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Below are a few photos taken by Bridget at one of our regular meetings at the association's apiary 

.dcp_0544websize2.jpg (104159 bytes)

<-This appears to be interesting

 dcp_0547websize2.jpg (104233 bytes)    I wonder What they are doing

dcp_0546websize2.jpg (101555 bytes)    Ah! that's it . Eric's first attempt at grafting.

bridgets smoker    Careful use of the smoker

A few snaps taken by Graham at the show at " Tredegar House "

tredegar1.jpg (34533 bytes)


tredegar4.jpg (46624 bytes)Tredegar2.jpg (53285 bytes)


tredegar3.jpg (41759 bytes)


More from Graham

This Plaque is behind the cafe near to the shop selling oriental furniture at Symonds Yat.

The Bee is such a busy soulTy Bach???

He has no time for birth control

And that is why at times like these     

 We have so many sons of Bees.

(Is there a mistake here I ask myself.?)


I wouldn't like to be stung by that one.<-A large model of a Bee at the Eden project in CornwallHaven't they done well.


The Worcester Beekeepers stand at the Malvern Autumn Show in September.->


What on earth is that on there!

<-Arthur Taylor judging a Frame of honey


with built in clearer board?


                                A Hexagon box comb full of honey->(with a built in Queen excluder???)

my apiary looking westmy apiary looking east Hedge trimmed, and grass cut at the web masters apiary, all ready for the new season. With a view from the other direction.


bees in busy flight on Mar 3rdWhoopee. its the 3rd march and the sun has come out

in spite of the mouse guard 147044 bytes)

going mad at the first sight of the sun (138904 bytes)Come on boys and girls. The Daffs are out and the Pussy Willows are in full bloom. Never mind the mouse guards come on out to play,


Below we have a series of pictures taken by Graham at the first apiary meeting  this year.2002.  and illustrates the associations dedication to educating the young for the future. The children were a family of 5 year old triplets, who demonstrated absolutely no fear, and appeared to enjoy the whole episode. Many thanks to Graham for sending us these photographs.

gl19.jpg (48355 bytes)    

 apiary photos0004.jpg (29457 bytes)   apiary photos0005.jpg (32719 bytes) apiary photos0014.jpg (37615 bytes)  apiary photos0016.jpg (34963 bytes)   apiary photos0018.jpg (31201 bytes)  apiary photos0012.jpg (35214 bytes)   apiary photos0009.jpg (37331 bytes)  apiary photos0007.jpg (37787 bytes) apiary photos0015.jpg (44548 bytes) apiary photos0001.jpg (64133 bytes) apiary photos0006.jpg (43861 bytes) apiary photos0010.jpg (42979 bytes) apiary photos0013.jpg (56197 bytes)  apiary photos0002.jpg (56207 bytes) apiary photos0011.jpg (47513 bytes) apiary photos0008.jpg (49566 bytes)

 Gareths open day.jpg (275129 bytes)

                                      Some of the guests at Gareths "Open Day" At the "Wye Valley Apiaries" Our editor has successfully hidden herself from the camera.

P7280001.JPG (285261 bytes)A nice little hobby room.


P7280003.JPG (282644 bytes) Spinning well at 1/3 revs


P7280002.JPG (286329 bytes) Draining to the last drop

.     Can any one in the association identify this gentleman.? Your suggestions  to the editor please

This is what happens if you get caught out unprepared for a swarm and don't fill the super with foundation. This colony was collected as a swarm the second week in July and on the 1st Aug had all ready filled the brood box,P8030014.JPG (279501 bytes) and had begun to cap the 5 frames in the super. they couldn't wait for the rest of the frames in and this was the result

(copyright for all the above is reserved to the GBKA  photographers 


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