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Links to other Beekeeping Sites of Interest:

Simply place the cursor on the association that interests you and "click".  Please let us know your "likes & dislikes"and if you find any sites no longer active, and if you are thinking of publishing your own site ,check out name availability here:-

Is your domain name available?


British BeeKeepers Association
Scottish BeeKeepers Association
Basingstoke BKA
Bridgend Beekeepers
Bristol BeeKeepers
Guildford Beekeepers
Hampshire Beekeeping Association
Meridian Beekeepers Home Page

North London Beekeepers

North Shropshire BKA

Petersfield and district BKA

Reigate (Surrey) Beekeepers Assoc
South Staffordshire BKA
South Gloucestershire BKA
Zbee-Net BBS (Kent BKA)

Below are some very interesting and specialist sites. Please let me know if you find any more sites, that you feel would be of interest to our members, and should be included.:-

Apiservices - Virtual Beekeeping Gallery
Al's Beekeeping Homepage
Belinda's Beekeeping Spot
Beekeeping with Top Bar Hives
Brother Adam and the Buckfast Bee
Graham & Annie Law's Beekeeping Site
Hive & Equipment Construction
The National Bee Unit
The Beekeeper's Home Page (Canada)
The Bee Works Home Page
Thorne Beekeeping
Chris's Beekeeping Home Page
Beekeeping the Natural Way
P-Os Beekeeping Homepage
Beetools Homepage
Exeter Bee Supplies
"BeeData" Beekeeping Database Net Resources
Institute of Science in Society - News on GM Technology
South Wales Beekeeping Products & Services


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