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16th Tennessee Infantry
 Confederate Infantry Regiment of 1861-5
Palmetto Sharpshooters   Confederate Infantry Regiment of 1862-5. 
Micah Jenkins  The original commander of the Palmetto Sharpshooters.
Collett Leventhorpe  England's Fighting Confederate General.
The Civil War Sieges & taking of Corfe Castle

American Civil War
(Old) Blandford Church, Petersburg
Confederate Flags  National, South Carolina State and secession flags.
The Rebel Yell  Its description and sound.
Patriotic Music  Dixie etc.
Civil War Cockades (Rosettes)
  Some of the many cockades worn during the War.

The Confederate Armies Surrender 
Confederate troops surrenders April to June 1865.
Lice and the American Civil War soldier  
The Battle of Wauhatchie, or The Charge Of The Mule Brigade
Battle-shirts, guerrilla-shirts and over-shirts

Naval Histories
HMS Warrior
  The first ocean going ironclad with an iron hull.
CSS Tennessee  A history of the ironclad of that name 

CSS Palmetto State   A history of the ironclad of that name.

SoSkAn - Southern Skirmish Association  An American Civil War re-enactment society.
A weekend with the 16th Tennessee   The Regiment invited you to a weekend with them. 
Civil War Odyssey  Pictorial visit to Palmetto Sharpshooters battlefields. 

Miniature Figure Wargaming
Naval Rules  Along with general information of rules used.
Figure Wargaming  Rules used over the years etc.
Mold Making  Made an original figure and need to know what to do next.

  Painted Cards
  Wendy's paintings for Waggy Tails Rescue.
Wendy's Paintings  Water colour and Sepia paintings.
Banjo Picking 
My banjo and a banjo history.
Photography  The trials of table top photography.
Gazkhan Endorsement   Advert for the 'Adopt-a-Hun Association', it's this wargaming thing it gets to you! 

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