Lyndesay, Lorde
Off Glenesk, ahd the Heyland men.
Three Chifftanys gret ware off thaim then
Thomas, Patrik and Gibbone
Duncansonnys wes thare surnowne.
For this discorde a day or twa
Wes set, bot all held nocht of tha.
Schir Davy de Lyndesay, that wes wys,
Trowit nocht in tham, bot malys:
In private he send for-thi
Up in to the land a spy.
Fra that spy passit in that land,
Off hym hard he na tithand.
Quhil thare com down all sudanly
Off Scottis a gret cumpany
Off tha ilke Hyeland men
Thre hundyr, or ma, ware sowmyt then.
The Schirrave of Angus in Ketynnys lay,
The Lord de Lyndesay at Dundee.
Quhen word ourespred than the cuntre,
That the Scottis Hieland men,
Ware neire the wattyr off Ile then
Schyr Walter off Ogylvy, that gud knycht,
Stowt, and manfull, bald and wycht;
And the gud knycht Schyr Patrik Gray
That in the cuntre that nycht lay;
Schyr Davy de Lyndesay out off Dundee
Sped hym fast at thame to be;
Wyth tha thre Lordis gadrit then
Passit few atoure thre score of men.


The Schirrave and Schyr Patrik Gray
As formast held the nerast way,
And thoucht to gere sum thing be done,
Suppos the Lundesay nevyr sa sone
Suld cum amang the Scottis men.
Befor the lave tha knychtis then
That ware of harte baith stern and stout
Presyt thame fast to skaile that rout.
In the Stormond at Gasklune
That dulefule dawerke that tyme wes done.
Quhile thai ware in that pres fechtand,
The Lyndesay gud wes at thare hand,
And of tha Scottis heire and thare
Sum he slwew, sum wondyt sare.
Sua, on his hors he aittand than,
Throw the body he strayk a man
Wytht his spere down to the erde:
That man hald fast his awyn swerd
In tyl his neve, and up thrawand
He pressit hym, nocht agayn standand
That he was pressit to the erd,
And with a swake thare off his swerd
The sterap lethire and the bute
Thre ply or foure, abone the fute
He straik the Lyndesay to the bane,
That man na straike gave but that ane,
For thare he deit; yeit nevirtlieles
That gud Lord thare wondit wes,
And had deit thare that day,
Had nocht his men had hym away
Agane his wil out of that pres.
Schir Patrik Gray sare wondyt wes,
And trowyt thare til haff ben ded,
Had he nocht bene had of that stede.
Gud Schir Waiter off Ogylwy.
That manly knycht and that worthy,
Scherrave that tyme off Angus,
Godlike, wis, and vertuous:
And a gud sqwyere off grete renown,
His bruthire Wat cald of Lichtoune
(To this gud Shirrave of Angus,
Halff brothire he wes, and rycht famous;


Off syndry fadris ware that twa,
Off launchfull bed ilkane of tha)
Carncors, Forfare, and Guthery,
And Wylliame Yong of Ouchtirlony,
And other gentillis and yomen ma
Off his kyn and his (house) alswa
Wald nocht fra hym pas away:
Bot bidand in the feyld that day
Slave al togiddyr (thai) war,
That bidand ware wyth the Scherrave thar.
All oure land sare menyt done
That dulefull dawerk at Gasklune.

The Historians of Scotland Vol. IX

Andro of Wyntoun III. Book IX., Chap. XIV., pp. 58 - 60.

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