A photo from Ralph Kilshaw.

The photo is of my Grandmother Dora Ashcroft,she's the girl on the right.She died when I was a child early 1960s.She was in her late 60s,so the photo was taken very late 1800s or early 1900s.My mum tells me the photo was taken on their front step in Exeter street.Her married name was Pennington,and she lived up to her death,in Borough rd.


Mary-Ann and James Barker from Knowsley Road about 1925.James was born in 1880 and started to work part-time at Pilkington Brothers in1888.



Mary-Ann and James in 1938



Mrs Todd from Kitchener Street with her son Bert in 1944.



The Molyneux Family from Grafton Street and the Wright Family from Kitchener Street in 1955



The Sprayhurst Club in Boundary Road.




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